1-800 Contacts Announces New Company Focused on B2B Vision Technology

1-800 Contacts announces the completion of the merger of four business units to create a new sister company focused on providing technology and services to third parties in the vision space. This new company is rebranding under the name Luna.

Luna is the combination of Premium Vision, Ditto, 6over6, and ExpressExam. Premium Vision was a sister company to 1-800 Contacts that provided contact lens fulfillment services and an eCommerce site platform to other optical retailers. In 2021, 1-800 Contacts announced the acquisition of Ditto, the leading eyewear virtual try-on technology company, and shared their intention to combine Ditto with 6over6, whom they acquired in 2019. 6over6 created the world’s first medical-grade mobile subjective refraction app so customers can obtain a new prescription using only a smartphone. ExpressExam was 1-800 Contact’s telehealth prescription renewal platform which is spinning off to join Luna.

“We have always been focused on making vision correction simple and affordable. To expand our reach, we knew we’d have to expand upon our partnerships with other retailers and doctors,” said John Graham, CEO of 1-800-Contacts.

Luna means moon in Latin and speaks to their moonshot of quality, affordable, accessible vision for all.  The company offers 20 integrated technologies and services – ranging from telehealth platforms for new and renewal glasses and contacts prescriptions, glasses virtual try-on, a digital pupillary distance tool, glasses, and contacts fulfillment, and more. This helps eyewear retailers, brands and doctors modernize their customer experience both online and in stores.

“We are excited to bring the complementary capabilities of Ditto, 6over6, Premium Vision, and ExpressExam together to create the Luna business. This suite of products is unmatched in the industry and creates turnkey solutions that make it much easier for our clients to successfully execute the digital transformation that will set them up for future success”, added Kellen Fowler, President of Luna.

Luna by the Numbers

  • 130 employees with hubs in Israel and around the U.S.
  • 75M+ annual users (and growing quickly)
  • 32 patents and a growing number of certifications
  • 65 countries with Luna clients

Luna Brand website simulation

About Luna

Luna’s mission is quality, affordable, accessible vision for all. They make this a reality by partnering with leading eyewear retailers, brands, and doctors all over the world and offering them a unique, integrated suite of technology and services. Luna’s goal is to assist their digital transformation to make the process of buying eyewear and contact lenses simple and exceptional online and in stores. They also partner with some amazing social enterprises to bring solutions to the 2.5B people globally who need glasses and don’t have access to them.

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