12 Upcycled Eyeglass Holders

We have done other Eco-Friendly and Unique Eyewear Holders before, but came across a few new ideas, that you can either use in your office or share with your patients.

1.) Postcard Holder Display Rack. This could be for home or office. For the office, (and even as a window display) spray paint and put up some coordinating eyewear and you have a unique look. Be fun, if the circle was in yellow orange (Sun) with colorful sunglasses. Ready for the winter? Paint it white and hang snow goggles.


2.) Ribbon Display Holder. You can use anything, thread, dental floss, rope and what women doesn’t have a few scarves or scraps of material hanging around? If a guy, try hanging a few ties with accessorizing eyewear.


4.) A friend of mind told me that she uses a shoe rack to hold all her Eyewear. I found this and it could work, Eyeglass Holder- Shoe Rack. What a great way to sell multiple pairs! (If you do this.. send us your pics)


4.) Reuse Spoon Holder


5.) Reuse Picture Frame and chicken wire:


6.) A simple look with wire


7.) Use A Hanger


8.) Corded loops, rope. This makes your eyewear into a piece of art.


9.) On a Veggie Platter! This is the way my mother stores all her glasses.



10.) Striving for a rustic look? Try an old rake. You can always modernize and update with paint.

eyeglass display-rake11.) This one I love and missed a great set of shutters in the alley. The shutters would have fit perfectly into a space by one of my doors. After a new paint job, what a great way to display eyewear. Clothespins can be used to hold posters, lens information, company information. Since shutters are flat, you could also put information in the exam room or even a hallway.

eye-glass-display-shutter12.) Reuse a drawer. This is not an actual drawer, but if you take the drawer out, take off the handles and the side bars, stick in some slate and voila an eyeglass display


Bottom line, there are many ways that you can reuse materials to hold your and your patients eyewear!