10 Bespectacled Book Displays

We LOVE Free Stuff, and we especially Free stuff that can be reused and re-read! Old and vintage books are pretty much free. Go to any garage sale and they are 5 cents, Goodwill recycling you can get a huge tub for free. Libraries have excessive book and you can always call on your friends to clean out their book shelves.

Books are great display props for eyecare professionals. They can be reused in numerous ways and almost all year, plus you can always donate when you are done.

National Book Lovers Day is August 9, to help you celebrate this day, we are showcasing 1)Ways that you can use books in eyewear and accessories displays

Throughout the years, there are many opportunities to reuse books: Reading is Fun Week, Winnie the Pooh Day (Jan 18) Childrens Authors (First week in Feb.) Library Lovers Day (Feb. 14) Read Across America (March 2) World Book Day (March 5)  Read and ebook week (March 2-5) Childrens Book Day (April 2nd) National Bookmobile Day (April 16) Celebrate Teen Literature Day (April 16) World Book and Copyright Day (April 23) Tell a Story Day (April 27) Great Poetry Reading Day (April 28) Library Week  (2nd week in April) D.E.A.R: Drop Everything and Read (April 12) Reading is Fun (May 11-12) Limerick Day (May 12) Audiophile Month (June) Tom Sawyer Fence Painting Day (July 1-4th)  Paperback Day (July 30) Library Card Sign up Month (September) Read a Book Day (Sept. 6) International Literacy Day (Sept. 8) Banned Books Week (September 21-27) Dear Diary (Sept 22) Hobbit Day (Sept. 22) National Book Month (October) Teen Read Week (Oct 12-18) Dictionary Day (Oct 16) Picture Book Month (November) Author Day (Nov. 1) National Non Fiction Day (Nov. 6) I Love to Write Day (Nov. 15) Read a New Book Month in December.

Books are versatile and we picked out a few ways that you can reuse every single month, just change the signage and the frames.

1.) Books can be used as shelving. Note how jewelry (accessories) are draped on books opened on a wall.


2.) In this eyewear display, which can be utilized in both large and small spaces, the colorful books accent the eyewear.

Vitrine opticien: Image Credit Unknown

3.) Piled books can be used for  both vintage and new.

Found on simplynaturaldecor.blogspot.ca

4.) Stacked high and messy is another look.

MARGARET’S BLOG: Optometrist Window in New Zealand

5.) Folded and Pleated can be used for props.

6.) One book with a background, can be used in small spaces.


7.) Nobody says the books have to be new. Love how these readers are places in between the pages.

Visit fionaandtwig.blogspot.com

8.) Another colorful look that can be used in both large and small areas.

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10.) Fanned pages make for another best seller.

Via Myriam Martinez

We love book, how about you?

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