10 FREE Eyewear Displays Using Kitchen Gear

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We are huge believers in visual merchandising and believe that displays and products should be changed on a monthly basis. Rotating displays gives a fresh look, will help sell through slower moving products..

Many people think that they have to go out and buy ‘new stuff’ to make effective displays. Not so, there are plenty of things around your house that you can use. As an example I have taken some common household items and made mini-displays from my eyeglasses.

Personally, I like FREE stuff and things that you can reuse over and over, no need to buy.. just think a little creatively.

Please note, these are taken with an iPhone and are only representative of products that I have..

10 eyedeas from the Kitchen

1.) These are stainless steele water bottles, but any bottle will do. You can fill up with colored water to add some Flair.. What would be a  great thing to display with reusable bottles= Eco Friendly EyeCare products, such as MODO. Add some KleerSpex or Nanofilm’s Eco Friendly and made in USA lens cleaner to spice it up a bit. Tagline: We’re Green And You Can Be too! or Our Eco Friendly Products..

Reusable Bottles. These are from Corning Sunsensors, VisionWest and Live Eyewear

2.) I live at the beach and thus have lots of plastic cups. These were bought at the 99 cent store and come in lots of bright colors. You can also turn these around, stick some color-blocking tissue paper or fabric coming out of the top.  Better yet – Put in some bright and fun microfiber cleaning clothes from Rons Optical or Astucci, stuff out of the top.. sell eyewear and accessories.. Again, once the month is over..you have drinking glasses. .

Cheap plastic cups in bright colors

3.) Can you believe what this is! A mini George Forman Grill (never used) Stick a sign up, Sizzling Styles, It’s Hot, Don’t Forget Your Shades while BBQing on the beach.. A message like this will get the point across, plus who would ever believe you would be using a George Forman as a display!

George Forman Grill (have never used)

4.) Can you guess what this is? An oven ring.. you may want some new ones, instead of throwing the old ones in the trash, paint them different colors (can always be painted over and over again.. display your eyewear. You can even use as a wall display and hand your eyewear on it. Tagline: We cooking up some new looks… (Corny but who cares) Can you think of any other taglines?

Oven Rings

5.) Tea Kettles. I know some people collect tea kettles, I don’t -but assorted tea kettles and like kitchen gadgets make for wonderful eye-catching displays. .Tagline: We have soothing lenses for your eye fatigue..

Tea Kettle

6.) Vintage Tupperware. These orange tupperware containers are from about circa 1979.. You can use this way or turn around and fill with colorful candy, cotton balls and other fun stuff.


7.) These bowls are plastic (beach living again) they were $4.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond, dishwasher safe and microwaveable. Like the tupperware they can be used in upside down and rightside up. Fill sand, add a mini parasol and stick a pair of sunglasses.. Tagline: Our sunnies are just beach-in…



This is how professionals do it! Picture is inspiration and household items pick it up. You can display eyewear instead of the potato. Source Link 


8.) Empty Jars; the best thing about empty clear jars, you can fill them up with water, mini toys, rocks, cotton balls, sand, seashells, colored scrap paper. You can also stick some piper-cleaners, pin-wheels, tissue paper, flowers…  When you change the contents, the look changes. Just wash the jar and continue to reuse over and over again..

Peanut Butter Jar

9.) Food- Before you think that frame is an onion, the reason why we like onions is they last long. Lemons, Limes and Oranges also have a longer shelf life, so using some citrus fruits, makes sense. It’s eco friendly, it is reusable and edible..

Martin And Martin Display at Vision Expo

Anthropologie used Marshmellows. This can be done in the Winter as snow and displayed with ski goggles. You can also do something with Easter Marshmellows for Easter Display.

Anthropologie Window Display, using Marshmellows

Here is a Tiffany Window in which they used IceCream Cones. You can purchase all types of ice-cream cones (and eat the left-overs), you can paint them, shellac them for all types of displays. .Don’t want to buy, make your own cones using old paper (roll it up), paint and staple, and voila, new displays..

Tiffany Window Display
J. Crew Window Display

10.) Display Window using cake- pastry platters. From Dr. Yorks Office in Mexico via eyestylist 

Dr. York Window Display in Mexico City
TC Charton Eyewear - Made To Fit