101 Optimal Life Foods Can Change Your Life

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101 Optimal Foods to Change Your Life

I haven’t read this book yet, but I am definitely intrigued by it. From HealthNewsDigest.com – Expert nutritionist and former spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association David Grotto says YES! You can improve your physical, mental, emotional and sexual well-being by what you eat, and in his new book, 101 Optimal Life Foods, he serves up a helping of his simple yet effective health philosophy to tackle dozens of common health ailments from acne to migraines and shows how each one can be treated—not with the latest pill—but with good-tasting, good-for-you foods.

101 OPTIMAL LIFE FOODS is organized by seven distinct health challenges for easy reference, each complete with an individualized, three-meal-a-day menu plan featuring satisfying recipes–everything from bean and cheese tostadas and polenta pizza to Mediterranean grilled bluefish and baked custard for dessert—while explaining the science of just why it is that lettuce can help with insomnia, blueberries with memory loss, and oysters with fertility. And Grotto himself is living proof of using the 101 foods to target a specific health issue—when his cholesterol hit an all-time high, he added almonds, figs, cranberries, and salmon to his diet and saw his levels drop 70 points in just one month!

101 OPTIMAL LIFE FOODS delves into the seven health challenges and how to battle them with delicious food. They are:

The Skin You’re In. From aging skin to acne, Grotto reveals why foods high in Vitamin C can restore a healthy glow.

How to Go With the Flow. For some, cold feet and hands aren’t just seasonal. The catechins in green tea improves blood circulation to make you feel toasty.

The House of Pain. Overdid it at the gym? Grotto details why foods rich in Vitamin D like salmon and mushrooms can restore your tired muscles.

How it’s All about Performance. Whether you want less stress, more sleep, or better sex, Grotto has the foods for you (spinach for nerves, bananas for more zzz’s, and blueberries for a bedroom boost).

Your Plumbing. Grotto explains why passion fruit is good for your heart (and heartburn) and how cinnamon can cure bad breath.

A Good Foundation. Grotto goes beyond milk and yogurt for foods that can build and protect your bones (pass the prunes and onions).

Eyes for the Future. More over carrots! Almonds, avocados, and kiwis are essential for eye health.

With more than 100 healthy and delicious choices, David Grotto’s 101 OPTIMAL LIFE FOODS is an empowering and practical guide that is a must-have for anyone concerned with their health and enjoys good eating.

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