12 Eyecare Retailers Making A Spectacle of Themselves

Over the years quite a few eyecare retailers have approached their optical business with a different set of eyes: Yogurt Shops, Art Shows, Pop Up Stores, Laughing Yoga classes and Eye Make Up. Some optical shops are taking the Flat Fee Approach, and of course Trunk Shows. In another area, some optical shops are focussing on  Vintage Eyewear, appealing to the Retro Trends.

What are some other ways that eyecare retailers are making a spectacles of themselves?

  1. Atelier Mira (Brooklyn, NY): They call themselves as a Optical Boutique and Lifestyle Shop. Their offerings include leather goods and perfume.
  2. Copper Hinge (St. Louis, MO) Copper Hinge is the ‘new’ Factory to consumer optical shop by the Erkers. They have taken their Eyeglass Factory directly into their optical shop. 
  3. Dresden Optics (Australia) You have to love these guys, they are making eyewear from Trash, with a single frame style in multiple colors. They resell the  interchangeable temples and fronts for flat fees. Oh and they also have pop up shop.
  4. Higashi Jewelers and Eyewear (Harrisburg, PA) Offer jewelry, watches and eyewear. They also appear to do trunks shows, as they show up on my google alerts. They are not the first  Luk Fook Jewellery (Hong Kong) just opened up their first eyewear store called Vision Gallery.
  5. James Kim OD (Brooklyn, NY) Dr. Kim launched Optoid, 3D printed eyewear. Patient’s can book their exam online and order their eyewear.
  6. Karoo (Atlanta, GA) Several things we love about Karoo. One their reclaimed decor makes this a cozy place to be. Two: Their motto #lifewideopen. Three: Passport Program that allows their patient to shop online Four: They have Yoga Classes.

    Image: Karoo Eyewear
  7. Optimeyes Vision (Long Island City, NY) started their own eyewear line, called Vernon Gantry Eyewear. 
  8. Philly Eyeworks (Philadelphia, PA) Promotes Shop Small. Assembled in America, this optical shop decided to fight back with creating their own modular system. While they can’t claim Made in America status, they can claim assembled in America. 
  9. Select Shades (Atlanta, GA) Just opened up in, offering beer and wine to customers. They will be donating a pair of glasses for every pair purchased, partnering with organizations like Hope Alliance. Consumers can order online too.

    Image: Select Shades via Facebook
  10. Stephenville Glass House (Stephenville, TX) : Sells both eyewear and apparel.
  11. Wilmslow Opticians (UK) is promoting Lenses to Reduce Migraines. Niche marketing works for the millions of headache sufferers.
  12. 3D Vision USA: Mobile Optometry (Texas) Mobile optometry bringing safety eyewear to the business. The part about this is we actually have had companies asking us if we knew of any ‘Mobile Optical’ companies. 

As the consumer seeks to look for the NBT (Next Big Thing) engagement and reasons to shop the above companies are setting themselves out to differentiate themselves from the competition both on and offline.