12 Plus Years and Our 1st Anniversary

It was just over 12 years ago that Cathy Ives and Shirley Platzer-Stocks created The Optical Vision Site and Optical Vision Resources, the first stand-alone optical news blog/websites. Over that time they wrote thousands of stories about the eyecare industry; its quirks, its people, its companies, its ups, and its downs. These two websites became industry standards for ECPs and consumers alike.

A year ago today, we merged those two iconic blogs into a brand new website with a new name, and a new look, The Optical Journal. Over the course of this past year, we have continued to bring you “Optical News With Independent Views”. We showcase new brands and new styles not easily found elsewhere and we do it not only with a sense of purpose but a sense a humor and fun as well.

We have and will continue to strive to serve our readers and our listeners with compelling stories, ideas, designs, and concepts that we believe will help the optical community serve our clients, customers, and patients even better than ever.

We must be doing some of those things right…we are the most visited optical news and fashion website in the world, and it’s all thanks to you, our readers, and our podcast listeners.

We hope you will continue to join us on our journey by inviting your peers, coworkers, supervisors, and employees, to join us and subscribe to The Optical Journal as well.

Thank you!

& for all our friends during these difficult coronavirus times…

Hill Street Blues courtesy of MTM Enterprises