13 Eloquent Eye Chart Decors

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We all know about Eye Charts and just so you know, they are not just used in the exam room. Did you know that eye chart decor is kinda a hot item? Restoration Hardware, Ikea, Pottery Barn and others have offered eye chart furnishings.. As Optical Professionals, you probably have tons of old eyecharts you can frame to reuse, you can even glue them up as wall paper. .

1.)This room divider is made up of old miltary eye charts


2.) Eye Chart Rugs

Sight Lines” Carpet: A wool carpet inspired by eye-charts. bevhisey.com

3.) Eye Chart Pictures

Image Unknown

4.) Eye Chart Lightboxes

Image Unknown

5.) Eye Chart Calendars

Image Unknown

6.) More Eye Chart Pictures

Vintage Eye Charts | Art | Restoration Hardware
french by design

7.) Eye Chart Wallpaper


8.) These are pics but they were bronzed


9.) Eye Chart Pillows

Eye Chart Pillow

10.) Eye Chart Lampshade

Eye Chart Lampshade

Ikea had an Eye Chart wall lamp.

11.) Eye Chart Tray

www.zgallerie.com- One Rarely Sees What Is Right In Front Of Them

12.) Something you don’t see too often, a Paper Towel Vending


13.) Since we are in the bathroom, check out this Eye-Chart Decal


Todays Post is sponsored by A.I.T. Industries who do offer eye-charts such as the ECP LCD 100 in which you can actually use for vision testing and Fashion Optical who can assist you in adding a little Eye Chart Decor in your home or office.




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