21 Musicians Rocking Their Sunwear

It’s that time again, Make Music Day which is  June 21. This is the day, you can go out and beat your own tunes, sing your own songs, just make music. Musicians continue to bring out their own eyewear brands, do a capsule collection, endorse or become a spokesperson. We have put together a list of Celebrities involved in the Music Biz that have their own eyewear lines.

Seo in Guk as spokesperson for new eyewear brank Mark&Roth
  1. Bono: (Singer, Activist) (Clearvision and Legacie) Revo Eyewear in a collaboration with lead singer Bono will give back $10 for every pair of Revo sold. This is not Bono Eyewear, but he a big supporter. Launched in 2015.
  2. Bishop Morton (Grammy nominated gospel singer) is launched his eyewear in 2016. Give back
  3. Carlos by Carlos Santana, distributed by Inspecs Eyewear. Launched in 2016.
  4. Celine Dion (Singer) Celine Dion has has eyewear on and off via several companies.
  5. Cody Simpson– (Singer) Known for the”Flower”,  collaborated on a cool new sunglasses collection with Sickys Eyewear in 2015.
  6. Danny Gokey (Singer on American Idol) Match Eyewear launched his first collection in 2012.
  7. Gwen Stefani (Singer, Designer) Gwen Stefanie eyewear was launched by Tura in 2015
  8. Imany- (Singer and Model) teamed with eyewear brand Alain Mikli, to make a capsule collection of eyewear. (2014)
  9. Jay Z Roccawear Eyewear (Singer) Distributed by Colors in Optics in 1999. One of the first Hip Hop Artists to launch an eyewear line.
  10. Jessica Simpson Eyewear (Singer, Actress) Distributed by Colors in Optics. Launched in 2007.
  11. John Lennon Eyewear (Singer) Distributed by Adlens and Eagle Eyewear and Karavan Production. The John Lennon Adlens collection is a one for one give back.
  12. Kenny Chesney (Singer) Sunwear. Launched in 2013 in a give back program with Costa Sunglasses. 
  13. Lisa Loeb Eyewear (Grammy nominated Singer) Launched by Classique Eyewear in 2009
  14. Motherbaugh Eyewear (Singer) Launched in 2014 By Shane Baum. Sold on his website.
  15. Pharrell Williams– (Singer) Collaboration with Moncler  (2013) Williams had worked with both Louis Vuitton and Nigo in an eyewear collaboration in 2005.
  16. Russell Simmons (Hip Hop Artist) Argyleculture  Eyewear. Distributed by The McGee Group. Launched in 2011.
  17. Sean John (P.Diddy) (Singer) Distributed by Marchon. Launched in 2007.
  18. Snoop Dogg (Singer) Launched Notorious Eyewear in 2008.
  19. Victoria Beckham Eyewear (Singer, Posh Spice) Founding member of Spice Girls, married to David Beckham. Originally launched in 2008.
  20. Will.i.am (Singer) ill.i Optics by Will.i.am  Founding member of Black Eye Peas. Distributed by Colors in Optics. Launched in 2014.
  21. Daniel Johns (Musician) launched a limited edition series of eyewear with Chronicles of Never in 2016. (Source)

There are several eyewear companies that the eyewear is focussed around music,

  • Nash Montgomery by American Eyewear: Nashville, TN, need we say more?
  • Black Eyewear: Inspired by jazz musicians of old.
  • Intitium: one of the first sunglass companies that was based around musicians.
  • Hydes Spectacles: Music themed eyewear
  • SpexWax: makes eyewear from old vinyl records
  • Vinylize; Makes eyewear from old vinyl records.

Music People that have launched Eyewear or Sunglasses

  • Thalia Eyewear (Singer) Launched in 2002 and was distributed by Kenmark. Not available.
  • Tico Torres (Drummer with Bon Jovi) Rock Star Baby Eyewear. I believe they are gone.
  • Mary Jo Blige (Singer) launched her first sunglass collection MJB Melodies in 2010. Not available anymore.
  • JLO by Jennifer Lopez – (Actress and singer). Launched in 2009. Distributed by Safilo. No longer being produced.
  • Justin  Timberlake with Rast Eyewear (OLD) Launched in 2011 with “William Rast Eyewear” and “William Rast Racing Eyewear”. Distributed by Viva. Do not think this is available.
  • El Mafrex (Gospel Singer) ) who was launching his own sunwear line in 2012. (Source) We have not been able to find it.
  • Beth Ditto: (Singer) by Mykita  Lead singer of the band Gossip launched a handmade, limited edition sunglass collection in 2012 with Mikita.
  • Brittany Spears Eyewear: you can still find pieces online.
  • Madonna (Singer, Actress) in 2010 launched sunglasses with D&G. She had another collaboration with Foster Grant and currently was the face of Versace Eyewear Campaign for 2015.







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