24 Places To Find Made in The USA Eyewear And Sunwear

Many people have asked about where to get Made In The USA Eyewear and Sunwear. When you asked us 6 years ago, we could have given you a list of about 3 companies. Fortunately it seems that with demand comes products that are made or handcrafted in the United States is growing. Look for the label Made in the USA.

1.) There are quite a few Wood Eyewear-Sunwear companies that are making eyeglasses in the United States. Bome Eyewear (Portland, Oregon),  Capital Eyewear, Drift Eyewear, Arc Iris Wood Eyewear  and Homes Eyewear , Featherwood and Traps Eyewear are handcrafted and state they are made in made in the USA. We know companies such as Homes (making eyewear from abandoned houses) and Traps (making eyewear from old lobster traps in Maine) and Shwood from Baseball bats are made in USA. It would be too costly to reclaim the materials and ship them off to China for production.

Arc Iris Wood Sunglasses
Arc Iris Wood Sunglasses

2.) Another alternative is Bespoke Wood Eyewear is available from individuals such as Adam Mugavo (NY) and Urban Spectacles in Illinois.

Urban Spectacles
Urban Optics

Buyers should be wary as many products bought via other sources may not meet the United States Safety Standards.

3.) Skate Deck eyewear: Believe it or not you can buy ready made Skate Decks from China. Technically, companies can order the Skate Deck and remake in the USA For a Made In USA Label. Ideally, like Eqo Eyewear, they have reclaimed broken skate decks in the USA and remade enough sunglasses to be profitable.

Eqo Skate Deck Eyewear, made in Colorado
Eqo Skate Deck Eyewear, made in Colorado

4.) Handcrafted Steampunk or Artistic Eyewear: DIYers, crafters and artists are creating eye-catching unique frames assembled from vintage eyeglasses and various ‘trash’.

Steampunk glasses by Mark Zhigman
Steampunk glasses by Mark Zhigman

5.) Vintage Eyewear: Many older frames were made in the USA: Tura, Foster Grant, Tart Optical, Artcraft, Liberty Optical, Bausch and Lomb, Victory Optical, Zyloware, Martin Copeland, American Optical, Tart Optical, Willsonite to name a few. These frames are becoming rarer as the market has grown. Back in the early 1900’s many frame companies didn’t even label their frames, sometimes you just have to guess. You can find them on Etsy, eBay, 1stdibs, spotify and Vintage Eyewear Sites.

Victory Optical Suntimer circa 1960's. Listed for $4,136 on Etsy.
Victory Optical Suntimer circa 1960’s. Listed for $4,136 on Etsy.

6.) BeSpoke and or Custom Eyewear : This eyewear is created and customized on an individual basis.There are several categories in the BeSpoke Sector:

The luxury-jeweler, in which usually 18Kt gold and jeweled eyewear is designed for customer. These are usually handcrafted by jewelers to a customer specifications.

Luxuriator Eyewear

Custom eyewear/Bespoke eyewear can also be created from Buffalo Horn and or acetates. You can purchase Buffalo Horn sheets from a few Asian companies and Acetate (Plastics) sheets can be purchased as well.  People such as Som Noir (Sam Hilliard) or Wesley Knight order buffalo horn plates and handcraft specialty eyewear.

Sam Hilliard polishes a handmade eyeglass frame
Sam Hilliard polishes a handmade eyeglass frame

Other local optician such as Lee Allen can create custom eyewear and then you can also order online from Customeyes and Indivijuall.

Lee Allen Bespoke Eyewear
Lee Allen Bespoke Eyewear

The above people are true artisans, recreating an old craft of eyewear and jewelry. Each piece involves more than 60 steps and much hand work .

7.) 3D Eyewear– In the not so far away future, everyone will own a 3D printer. They will be printing everything from eyewear to dishes. The day will come, that the consumer directly inputs into the website of the product they want and it will be produced via a 3D printer. Several companies including Tom Davies are envisioning that eyecare providers will have a 3D printer inhouse and their patients will order either online or at the office eyewear. (Made in America)

Currently Protos Eyewear, out of the San Francisco area is probably the best known 3D eyewear- online company.

Protos Eyewear
Protos Eyewear

8.) Smart GlassesGoogle Glass will be made in the USA. There are quite a few USA Smart Glass companies, whether they they will be made in the USA or some of their components made in the USA remains to be seen.

9.) American Eyewear (Nashville, Tennessee) American Eyewear sells to eyecare professionals. Consumers can find a store locator on the site here.

American Eyewear
American Eyewear

10.) AO Eyewear (Southbridge, MA) AO has been around for over 100 years. They used to make equipment, plan dispensing rooms and offices, eyewear, lenses, had optical shops and labs at one time. Today you can order Made In U.S.A from them online.

A0 Optical

11.) Exo Vault (Brooklyn, NY) Exo Vault is a machine shop that started out making cell phone cases and have proceeded on to eyewear.


12.) Garrett Leight with Mark McNairy  offers a Made in America eyeglass, supporting American made products. Garrett Leight eyewear is sold online, through eyecare retailers and he also has brick and mortar locations.

Mark McNairy #4
Mark McNairy #4

13.) Gatorz Eyewear (Carlsbad, CA) Gatorz has been around for over 20 years. Featuring aluminum sunglasses, they have supported the Wounded Warrior Project. Gatorz can be bought online or through selected retailers.


14.) I Wear America was launched by two opticians in 2015. We love the simple rimless concept of mix and match colors and temples. Lens shapes can all be customized to buyer specifications. All products are sourced from the United States and assembled in Michigan. Sold through eyecare professionals.

I wear America

15.) Kala Eyewear (Oakland, CA) When anyone asks about American made products, usually Kala show up. Classic eyewear that is sold through eyecare professionals.

Kala Eyewear

16.) Liquid Eyewear– (Yuma, Arizona and San Diego, CA) The website is a little old, but you can still order through the website. They might be related another Yuma Company called Fluid Edge has opened up with ‘Made in USA’ (I sent email and have not received a response). Sold online and through retailers.

17.) J Martasand (Los Angeles, CA) has a small collection of Made in USA Eyewear. I also sent an email to confirm and have not received a response back. Sold online.

Limited Edition
Limited Edition made in USA

18.) Norman Childs Eyewear (PA) Opticians who turned into eyewear manufacturers. The Zyl are handcrafted in California and the metals are made by Randolph Engineering.

19.) Randolph USA  (Engineering) (Randolph, MA) Randolph true vision is to continue to support American Made products. They also buy as much a possible from American Made products to complete the American Made Circle. Sold online and through eyecare professionals.

Randolph uSA
Style Amelia

20.) Spectaculars (Westhampton Beach, NY) Also out of New York, Spectaculars still makes zyl acetate eyewear and sunwear. In fact many celebrities wear their glasses. Sold through eyecare professionals.


21.) State Optical (Chicago, Illinois) State Optical started out as Frieze Frames, bought by Europa in 2014 and since then, been steadily working to build the Made in USA Brand of State Optical Company. They are sold through eyecare retailers.

State Optical

22.) Shuron Eyewear (Greenville, SC) One of the oldest eyewear companies in the United States, they have been in existence since 1865. Most people know this name, the iconic Shuron Ronsir, worn by almost everyone back in the 1950-1960s.

Shuron Ronsir
Shuron Ronsir

22.) Optician Valerie Vittu has launched a donation/crowd-funding program for her MADE in USA frame line called 360 Square Eyes.  She is the owner of Margot & Camille Optique in Philadelphia, PA.

23.) I Still Love You NYC– Fun eyewear that says they make in New York.


24.) Made in USA Safety Eyewear – There are some companies that are making Made in USA Safety Eyewear. You can find them here.


  • American Made Matters was launched on July 4, 2009 by the Bollman Hat Company, America’s oldest hat manufacturer. It is the only organization committed to promoting American-made goods that is run by manufacturers. It has over 375 member companies located in 45 states of the 50 US states. http://www.americanmadematters.com
  • American Manufacturing