25 Blood Curdling Bat Shades For Halloween

This year we decided to do countdown of Spook-tac-ular Shades for Halloween or Day of The Dead. The challenge is on to Seek New Scary Shades for one of the biggest holidays in the world.

Today we are starting out with Bats. Bats are notorious spooky creatures that surround caves, witches and warlocks.

1.) From Maarten Weidema of  Procchiali Studio who visited Pierre Eyewear at Silmo and discovered a unique Bat Shades look.


2.) One of ways to customize your Bat Shades is making a look from rimless eyewear. We love the Bogeyman Bat Shades. This look  can be carried out through out the years as well.

Anna Sofia Black Bat Shades in 2010
Anna Sofia Black Bat Shades in 2010

3.) Another Batacular Look from rimless was done in a contest sponsored by Santellini International.

Via Santinelli
Via Santinelli

4.) In case you want the look in plastic? Check out these rare vintage bat shades by Anglo American circa 1960. These are a very rare find!

Anglo American Bat Shades on Etsy
Anglo American Bat Shades on Etsy

5.) Another vintage look by Alain Mikli.

Alain Mikli Bat Glasses
Alain Mikli Bat Glasses

6.) The Sun Boy logo based on the 2003 “Batman Gothan Knights” of DC Comics.- Cat-glasses, created by Sun Boy.

Vintage Sunboy Bat sunnies

7.) Could these be Batacular? I say yes, these vintage eyeglass can definitely work for a raving 50’s or Elvira look.

Vintage ‘Bat-Cat’ eyewear

8.) More vintage Bat Shades from the 1960’s.

1960’s Bat Frames at Wilke Optik

9.) An old RayBan look that we have never seen before, with a winged upsweep.

RayBan by labucketbrigade.org

10.) The infamous Peggy Guggenheim Bat Glass in which several renditions of the is look have been made.

Peggy Gugggenheim eyewear.

11.) ‘The CHANEL model A 40793 was a CHANEL boutique exclusive design tribute to Edward Melcarth’s infamous bat shaped shades. Originally designed by Melcarth for Vampira in the late fourties, these sunglasses were redesigned by Edward as butterfly shades for Peggy Guggenheim. Karl Lagerfeld presented the CHANEL fall/winter 2009 cruise collection at the Lido in Venice, Italy.‘ Read more at Sunglass Preservation

Image: Sunglass Preservation.

12.) Safilo’s remake of Peggy Guggenheim winged sunglasses. was in 2015.

Updated ‘Peggy Guggenheim Bat Glasses from Safilo

13.) Adele Mildred rendition of Peggy Guggenheims Bat Glasses is available today on her site .

Peggy Glasses by Adele Mildred

14.) Another Frightening Fashion look by Fritz Frames that has a Bat Look.

Catabatic by Fritzframes

15.) Then again, a special flat top look by Theirry Lasry in honor of Batman.

Batman Shades by Thierry Lasry

16, Sires wood eyewear pays homage to Batman


17.) As a tribute to Robin these Bat Shades were from 1966 and for the TV show Adam West

Gafa Vintage

18.) Of course there is the novelty look in a mysterious mask.

ASOS novelty bat shaped sunglasses

19.) A few other choices in Bat Glasses: Gasoline Glamour spooky shades feature a Bat straddling the bridge.

Gasoline Glamour- Bat Glasses via attitudeclothing.uk

20.) Of course Timbe-Lo Sparky Bat Shades.


21.) Bats are not new to batwalks! Of course there are several runway versions of ‘bats’a as seen on the blackbat walk.

Abodi SS16 on the runway (Owl or Bat?)

22.) My personal favorite! This magical look by Meadham Kirchoff

Spring Summer 2014 by Meadham Kirchoff.

23.) A not so spine-chilling look by Rochas in 2014.

Rochas Fall Winter 2014

24.) In another look in 2010: Polish born Anna Zasada – photographer Jacek Zajac did a series of black and white photographs featuring what else- Bat Eyewear

Anna Zasada

25.) Ksubi Bat Cat are a really modified Bat-Cat.

Image: Sunglass Connection


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