25 Interesting Crowd-Sourced Eyeglasses

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are two of the top crowdsourcing sites. We began tracking crowd-sources eyewear and accessories last year and will release our updated ‘Crowdsourced Eyewear‘ report at the end of the year. We can learn much from crowd-sourced product, whether they get funded or not. We can learn what the consumer is looking for, by if they invest or the comments they make. We can peak our interest, open up opportunities and expand our mind with the ideas and innovation that comes through crowd-sourcing.

That said, here are 25 interesing Eyewear and Accessories that were listed on either Indiegogo and Kickstarter in the last year (2015-16) with several mentions from 2014.


  • Ditto-yes, Ditto, the face scanning 3D technology company was raising fund to fight patent trolls in 2013. The company said it’s being sued by 1-800-CONTACTS and another company called Lennon Imaging Technology. (Source)


  • Shades Club a subscription sunglass platform that ran two campaigns on both Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Total raised over $500,000


  • Oculus Rift which was bought by Facebook for $2 Billion in 2015. (Vanity Fair)
  • Epiphany Eyewear which was bought by Snapchat in 2014 for $15 Million. (Engadget) Several campaigns were run ‘Social Media Glasses by Vergence Lab; (CA): Crowd-Sourcing began in 2012 and in 2013, with Epiphany Eyewear being purchased by Snapchat. The glasses will record and stream 1st person point of view, into apps and share across social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, or can plug into a computer to socially share the experiences recorded while recharging.  It’s a consumer electronics fashion accessory designed with technology to enable cool new social video while being fashion-forward and stylish in the process.
  • Frameri Eyewear raised near $64,000 on Indiegogo, turned down a deal on  Shark Tank and exhibited at Vision Expo and finally struck a deal with HOYA in 2016 to roll out interchangeable eyewear in 2016. (Vision Monday)
  • Zungle bone conduction music smart glasses that raised over $1,900,000 Million.


  • Wrist-Readers (Seattle, WA) Made in USA based, they were funded via Kickstarter for over $21,000. This handy little bracelet makes a reader into a fashion accessorized readers.


  • SlapSee (New Zealand) Funded via Kickstarter with over $51,000 NZ. ($35,310 USD) The sunglasses are slapped to go around anything from a fishing pole to a bracelet.


Niche Eyewear

  • Chiggy and N– (New York) Pollen Reducing sunglass for kids. Did not make fundraising goal on Kickstarter. They were also at Vision Expo East 2016.
Chiggy and N Pollen reducing sunglasses for kids
Chiggy and N Pollen reducing sunglasses for kids


  • CTRL- The fastest LCD tint changing Sunglasses (Amsterdam and Kent, OH) They raised through several rounds of funding over $800,000 on Indiegogo.  ‘Most sunglasses do not adapt to changing light. Others such as photochromic sunglasses are passive and so they adapt very slowly (several minutes) and are not controllable. The patented electronic Tint-on-Demand (e-Tint™) liquid crystal technology is ultra fast and controllable. This is why it is being developed for the U.S. Army to be their next generation standard issue eyewear.’
  • BooEn Solar Powered Smart Glasses (China) Did not make funding on Indiegogo. The benefits aside from being solar power are: better light adaptation. Anti-fantigue, anti-shatter, prevents pollution, smart solar sensor, works continually and stably, energy saving and eco-friendly, auto discolor fast in milliseconds and protects your eyes.


Technology Eyewear

  • Blu Hearing Aid Glasses (Netherlands) This eyewear has multi-functionality solving both eye heath and hearing problems. Unfortunately they did not make their goal on Kickstarter.


  • Buhel Tech Sunglasses (The Woodlands, TX) Raised over $416,000 on Kickstarter. Sunglass + Headset. This is an excellent example of companies not able to deliver. Read the over 2200 comments from purchasers, who either were disappointed in the product and or customer service. Some did not receive their eyeglasses.
  • Tiny Screen To Make Smart Glasses: Funded for $128, 813: This little screen is a detached screen the size of a thumb, that you can put on a watch or a pair of classes .(Kickstarter)
Tiny Screen can be fitted to any pair of eyeglasses
Tiny Screen can be fitted to any pair of eyeglasses
  • Mad Gaze (Hong Kong) Made their fund raising goal of over $100,000. Smart Glasses operating for Android platform.

Crowd-Mad Gaze

  • Narbis Brain Training Eyewear (Philadelphia, PA)- These sunglasses train your brain by dimming when you daydream (Digital Trends) They did not make their goal but said they would continue on with the project. More at Narbis.com
  • Zungle Eyewear (Los Angeles, CA) They have raised on Kickstarter over $1,946,000+. Zungle Panther are sunglasses with built in bone conduction speakers enables to transmit sound waves to the skull via vibrations. Listen to music and make phone calls. This is not the first bone conduction smart glasses, but is is the one with the largest amount of press and funds on Kickstarter.


With Customization being a consumer trend, many companies have customized eyeglasses. Customization as in make your own eyewear, 3D, modular and interchangeable parts and or lenses.


  • Mono Vision (Hong Kong) Raised a little over $10,000 in Indiegogo for 3D eyewear to fit your face. Made via 3D printed eyewear and all is interchangeable.


  • Nuke Venom (Singapore) Interchangeable and modular eyewear is a strong trend. Nuke Venom on Indiegogo did make their fundraising goal with a screwless modular eyewear system that is fully cross compatible and completely interchangeable across parts that are different in shape, design, size, colours and applications.
Nuke Venom
Nuke Venom
  • Townie Shades (Seattle, WA): Kickstarter campaign was canceled, although the site lives on.  One has the ability to customize their sunglasses with their local city or place.
Seattle Night
Seattle Night
  • Wear Mood (Trieste, Italy) Another customization look, in which the wearer can change their look by a Lego style of eyewear. Unfortunately their FB page has not been updated since 2015. We do not know if they are still in business .

Sports Performance

  • Blueprint Eyewear (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Already making sports glasses, they developed a magnetic change goggle. Raising over 129,000 Euro’s. ($134,48 USD)
  • Echo Specs (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) Unfortunately they did not make their goal on Kickstarter, but it looks as if they are still in business. The custom eyewear features a built-in display system, allowing fisherman to view fish finder content such as depth and temperature
  • Oncourse Goggles (Atlanta, GA) Made their funding goals on Kickstarter, raising over $62,000. Patent pending swim goggles are made for open water and tri-athlete swimming. The point-and-click design will allow athletes to store a compass heading with a single button press. The design then provides real time feedback to the swimmer through a small LED array in each eyepiece.

On Course goggles

  • Solos Smart Cycling Glasses-(Boston, MA) Made their funding on Kickstarter of over $128,000. These smart glasses are used for both training and casual. Solos takes all the power of your bike computer and Smartphone to give the wearer useful data about their bike ride.
Solos to be worn on the US Olympic Team
Solos to be worn on the US Olympic Team

Innovative Materials

  • Sea3See Eyewear (Italy) Made up upcycled Ghost Net Fishing line from the Ocean. They made their funding of 46,931 Euros. ($51,795 USD). Just to start production.
  • Karun Sunglasses (Chile) and Bureo (California) collaborated on the first ever ghost net (lost ocean fishing nets) to make sunglasses. They were funded in 2015.


  • Norton Point (Canada) See Plastic Differently made their funding with eyewear made from upcycled Ocean Plastic and #2 Plastic.
Recycled HDPE (#2) Plastic sunglasses
Recycled HDPE (#2) Plastic sunglasses
  • Bimbux Hard Denim Sunglasses (Barcelona, Spain) Eyewear made with Denim. Funded in 2016 with 5386 Euros ($5944 USD)
Bimbux, you might see them at Silmo
Bimbux, you might see them at Silmo
  • Mosevic (UK) Raised over $10,000 Euros ($11,000+ USD) to manufacture his recycled denim sunglasses .
  • Hemp Eyewear(UK) by Sam Witten. Funded in 2014, the concept went viral and raised over $42,000. The the best of my knowledge this is the only Hemp Eyeglasses in the marketplace.

Lots of good stuff going on the crowd-souring sites. Love the new materials, smart glasses for various markets, interchangeable or modular sunglasses coming on strong, the consumer likes it. What do you think?