270 Natural Materials Eyewear Companies

The use of Natural materials in the eyewear industry is growing. The strongest trend is wood and bamboo. We have also included skateboards, as most are made from wood. Wood sunglasses can be made from plywood, wood veneer, reclaimed wood, composite, FSC certified wood, driftwood, baseball bats, wood flooring, skate decks and  whiskey barrels.

The use of Buffalo horn and Cork is strong. This year has seen the launch of two marble eyewear companies, Sam Whitten’s Hemp sunglasses is up and running, there are about 5 companies utilizing natural stone. Leather Eyewear seems to be on the upswing. several companies have incorporated sea shells or abalone into their product mix. Other materials are deer and reindeer horn and mammoth tusks.

We have not listed solid gold or silver eyewear companies. We have not listed any wood or bamboo companies that do not have a website or kept their Facebook pages updated.

50 Countries are represented here and this is not all the companies.


  • Nomade (Tendil) Sold on Etsy


  • Fritz Frame Established in 2010
  • Top Heads Bamboo and wood sunglasses
  • Grown Design plants trees
  • Arrow Project bamboo sunglasses funded via Kickstarter
  • Holloway– Give back, wood and skate deck eyewear
  • Sticks and Sparrow (Victoria)
  • Wooden Republic (Sydney) Funded via Kickstarter
Holloway Eyewear, made with salvaged materials
Holloway Eyewear, made with salvaged materials


Gabe Eyewear made with American Walnut
Gabe Eyewear made with American Walnut


Goldston Glasses
Goldson Glasses



  • Against The Grain (Toronto) Wood sunglasses sold online and through retailers.
  • Bohten Eyewear: Wood Eyewear company, seen on Shark Tank, gives back.
  • Go Wood: Also has wood cell phone cases. plants trees
  • Kuma Eyewear; Wood sunglasses and Acetate sunglasses with bamboo temples. Plants trees for every frame sold.
  • Lumbr Wood Eyewear: Wood sunglasses and plants trees
  • Botany Co Eyewear : Established in 2012, bamboo sunglasses. The eyeglass cased are made from organic cotton or recycled fabric and handmade in Caledon, Ontario
  • Bambuddha (Vancouver) bamboo sunglasses funded via Kickstarter
  • Corvus Fittings Bamboo Sunglass company established in 2015
  • Second Shot; Recycled Skatedeck Sunglasses. Also do watches, purchase online or through retailers
  • Willted Bamboo Sunglass line thats gives back to World Wildlife Fun.


  • Karun, Certified wood sunglasses, sunglasses made with reclaimed salmon skin and upcycled ghost net sunglasses.
  • Woo Eyewear, FSC certified wood, optical and sunglasses
Karun Eyewear
Karun Eyewear


Takemoto on Etsy
Takemoto on Etsy



  • M.A.D.E:  Copenhagen, molded wooden veneer,




  • Arka Creations:
  • Dorillat– Established in 1960, they offer Horn Eyewear
  • Francois et Sebastien:

  • Historie De Voir Leather Eyewear and Sunwear. Made in France. Sold online and optical shops.

    Historie de Voir
    Historie de Voir
  • Inbo :Wood eyewear, bikes and skateboards
  • Inoxi Optical: Horn Eyewear
  • Lucas De Stael: Uses natural elements such as stingray, cork and wood to adorn the eyewear. Sold through eyecare professionals.
  • Mu Visions: Wood Eyewear
  • Origin Eyes: Wood and Horn eyewear
  • Ozed Wood Eyewear Company: Founded in 2012, wood eyewear. Sold online and through retailers
  • Rezin Wood Eyewear (FSC certified wood), Uses natural stone , has a give back program through the website gooddeed.com
  • Rigards Eyewear: Horn Eyewear. Sold online and through eyecare professionals.

    Rigards Buffalo Horn
  • Waiting For The Sun– Wood and Acetate eyewear. Sold online and through retailers.


Herrlicht Wood Glasses
Herrlicht Wood Glasses

Georgia (Russia)


Double O From Greece
Double O From Greece

Hong Kong (China)





  • Barrique Wood eyewear made with reclaimed wood.
  • Budri Marble Eyewear, sold through eyecare professionals.
  • Catuma- Uses stones and wood veneers. Also has a collection using water buffalo horn.
  • Dolphi– Wood Eyewear sold though eyecare retailers.
  • Epos– Wood eyewear sold through eyecare professionals.
  • Eyecon Handmade Wood Eyewear
  • Feb31st– Wood Eyewear
  • Hera Art and Luxury– FSC certified wood, plywood layers, Mother of Pearl treatments.

    Mora Eyewear from marble
  • Gufo Italy Gufo Design, wood sunglasses
  • Kuio Occhiali– Leather Eyewear sold through retailers.
  • Mora Eyewear : Marble and semi-precious stone eyewear
  • Ottica Urbani (Venice) optical shop established in 1952.  They make both wood and horn eyewear out of their optical shop.
Hera Art and Luxury
Hera Art and Luxury


  • Roots – Eyewear made from bamboo



  • O-Tree (Seoul) Cork temple Sunglasses. Sold online and thru retailers.
O-Tree Eyewear
O-Tree Eyewear




New Zealand




  • Cara D’Paul Eyewear: Uses cork, skin and other natural materials as embellishments . Eyewear sold through eyecare professionals.
  • Skog Eyewear, plants trees sold sold online and retailers



  • Woodsun Founded in 2012, Wood Sunglasses




  • Woodstock Eyewear: Established in 2013- Wood sunglasses

South Africa

  • Ballo Eyewear:
  • Hout Couture Eyewear: For every pair of Hout Couture wooden sunglasses sold, a seed will be planted through the Eco-Schools Programme, one of the many initiatives supported by WWF-SA and Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA).
  • Kraft Eyewear: Wood Sunwear
  • SK8 Shades: Sunglasses made with reclaimed skateboard decks


  • Laveta Eyewear: wood veneer and inlays in wood sunglasses
  • Nagel Ibiza:wooden sunglasses with Carl Zeiss lenses. Sold online and through retailers.
  • Nina Mur Eyewear: Established in 2015, Uses Plywood in sheets. Carl Zeiss lenses, sold online and through retailers.


  • Palens/ Bimbux Barclona: Wood and Denim Sunglasses. Funded via Kickstarter. Sold online and through eyecare retailers.
  • Ribot Sunglasses: (Barcelona) Established in 2012, wood sunglasses
  • Tangata Eyewear: (San Pablo) Established in 2015, wood sunglasses.
  • Touch The Sky: wood and bamboo temples. Sold online and through retailers.
  • Trackswear: Vinyl and wood sunglasses. Sold online and through retailers.
  • Vuerich B Eyewear: recycle wood to make eyewear and other products. Established in 2010.
  • Woodglass: sold online
  • Woodys Barcelona: Established in 2013, wood sunglasses.
  • Zura Wood Eyewear:
Zura Style Urban
Zura Style Urban



  • Bambood: Bamboo Sunglasses
  • Einstoffen: Wood Sunglasses. Uses FSC certified Wood. Also uses natural elements as stones. Sold through eyecare professionals.
  • Exalt Cycle: Established in 1995, uses cork embellishments in their eyewear.
  • Holzbau
  • Marcus Marienfeld Horn Eyewear: Buffalo Horn eyewear
  • Urban Republiq (Zurich) horn eyewear sold online.


  1. Bambooka: Bambooka sunwear, Gives back to Vision  projects.
  2. Cambell Marson Wood Eyewear and sunglasses made from Reclaimed flooring. Sold online and through retailers.
  3. Canopy Eyewear (London) Wood sunglasses sold online.
  4. Colin Leslie, Established in 2009. Sustainably sourced Bamboo Sunglasses
  5. Finlay and Co Wood eyewear. Sold through eyecare professionals
  6. I am Bamboo , Bamboo sunglasses, Plants Trees and sold through retailers and online. Established in 2012.
  7. Igi Sunglasses Established in 2016, wood sunglasses sold online.
  8. Jambo Sunglasses, Gives back to Vision. Wood sunglasses
  9. Lumberland Co .Wood sunglasses sold online
  10. Moat House Eyewear Wood sunglass sold online.
  11. Old Youth Wood eyewear
  12. Plantwear eyewear and watches. Plants Trees
  13. Swole Panda, Bamboo Sunglasses and clothing
  14. TD Tom Davies– Horn Eyewear
  15. Termite Eyewear, makes eyewear and sunglasses from recycled wood.
Termite Eyewear
Termite Eyewear

United States


  • Ramsey Supply (Gilbert) You choose your charity to give back to.


  • Alexander Trees (Petaluma) Give Back, 1% for the Planet. Wood temples and wood sunglasses.
  • Bright Future (San Francisco) Wood Sunglasses Gives back to Education
  • Brushwood (Huntington Beach) Wood Sunwear Founded in 2010.
  • CaliSons (Venice Beach) Wood sunglasses. Funded via Kickstarter 2015.
  • Edlee (Hermosa Beach) Bamboo and Wood sunglasses with polarized lenses. Establisheds in 2016.
  • Green Eyes Eyewear (Los Angeles) Bamboo and other sustainable eyewear options. Gives Back to Prevent Blindness.
  • Hewn Sunglasses (San Francisco) Launched via Indiegogo. Polarized lenses. Give back to Charity Water
  • Kahoy Kollection (Long Beach) Founded in 2012 by an optician, they have a Flagship store, sell to retailers as well as sell online. Acetate fronts with bamboo temples.
  • Kynd Clothing (San Diego) Bamboo Sunglasses. Kynd Clothing offers bamboo and hemp clothing as well.
  • Maverick Eyewear (Venice Beach) wood sunglasses, Has some charities programs.
  • Morning Wood (Santa Barbara) Launched in 2016 they have a bluetooth componet, so you do not lose your eyewear.
  • Nesian Wooden Eyewear (San Diego)
  • Sires Eyewear (Los Angeles) Wood Eyewear, will set up appointments.
  • Som Noir (San Francisco) Bespoke Horn eyewear
  • Sunglasses By Tower (San Diego)
  • Tree Hut (San Francisco) Made in the USA.
  • Tree Tribe (San Diego) Wood and bamboo eyewear, plants trees for sunglasses sold.
  • We Wood (Los Angeles) Wood sunglasses, sold online and through eyecare retailers. Plants Trees.
  • Wooed By Wood (San Francisco) Uses reclaimed wood, makes skatedeck sunglasses,
  • Woodies (Malibu) Acetate and bamboo sunglasses. Established in 2012
  • Woodie Specs (San Diego) Gives back to Vision Projects. Watches. Established 2013
  • WoodZee (Chico) Established in 2013
  • Wooed by Wood (San Francisco) Wood and Skatedeck sunglasses. Donate back to deforestation projects.
  • Ziba Wood Sunglasses (Newport Beach, CA)


  • Eqo Optics (Colorado Springs) Sunglasses made from recycled skatedecks. Polaroid lenses.
  • Thrive Shades (Denver) plants a tree for every sunglass sold. Wood and bamboo sunglasses.




  • DeckSpecks (Atlanta) sunglasses using recycled skate decks.






  • Medicine Werx, wood sunglasses, plants trees via Trees For The Future,


  • iWood Eco Design (Louisville) eyewear from reclaimed wood from luxury jets. Uses Carl Zeiss Lenses and Made in USA
  • Keep Wood Eyewear: wood and bamboo eyewear. Participates in Trees For the Future. Uses polarized lenses.



  • Traps Eyewear, (Portland) Eyewear made from reclaimed lobster traps. Collaborations with LL. Bean, Sperry Topsider.Established 2014




  • 1st Element (Ann Arbor) Bamboo Sunglasses. They donate back to deforestation projects.
  • Homes Eyewear (Detroit) wood eyewear made from salvaged wood from abandoned homes in Detroit. Made in USA. Established in 2012


The Roosevelt by Homes Eyewear
The Roosevelt by Homes Eyewear
  • Raw Wood Eyewear (Grand Rapids) Bamboo and Wood sunglasses. Work with Trees for the Future and plant trees for every sunglass sold.
  • Shinola (Detroit) opening 2017
  • Spectrum Sunglasses (Bloomfield) China and Europe


New Hampshire

New Jersey

  • Parkman Sunglasses (Mountside) wood sunglasses, limited edition vinyl record sunglasses and acetate sunglasses

New York

  • Adam Mugavero Bespoke wooden eyewear and sunglasses
  • Nerdy Frames
  • OnEye Deer (Brooklyn) wood sunglass with Carl Zeiss mirrored lenses. Polarized lenses.
  • Specs of Wood (Woodmere) colorful wood eyewear.
  • Vu Frameworks , Wood and acetate sunglasses, skate deck sunglasses Flagship location in NY .Established in 2011

North Carolina

  • SuStylish (Hampstead) bamboo temples with acetate fronts.
  • Swell Vision https://www.swellvision.com
  • Johnny Fly , Leather, wood sunglasses and bowties

North Dakota



  • Bome Eyewear (Portland) Made in USA, sunglasses are polarized lenses,
  • Bosky Optics (Portland) Wood Sunglasses, has artist series, will do custom eyewear. Established in 2015.
  • Figs Eyewear (Bend) New made in USA wood sunglass line. Use only reclaimed wood.
  • JBird Collective: Leather Eyewear
Figs Eyewear
Figs Eyewear
  • Shwood (Portland) Wood eyewear and sunglass company. Innovative use of wood. Whiskey barrels, baseball bats, seashells all make up some of their unique uses of wood.


  • Barring Eyewear (Philadelphia) Donates back to fighting cancer, Wood and acetate sunglasses.
  • Penn Avenue Eyewear– Gives back to varies charities. Horn and wood Eyewear. Sold online and through eyecare professionals.


  • Wesley Knight (Nashville) Custom Horn Eyewear


  • Pterys (Dallas) Funded via Indiegogo. Wood sunglasses that give back to help prevent pterygium in Haiti. Established in 2014.


  • Hatchet Eyewear (Payson) Wood and Bamboo Sunglasses, polarized sunglasses.
  • Land Over Yonder (St. George) Sunglasses funded via Kickstarter. Socially conscious clothing line that donates back to children in need.
  • Twigs Woodwear (Draper)
  • Westwood Sunglasses (Layton) Bamboo and Wood Sunglasses, wood sunglasses with titantium. Funded by both Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Established in 2014.
  • We Wear Wood (Salt Lake City) Bamboo Sunglasses, watches and phone cases, Gives back to plant trees.

Washington DC

  • EyeNack – bamboo reading glasses. One for One Platform.
  • Wear Panda– Established 2012. Bamboo Sunglasses. Charities are Optometric Giving Sight. One of the longest lasting bamboo sunglasses companies.