3 Common Reasons Employees Leave Your Optometric Practice

Building a team of qualified individuals to work at your optometric practice and interact with patients can be a driving factor behind many successful practices. Interviewing and hiring skilled workers for your practice is challenging enough, but once you’ve assembled your team of employees, the hard part is keeping everyone satisfied. Unfortunately, many practices struggle with high turnover rates, which can affect everything from office management to claims management.

Below are three common reasons why turnover might be high in your optometric practice.

Common Reasons For High Turnover In Your Optometric Practice

Low Pay

Money talks. If a staff member is offered more money to do a similar role, then there’s a high chance that they will take the job. Even employees that enjoy their role, your practice, your patients, and their co-workers are likely to be swayed by the promise of more money. To combat the chance of an all-star employee walking away from your practice over their income, keep a keep a close watch of what the average pay is for the roles you employ in your practice.

Lack of Engagement

Has performance been waning recently? Low employee engagement can not only cause an employee to leave your practice, but it could also impact your practice’s profits or patient care. Boredom, not enough work, or a desire to change career paths could cause a member of your team to become less engaged in their work. Work with your staff to identify growth opportunities that will help establish a career path.

Poor Management Practices

Bad management practices hurt your entire team, office culture, and could make it difficult to recruit new employees to your practice. In an optometric practice, not only do you have to be a manager, but you have to be a leader. To be an effective leader, you have to have strong communication skills and create an environment that motivates employees.

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