33 Shades Of MicroFiber Cloths

One of the easiest way to increase the average transaction is to sell Micro Fiber Cleaning cloths, which are NOT just for cleaning eyewear and sunwear. Microfiber cleaning cloths have a huge amount of benefits, that you can pass on to your customers. The best part.. is even if they get worn out. .you can always reuse them.

30 Benefits Of Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloths 

13.5x13.5 inch Microfiber Dispensing cloth. Rons Optical
13.5 x 13.5 Microfiber Dispensing cloth. Rons Optical

1.) They save money. No more buying of Kleenex and paper towels to be cleaning your eyeglasses. No more worries about marring lenses by using whatever is handy to clean off the lenses.

2.) They are eco-friendly- just by reducing the amount of of trash that goes into the landfill. Did you know that in a State of the Paper Industry report by the Environmental Paper Network says that pulp and paper industry is the 4th largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. Paper Towels are difficult to recycle and they include toxic ingredients.

3.) They take up less space. You can easily stick a cloth in a back pack, in the side of a car door, in a drawer, in a pocket, a wallet.

4.) Non- Toxic: no need for other costly and unhealthy cleaning solutions to clean lenses.

5.) Microfiber cloths clean Eyeglasses, sunglasses, computer screens, windows, tables, cell phones, TV’s and mirrors.


6.) You can Polish Shoes with Microfiber cloths.

7.) You can Dust with cleaning cloths (which is why you should have large ones available) Have you ever noticed how expensive the ones at the store are?

8.) You can safely dust and clean your computer keyboard, just wrap around a Q-Tip for hard to get spots.  (make sure the computer is off)

9.) Use as a wash cloth too. Great for travel, as they dry quickly.

10.) Use as a hankerchief- just wash and reuse.

11.) Use as a hair decoration. Tie a bow, wrap around a hair clip, use them to put your hair up in a ponytail or a manbun.

12.) Tie a bow on your shoes.


13.) Put as a decoration on a hat, makes the hat multi- functional. Sunglasses smeared, just whip the cleaning cloth right out.

14.) Use as a part of your branding. Personalize and put your logo on.

Rons Personalized Cleaning Cloths

15.) Great gift to mailman, teachers, friends and relatives. Use for any occasion from Grandma Day to Christmas. Appropriate for all ages.

Gift Packaging by Hilco

16.)Use as an hankerchief for suit pockets.

17.) Larger cloths can be used as a scarf. Very retro look

18.) Use as an anklet accessory.


19.) Can use as a strainer in the kitchen.

20.) Part of travel luggage. Use to wrap fragile items, use as a bookmark.

21.) Use in costumes, such a Harem Dancer. Drape across the face to use as a veil.

22.) An event coming up? string them together to make banners. They are colorful and reusable party materials. In fact, why not use them as party napkins? They are washable and would make excellent party favors.

Micro Fiber Cloths From LBI

23.) Sop up spills.

24.) Clean the dashboard of your car.

25.) Clean up watermarks on your dishes and crystal.

26.) Play Peek a Boo with kids

27.) Use in merchandising, have colorful looks in clear glasses or hanging out of paper bags.

26.) Make a sarong for a Barbie Doll


30.) Can reuse and make bow for presents.

31.) Use a wrapping paper… no need to kill any more trees!

32.) If you are a DIYer.. why not remake into a sleep mask?

33.) Microfiber gloves by Rons Optical, can also be used to clean jewelry.


As you can see Microfiber cleaning cloths are not just for eyeglass lenses. Why not print up your own lists of how many ways to use Microfiber clothes, frame it and sit it with a big basket of all sizes and colors of cleaning cloths?

Can you think of anything else?


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