3D Diet EyeGlasses Help You Lose Weight

Over the years, researchers have come up with a few smart glasses that help one to lose weight. The last ‘big’ thing was blue lenses, because blue was an unappetizing color and viewing food through blue helped one to eat less.

The new Diet Eyeglasses are a 3D rendition out of the Wiseglass Project. Embedded with sensors behind the ears, they can pick up the muscles that are used to chew and able to tell the difference between different type of facial muscle movements, such as coughing, drinking and speaking.

wiseglass_diet eyeglasses

In order to provide feedback the wearer, they also can differentiate between various types of food such as bananas and cookies, giving the wearer feedback as to their eating .

As obesity reaches new high, this might be just the weight project that works for many. Looking cool and eating healthy never looked so good.

Via: bsn.embs.org & 3ders.org

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