3D Popcorn Glasses to wear Jan. 19 For International Popcorn Day

These days it seems as though there is a “day” to commemorate just about anything! September 29 is “International Coffee Day”, May the Fourth is “Star Wars Day”, and of course 3-14 is “International ‘Pi’ Day”. These some of these days have a clever reasoning behind them, others are just random as can be. Nonetheless, people love to celebrate them – especially via Social Media.  It should come as no surprise that “International Popcorn Day” pops up early in the year on January 19.

Jan. 19 Popcorn Day
Popcorn Eyewear. Image credit unknown

To pay homage to “International Popcorn Day” we offer you these iconic 3D Popcorn Glasses.  These “Shady Eyes” specs remind us that no two things go together quite like movies and popcorn.  Whether you are relaxing at home with a flick or catching a film at the theatre, popcorn is sure to be complete the experience.  Now, if that movie-watching experience can be in 3-D that is all the better! These red retro 3D popcorn glasses earn two thumbs up for being humorous, suspenseful, and an all around classic! If the shades could thank the Academy, Cast & Crew, and of course the Beloved Fans, I’m sure they would. Roll Credits.