3D Printed Lenses Available From LuxeXcel

We have been writing about 3D printed eyewear for the last 3-4 years and several companies are in business producing 3D printed eyewear. At Vision Expo East 2014 this year, I had the wonderful opportunity to moderate a panel with David Friedfeld of ClearVision Optical and Strasty, premier 3D printers. It was quite interesting in what they had to say about the future of 3D printing and especially in the realm of eyeglasses.

3D printed lenses are a different story, To the best of my knowledge, LuxeXcel is the among the first if not the first to try to 3D print optical lenses in the form of reading glasses. The challenge of course is getting the lenses to be transparent, so we can see out of them.  LuxeXcel is calling their process, Printoptical Technology®.


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