40 Smart Glasses For 2017

By our estimation there are over 80 Smart Glasses available on the market today. Many of these are available now or you can pre-order from their websites, Facebook or Amazon. Over 50 of these smart glasses are being crowd-sourced and the majority of those crowd sourced have made their funding goals.

AYO Jet Lab Glasses
AYO Jet Lag Glasses

Most are probably dreaming of the day to hit the mother board by being sold to one of the biggies: Facebook (Oculus Rift) Microsoft (Hololens) Google (Magic Leap. eyefluence) Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Intel (Recon Instrument) SnapChat (Vergence Labs) and Toshiba.

ORA Augmented Reality Glasses
ORA Augmented Reality Glasses

Interestingly United States leads the pack in smartglass development. This is most due to the fact that we wear the products. But the next large market is set to be in Asia. Reports coming in state that Smart Glasses/ Augmented Reality Market will hit 2 Billion shipments by 2018. The uses are endless, in medical, work environments, fun, filming, education, problem solving, games, fitness and more.

Solos Glasses
Solos Glasses

The Health and Fitness market is worth billions and smart glasses make $ense. Fitness tracking, diet glasses, health awareness, smart glasses for the blind, smart glasses to use in the operating theater, eyeglasses to help you blink, eyeglasses to help you sleep, eyeglasses to help you stay awake,

Oncourse Goggles
Oncourse Goggles

Health and  Fitness

  1. AYO Glasses is another crowd sourced smart glass on Indiegogo Based in Stamford, Conn, they raised over $255,000. This glass claims to help people get over jet lag and boost energy levels.
  2. Diet Glasses Help to lose weight: These glasses pick up chewing movements and help you to decide whether or not to eat certain food.
  3. Evena Medical– Epson Technology. X-ray type of smart glasses to help nurses and the like to find veins.
  4. Everysight; Smart glasses for cyclist called the Raptor. We do not know if they are still in business as there is not much information on their website or Facebook.
  5. Instabeat is smart glasses for the sporting crowd. Funded via Indiegogo, They are building a connected accessory for swimming goggles that captures real-time heart rate, stroke type, and laps. Instant heart rate information is fed into the swimmers’ eyes and presented in a mobile app.
  6. Jins Meme: Track Safety and Fitness
  7. Level by VSP– Announced in 2015, and working with google to
  8. OnCourse Goggles from Atlanta, Georgia raised funds on Kickstarter for their compass guiding goggles to be used in open water.
  9. Radar Pace by Oakley :and Intel is a smart sunglass with a voice-activated, real-time coaching. This is designed to help improve performance with athletes with real-time feedback and analytics and tracking.
  10. Recon Jet: Bought by Intel in 2015. wearable computer for sports and outdoor recreational activities. (Smart Sport Glasses)
  11. RideOn (Israel) : Smart Ski Goggles, They raised over $113,000 on Indiegogo.
  12. Sealz Rapid Transition Glasses: (Australia) This Kickstarter campaign helped to fund their hopefully released Sun to smart swimming goggles in 2017.
  13. Senth 1N1 Smart Cycling Glasses (China) Development of smart glasses for cyclers. Made their funding in Indiegogo
  14. Solos Cycling Glasses: Used in the Olympics, crowd sourced; enables cyclists to see  useful data in real time including speed, cadence, heart rate. and power zones. www.solos-wearables.com
  15. Tension Relieving Glasses: Glasses are to help relieve tired eyes from staring at a screen. Raised no funds on Indiegogo:  8seconds.us
  16. Walker: Eyewear for Walking raised over $124,000 for people to wear an attachment when they walk. This come from Sunnyvale, California
  17. Zeal Optics (Sports) Owned by Maui Jim, using Recon technology for Smart Goggles.
Wiseglass Diet Eyeglasses
Wiseglass Diet Eyeglasses

Fun Stuff and Social Media Glasses : Videos, selfies, sharing, GPS and more are all important because God only knows why people think that we really want to know. Aside from that videos are big and available on almost Smart Glasses .


  1. Chemion;  party glasses that by means of LED lights lets people know your emotions Yes, the website and Facebook are up and running with over 14,000 LIKES
  2. Pivothead: Founded in 2010 and shoots video.
  3. PogoTec: Launched by Ronald Blum OD, this smartglass is a look and shoot attachable camera to any eyewear.
  4. SnapChat Spectacles, sunglasses that can take pictures and video. Epiphany Eyewear owned by Vergence Labs was Bought by SnapChat in 2015
  5. Spardar Video Recording Glasses budget video recording glasses. They are onley $149.oo
  6. Weon Selfie Glasses: The first-ever smart glasses -optical or sunglasses- which interact with a smartphone or tablet.

Gaming: Who wouldn’t go after this 630 Million dollar market in the USA? Obviously both Microsoft and Facebook did with the purchase of Hololens and Oculus Rift (both crowdsourced) Add in ad revenue and KerPow.. we have a winner.

  1. CastAR: Raised over $15 Million rounds of funding for their AR Gaming Glasses (Recode)
  2. Dlodio: will help to transform the gaming experience.
  3. FOVE: based in San Francisco raised way over $480,00 on Kickstarter for their gaming glasses. They are billing themselves as ‘The World’s First Eye Tracking Virtual Reality Headset’
  4. HoloLens; Bought by Microsoft, gaming glasses
  5. Oculus Rift:  bought by Facebook

Bone Conduction Eyewear: This is the hot new trend, bone conduction, Bone conduction is the conduction of sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull.

1. Buhel – Bluetooth Smart Glasses raised over $400,000 on Kickstarter. Buhel SGO5 features bone conduction technology that allows you to listen to calls and music with no headsets or earphones, and bi-directional microphone and more. (Optical Journal)

2. Vue Smart Glasses; Vue’ glasses can play music via bone conduction, track fitness, make calls and even respond to gesture controls. Campaign on Kickstarter raised over $1 Million. enjoyvue.com

Vue Smart Eyeglasses
Vue Smart Eyeglasses

3.) Zungle: Over $1,9 Million was raised on Kickstarter to launch Zungle who’s claim is to Wear The Beats.


4. S-Tone: Bone conduction sports glasses to enable listening to music through bone conduction. Funding was not achieved via  Kickstarter sport-tone.com

Business-Communication-Enterprise: While all of the above can be used in this category and vice-versa the below can be used in any of the above categories. Most of these are augmented glasses.

Six15 Technologies
Six15 Technologies
  1. Atheer-Combines 3D augmented reality with gesture-based interaction, released software that adds intelligent voice and head-motion input control to the Atheer AiR™ smart glasses platform. Crowd-sourced funded several years ago
  2. APX Software powers wearable Technology.
  3. Carl Zeiss Smart Glasses was revealed in 2016.
  4. Cast AR: Augmented reality glasses
  5. Lenovo M100– launched with partner Vuzix in 2014, they are designed for the Chinese market and will make voice calls, playback video and more.
  6. Epson Moverio BT-300: Augmented Reality and they are taking pre-orders now
  7. Google: purchased Magic Leap and working with other companies. They are not out of the game.
  8. Laster Technologies: Laster has been around for several years. Hand free, augmented reality for work environments. France based.
  9. Meta is still in testing. This is Augmented Reality glasses are made for enterprise.
  10. Motorola; Developing smart glasses, wearable cameras for law enforcement. (USA Today )
  11. ORA X –By Optinvent, they offer Screen, Augmented Reality, computing via Android and headphones.
  12. Osterhout Group/ ODG osterhoutgroup.com
  13. Samsung: Also has a patent for Smart Glasses for an AR keyboard on the arm. (The Optical Journal)
  14. Sime Smart Glass provides real time information and communication.
  15. Six15 Technologies (Rochester, NY): Augmented Reality glasses to meet the demands of enterprises. Founded in 2012, Six15 holds a portfolio with over 20 patents in wearable optical displays,
  16. Sony SmartEyeGlass:  gyroscope, accelerometer, ambient light sensor and built in camera.
  17. Van Lent: Netherland based LED light smart glass. The campaign was cancelled on Kickstarter. Called the Swipest Glasses, it offers lighting.
  18. Vuzix: is a leader in Augmented Reality and Smart Glasses: The M100 and M300. The M100 includes:HD camera for still picture and video capture,  store content or stream it live. Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, connect wirelessly with Wi-Fi to the Internet, integrated GPS, gyroscope and compass systems. Voice, button press, and gesture controls give the user a variety of ways to navigate in almost any working environment.

Smartglasses are here to stay. Currently they are more of medical, work and gaming accessory. As costs decrease and apps increase we will see huge growth in the market. Do not discount google glass, they are still in the game.