40 Sunglass Songs For National Sunglass Day

National Sunglass Day is June 27 and there are many ways to celebrate this international holiday. The Vision Council has lots of resources to access, you could have Sunglass Trunk Show, Have a Sunglass Donation, talk about Eye Health. Why not have some fun with it and showcase for the month, Sunglass Songs of which we found 40. There are actually more if you count all the versions of I wear my Sunglasses at Night.

SunGlass Songs

  1. Ani DiFranco Loom
  2. Baby Islam Sunglass
  3. Bruckup ft. Shaggy Sunglasses (Keep Ya Shades On)”
  4. Chrissie Hunde: Dark Sunglasses 
  5. Celine Dion: Love is All We Need
  6. Clean The Molasses Off Your Glasses 
  7. Corey Hart Sunglasses At Night
  8. Corn on Macabre: Specially Made Sunglasses
  9. Dean Martin: Shades
  10. Divine Brown: Sunglasses
  11. Don Henley: Boys of Summer
  12. Ezra Furman: Take Off Your Sunglasses
  13. F. Doernberg Dark Sunglasses
  14. Iggy Pop: Shades (1986)
  15. John Fred & His Playboy Band: Judy In Disguise With Glasses (1968)
  16. Jonathan Rundman: The Glasses Songs
  17. Kelly Rowland: Rose Colored Glasses
  18. Kyara: Sunglasses
  19. Lana Del Rey: Shades of Cool 
  20. Lupe Fiasco; Past My Shades
  21. Marilyn Manson: Heart Shaped Glasses
  22. Miranda Lambert: Pink Sunglasses
  23. Parry Grip: I Can’t Find My Sunglasses 
  24. Piko Taro; Neo Sunglasses 
  25. Rac: Cheap Sunglasses
  26. Rick Ross; Sunglasses
  27. Sanjeeb Chowdhury: Sunglasses 
  28. ScoDal: Songlass Song;  (Lyrics) ‘

    We lookin’ fine with our sunglasses on, In the mid day, or when the sun is gone, We don’t look tired, even when we yawn, Stay up all night, until the break of dawn, People stop, look, check out what we bought, They want, they need, to have what we got, On our face, that makes us look so hot, Yhey have their own, at home, but they forgot. Dark shades, bright shades, brown shades, white shades. It doesn’t matter, you look sexy with your shades on. Aviator, cat eyes, retro, and oversize. It makes no difference, you look sexy with your shades on. Blue shades, green shades, dirty shades, clean shades. It doesn’t matter, you look sexy with your shades on. Round frames, butterfly, rimless, you can’t deny. It makes no difference, you look sexy with your shades on. It’s ten past eight and I’m still in bed, The alarm went off, but I’m feeling dead, I hit the snooze and I sleep right through, Until I wake up again and now it’s nine twenty two! I finally get up to check my bed head, But when I look in the mirror I see my eyes are red, I pace for a minute thinkin what I should do, And then it comes to me while I’m tyin my shoe. Grab my shades that are made in Taiwan, I waste no time, hurry up n put em on, Lookin good, feelin good, ready to go, But I forgot my other shoe and I stub my toe! Just when I was feelin hotter than Lebron, Gonna build an empire like Genghis Khan, But now that I’m in pain gonna sip bordeaux, Takin selfies all day cause at least I look good though! Playin on my cell phone while the hours fly, Switch it up, use my tablet, and connect to Wi-Fi, It’s the middle of the day and I need to eat, But I really don’t wanna get outta my seat, What’s this? Got a message from a guy, with a link to his store where there’s shades I can buy, This seems legit, his name is Pete, And there’s a button I can push to send him a tweet. So, I fill my cart up with shades sky high, None of them I need but I can’t deny, There’s about three of these that are really sweet, And check this one out, it’s pretty neat, I’m just one tap away from a life supply, Of the thing I love so much that it makes me cry, Oh wait that’s right gotta enter my street, Order confirmed, now I’m printin my receipt.

  29. Sherrie Austin: Drivin Into The Sun
  30. Skepta Sunglasses At night
  31. Snapchat Filter Song
  32. Sunglass Song
  33. The Cramps: Sunglasses After Dark
  34. Timbuk 3: Futures So Bright I Have To Wear Shades
  35. The Bad Mouth Betties Sunglasses”
  36. The Tea Party Sunglasses
  37. The Wiggles: I’ve Got My Glasses On
  38. Tracy Ullman Sunglasses
  39. Vision Divine Shades
  40. ZZ Top: Cheap Sunglasses 


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