420 – Hemp Eyewear

Today is 420, which for those who are advocates of marijuana celebrate each year. The backstory of why 420 is as foggy as a room of committed marijuana smokers toking up. The most accepted story comes from a group of California teens who used to hang out at their San Rafael high school to smoke pot. It was reported that the police code for marijuana smoking in progress was 420, which they then adopted as a code to meet and get high. Whether that is more fact than fiction will be the basis of discussion no doubt for generations to come, but today is the day that marijuana advocates across the country and the world commemorate as a pro-marijuana holiday.

We are celebrating the holiday with a look at the only brand of eyewear made from hemp, a nonpsychoactive form of the marijuana plant, Hemp Eyewear. We have covered Hemp Eyewear before as we followed their Kickstarter campaign. Many years later they are still selling stylish eyewear made from one of the most eco-friendly materials, hemp on their website online.

Hemp Eyewear is available in Rx or as a sunglass. The sunglass features Carl Zeiss lenses. Each pair of Hemp Eyewear is handcrafted, using traditional artisanal techniques. The new range stays true to the feel of the original collection – but now comes with an even stronger emphasis on premium quality, and with more options for users to choose from. Every frame has its own unique natural plant fiber pattern, making every pair one of a kind. The new range features precision engineered 5-barrel hinges, bio acetate temple tips (100% recycled), and high-quality titanium nose pads, adjustable to ensure a precise fit.

Check them out online at HempEyewear.com

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