43 Eyewear Companies That Plant Trees

John Angus
John Angus

In honor of Arbor Day, we are listing Eyewear Companies that either plant trees or wood eyewear companies using reclaimed materials or that give back. Most of the companies planting trees are wood or bamboo eyewear companies although other companies have joined the global fight against deforestation and we have added them into the mix.

When we first starting posting about wood eyewear companies we came up with 18 companies back in 2010. Today we have a list of over 183 companies that are making wood/skate deck and bamboo eyewear. Back in 2013 Euromonitor reported that wood eyewear was one of the fastest growing fashion trends in the world.

Wood Eyewear is often billed as being ‘Eco Friendly’, because it is a renewable resource. At times that can be further from the truth if they are cutting down trees to make eyewear. You know how long it takes a tree to grow?

In addition companies are marketing Bamboo as wood. To set the record straight Bamboo is a grass. While Bamboo is fast growing, that still doesn’t make it eco friendly, as Bamboo Forests are fast disappearing along with the Pandas, as that is their habitat. Bamboo comes from the east. Any bamboo company that says made in the USA is most likely not telling the truth unless, they are ordering bamboo from the east and assembling it in the USA.

There are only several ways that wood and or bamboo are truly ‘eco friendly’:

1.) The wood is reclaimed. In other words, it comes from fallen logs, driftwood, leftover wood scraps. Traps Eyewear (made from reclaimed Lobster Traps, Homes Eyewear (made from abandoned homes in Detroit) are a few examples of companies reclaiming wood.

2) The wood is sourced from certified forests such as FSC Certified or Rainforest Certified. That goes for bamboo too. Even though many companies say their wood comes from certified sources, unless we know for sure that the wood is FSC certified, we did not list them. Many species of wood are endangered and it is illegal to buy them. (Endangered Wood Database)

3.) The country of origin or where it is made. As an example: if the wood eyewear is Made in the USA and the wood is from the USA, buying local is a very eco-friendly thing to do. But many types of wood are exotic woods that may not be native to the country of origin. You can usually tell if the wood eyeglasses are made in the USA just by the price.

4.) They give back to offset their carbon footprint. Ideally a wood eyewear company would be planting trees, but some companies have chosen other ways to give back.

Trees have monetary value to each of us. In fact, if there were no trees, we would most likely be dead or dying from pollution. With more than 80% of the worlds natural forests destroyed it is imperative that we save trees. Trees clean the air, cool the planet, provide food and shelter to animals including humans.

Eye Bogglers A Single Tree Provides:

  • $73 worth of air conditioning,
  • $75 worth of erosion control,
  • $75 worth of wildlife shelter
  • $50 worth of air pollution reduction.
  • Total of $273 for fifty years at 5% interest results in a tree value of $57,151.

While we post a list every year, it changes. If the company does NOT have a statement on their website about where they source their materials or if they give back, we have not listed them.

  1. Bohten Eyewear (Canada), Zero waste facility and trying to use compost for materials. The have partnered with SightSavers a UK charity. Wholesale and Retail Sunglasses. They were on Dragon’s Den (Canadian version of Shark Tank)

    Bohten Eyewear
    Bohten Eyewear
  2. Bambooka (UK) Bamboo sunglasses. Gives back To Eyewear Africa.
  3. Bright Future (San Francisco, CA) Donate $1 of every frame sold to Institute of International Education.
  4. Alexander Trees (CA) bamboo sunglasses. Member of 1% For the Planet and plants trees.
  5. Canopy Eyewear (London, UK) wood and bamboo sunglass line, that plants trees.
  6. Eyenack (Washington DC) Bamboo readers. Has a buy one give one program.
  7. Grown Sustainable Wooden Eyewear-(Australia) wood and bamboo eyewear- For every item purchased from the website Grown, they will fund sight restoring surgery for 2 person or eye exams for 12 children.Grown Wood
  8. Homes Eyewear (Detroit, Mi) Since 2012 has been salvaging wood from abandoned homes in Detroit and re-creating eyewear . Made in America.
  9. I am Bamboo (UK) bamboo sunglasses. Partnered with Trees For The Future.
  10. iWood (KY) (Louisville, KY) Eyewear Made from reclaimed wood. Wood Eyewear is reclaimed from the interiors of luxury jets and or from FSC certified wood. Made in America. iWood was one of the first to start the Eco Friendly reclaimed wood sunglass look.

    iwood sunglass
    iwood Design
  11. Jambo Eyewear (UK) Gives back to Specsavers in the UK. Bamboo Eyewear.
  12. John Angus Eyewear (Scotland) Wood eyewear, plants trees and for every 10 pair sold will help provide clean water.
  13. KeepWood Sustainable Eyewear Plant 50 Trees for every frame sold. Support Trees for the Future.
  14. Karun (Chile) Uses FSC Certified wood Sunglasses and sustainable packaging, uses local sources and reclaims materials from salmon skins and fishing nets. karun
  15. Kuma Eyewear (Canada) They have partnered with Trees For The Future. Not a wood eyewear line.

    Kuma Eyewear
    Kuma Eyewear
  16. Kurtis (CA) Offer bamboo sunglasses. Plant trees and a member of 1% For The Planet.
  17. Land Over Yonder (Utah) Clothing line with wood sunglasses that give back to various charities.
  18. Maverick Eyewear (Los Angeles) Sunglass line that gives back to various charities.
  19. Medicine Werx: I admire Medicine Werx, they had a slow start, but really got it together. Many of the other Wood Eyewear companies started off with a give back program of some sort.. they are no longer on this list. Medicine Werx has remained true to their vision. Kudos to them. Wood Sunglasses. They plant 10 Trees for Every Frame Sold and are a member of 1% for the Planet.

    Medicine Werx
    Medicine Werx
  20. Modo Eyewear  No wood eyewear, but the Eco Collection plants a tree for every frame sold.
  21. Ojos Responsible Eyewear (Venice, CA) Not a wood eyewear line. Fair Trade Eyewear and plants 10 trees for every frame sold, Member of 1% for the Planet, uses reclaimed material for packaging.

    Ojos Eyewear
    Ojos Eyewear
  22. Panda– (Washington DC)  Bamboo and wood eyewear- Provide Free Eye Exams with Tomao Foundation (wearpanda.com) Wear Panda
  23. Parachute– (Dutch) via their Bamboo Eyewear called Bambuya . They Participate in American Forest Global Releaf program and will plant a new tree for every product sold.
  24. Pala Wood (Spain) Does not use wood from rain forests and claims it only uses wood from sustainable forests. Part of Plant a Tree program.
  25. Plantwear (UK) Uses FSC certified wood and plants 50 trees a month through Nature Conservatory.
  26. Playn Eyewear (Thailand and Flagship store in London) Teamed with Carbon Fund.org to help prevent deforestion
  27. Proof Eyewear (Eagle, ID) Wood sunwear, donates back to eye hospitals, deforestation in Haiti and eyeglases. Also offers a one for one program. They turned down an offer on Shark Tank, attend Vision Expo and one of the few wood eyewear companies you can purchase through a buying group (Vision WestProof Eyewear
  28. Shwood Eyewear (Canby, OR) Makes wood eyewear from reclaimed sources (whiskey barrels, barns, baseball bats) Shwood was one of the first eyewear companies that employed social media to grow their business. They have been innovative in their reclaimed wood projects. Wholesale and retail product. They have been at Vision Expo. Shwood-Opening-Day-635-525x247
  29. Siempre Verde: Wood Sunglasses that is a member of 1% for the Planet.
  30. Skog Eyewear (Portugal) Partners with Trees For The Future. Buy a pair and plant two trees. Offers a home try-on.

    Skog Eyewear
    Skog Eyewear
  31. Splinterr (Belgium) Wood sunglass line that plants a tree for every frame sold.
  32. Tree Tribe (San Diego, CA) Bamboo Sunglass line that plants 10 trees for every sunglass sold.
  33. Verde Style (USA) Bamboo Sunglasses called Maboo Shades. Plants Trees.
  34. Voodpecker Eyewear (Poland) Bamboo and wood sunglasses. Buy a pair and plant a tree. Supports Plant a Tree Movement.
  35. We Wear Wood (Utah) For every sunglass sold,  they plant a tree.
  36. WeWood (Los Angeles, CA) They also have watches. For every watch sold, they plant a tree.
  37. Woo Class Eyewear (Florence, Italy) Give back to people with psychic problems.
  38. Woo Eyewear (Chile) Plants a tree for every frame sold.

    Woo Eyewear
    Woo Eyewear
  39. Wood Wear Handmade Sustainable Sunglass– (Hermosa Beach, CA)  Bamboo Sunglasses – Donate a percentage of each sale to organizations that are helping others. ‘In order to help as many people as possible, we will support a new cause every couple of months.’ Unfortunately, we do not know the causes.
  40. Wooed By Wood Eyewear: (San Francisco, CA) They say they donate back to deforestation. Uses reclaimed or sustainable harvested wood. Unfortunately.. we don’t know what programs they support.
  41. WoodZee (2011) (USA) Wood Eyewear- Plants trees for every frame sold. Uses sustainable packaging and offers recycling program on the site. Supports Trees For The Future.

  42. Zerezes (Brazil) -Wood Eyewear made from Salvage wood.
  43. 1st Element Eyewear (Ann Arbor, Michigan) Bamboo Eyewear: For every ten pairs of sunglasses sold, they will donate enough money to have saved an entire acre from deforestation.

DisclaimerL There are many other eyewear companies that give back in many ways. We have targeted only Wood Eyewear and Sunglass companies along with other companies that plant trees.

In honor of Arbor Day.. go and plant a tree.

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