5 Eyewear Companies Using Recycled Pet Bottles For National Sunglass Day

Today is National Sunglass Day, a day that hopefully brings attention to the importance of wearing sunglasses. Wearing sunnies is not just about looking cool, it is important to protect your eyes from the suns harmful rays.

Today we want to feature five eyewear companies that are making sunglasses and eyewear from plastic bottles. With plastic bottle production increasing, it is becoming apparent, that we need to find a way to close the circle and reuse and recycle plastic bottles.

I Just Got to Eco You

  • One million plastic bottles are sold per minute
  • 91% of all plastic is not recycled.
  • Half a trillion plastic bottles will be sold in 2020. (Estimated)
  • 50 billion plastic water bottles were sold in the USA in 2016
  • 23% recycling rate in the USA
  • 80 billion plastic bottles were purchased globally in 2016
  • 17 million barrels of oil, that the bottling process uses in the USA
  • 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide in the USA
  • 3 liters of water to produce 1 liter of bottled water. (United States)
  • 400 years for a Pet Bottles to decompose
  • PET bottles are highly recyclable

1.) w.r.yuma (We-are-yuma) Makes 3D eyeglass made from recycled plastic waste including soda bottles. They are made in Antwerp although the name is derived from Yuma, Arizona. Who Knew! The black frames are up-cycled from Netherlands car dashboards. They all come with a foldable protection case made from Portugal cork and a cleaning cloth made from recycled PET plastic. They have also made sunwear from clear soda bottles in Europe. (Image not available)


Style Ross made with 100% recycled car dashboards
Gemma: Made with 90% recycled Refridges.

2.) Genusee (Flint, Michigan) Who hasn’t heard the story of Flint, Michigan poisoned water. 22 Million water bottles used daily and what to do with them. Genusee launched a Kickstarter program to kick off their recycled water bottle eyewear. They raised over $74,000 via Kickstarter and we wish them well.

3.) Parafina (Paraguay) This what looks like a fairly new eyewear company that has decided there should be NO trash. The sunglasses are made from cork, bamboo, recycled aluminum cans, PET water bottles. They also give back to: #LLévaleAlCole their own scholarship program funded with a 5% of all sales. ‘The program ensures that all children – regardless if their gender, ethnicity, their environment, and socioeconomic circumstances – have access to a stable and quality education in Paraguay.’

We in particular love this eco-silicone (recycled PET bottles) on the front frame and 100% bamboo in collaboration with Chupa Chups.

4.) This gives a new meaning to the term Coke Bottle Glasses. Recycled sunglasses made from Coke bottles.

5.) Want to make your own recycled PET bottle eyeglasses? 3D Brooklyn (New York) makes 3D printer filament in green. Made from of course PET bottles. 90% of the filament is recycled.

The important thing to know is to wear good quality sunglasses and don’t lose them. Healthy vision encompasses wearing sunwear is one of the most sustainable practices one can undertake. If you are looking for a new pair of sunglasses, you might consider one that uses recycled PET bottles, that will give you something to talk about.