5 Home Chores You Need Protective Eyewear For

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November is packed with home projects. It is the time to prep homes for winter and importantly remember to wear protective eyewear.

1. Starting with the attic, make sure your attic is well insulated to keep heat inside your home. Otherwise, your energy bill will sky rocket. Always wear protective eyewear to ensure insulation doesn’t get in your eyes. Guardian® Pro safety glasses are ideal for this job.

guardian pro yellow

guardian pro gray

guardian pro clear

2. Rake those leaves! Raking leaves makes your yard look tidy and prevents the lawn from being smothered with moisture and insects. A wraparound pair of Solar Comfort sunglasses will shield you from the glare and allergens as you rake.

ss sport

3. Clean the gutters! Not the most fun job there is, but it is essential to prepare for rain. Be sure to wear a pair of Solar Shield fits over sunglasses to protect you from the sun and flying debris. Best of all, you can wear your prescription eyeglasses or readers under them. Solar Shield sport goes over eyewear have upper vents to keep your glasses from clouding
up with sweat.

sc dominance

4. Clean and seal your deck with a clear water repellant like Rust-Oleum to prevent water damage. Keeping your deck and stairs from freezing is also crucial. Salt and sand will keep water from freezing But may cause some damage so you might want to set down a path of rubber mats. Again, wearing protective sunglasses will make the job easier. Eyesential sunglasses have an inner foam seal that enclose your eyes and protect them from wind, dust and allergens and, of course, from damaging UV rays and annoying glare.