5 Oceans Collection By Sea2see

Sea2see Arctic Ocean

The award-winning “seastainable” brand Sea2see presents its new 5 Oceans collection for Spring/Summer 2022 in brand new ‘art works’ by the acclaimed photographer Weston Fuller. These five extraordinary pieces of photographic art were created to reflect the incredibly diverse wild and natural beauty of the 5 Oceans of the world, while also serving as a deeply poignant reminder of the fragility of our ecosystem, with specific reference to marine plastic pollution.

Sea2see Pacific Ocean

Each work represents one Ocean: the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Southern, the Arctic, and the Indian Ocean. The collection came to fruition as the brand turned five years old.

Sea2see Southern Ocean

“We have been developing this for over 8 months, explains François van den Abeele, Founder & CEO. “It is symbolic of who we are and what we have achieved over the last years in pioneering a sustainable or as we say “seastainable” and circular system for producing eyewear, designed for people everywhere, around the world. This is the second time we worked with the photographer Weston Fuller, and our intention was to bring focus on the climate emergency and the threat of plastic pollution in the sea with a powerful visual experience through memorable, emotive photographic works of art.”

Sea2see Indian Ocean

The 5 Oceans collection features 6 unisex models characterized by unique marine-inspired shading and wave effects and details inspired by the sea such as shell effects on both sides of the front of the frames.  The collection reflects a palette of natural marine-inspired colors and textures developed to represent the tones found in the Oceans. Each of the photographic works in the series of five has been created around one particular inspiration palette, from black, red, and yellow, through to blue and green – with each palette evoked in the eyewear through the newly developed color combinations and hand-finished details.

Sea2see Atlantic Ocean

Sea2see the entire Sea2see collection on their website www.sea2see.org.

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