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Northern Vision Eye Care Staff

CONGRATULATIONS to Shelley of Northern Vision Eye Care winner of a $50 gift card for commenting on the Comments are Rewarding – for You and Your Optical Business post. It was a difficult decision as far as picking a winner as we received a lot of helpful feedback on our blog – www.theopticalvisionsite.com. We did a summary of these last week – Optical Comments are Rewarding Update

We picked Shelley for out $50 Winner as she is a verified subscriber, and she gave us a lot of useful feedback as well as several new ideas for future posts and communication improvements.

Here are Shelley’s comments:

  • I have been very impressed with your blog and have shared many of them in our office.
  • We have been most interested in the product updates, such as the “designer” contact lenses. Also, the article about the lenses that survived being driven over was interesting.
  • Since the look of frames is so important the patient, I think it would be nice to have some lens presentation tips in lay-man’s terms to make the patient place more importance on those.
  • You have been quite thorough in covering a wide range of topics, though.
  • I like the summaries you send in the emails as well as the links to each topic. Your summaries hook us, so we want to read more.
  • It would be nice to see an option on your site to pass on a specific article to another person’s email address without requiring them to actually subscribe. I usually look through the summaries and then send the email to my optometrist telling her which one to look at, if any are pertinent to her. A link from that page would save some time and typing.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to make a comment – we always appreciate your feedback as it helps us to make our blog more useful and informative.