540+ Licensed Eyewear Brands

Licensed Brands come and go, but the one thing we do know, is Licensed brands, eyewear in particular are on the upswing. The International Licensing Industry Merchandisers  Association said retail sales of licensed products are up 4.2%, growing to $251.7 billion in 2015! And to top that off, they are all online responsible for 18.3% of their business.

Eye Bogglers

  • 2016: Global sales of licensed products and services rose 4.4% to US$262.9 billion, (Source International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association‘s (LIMA)
  • 14.9% Apparel
  • 13.3% Toys at 13.3% o
  • 11.3% Fashion Accessories
  • $14.1 billion Royalty revenue from sales of licensed merchandise and services
  • 57.9% of the global market is US and Canada
  • $118.3 billion, or 45% of the total global licensing market-Entertainment/Character licensing
  • $54.6 billion in retail receipts for 20.8% of total revenues for Corporate/Brand Trademarks
  • $31.1 billion for Fashion  (11.8% of the total
  • $25.3 billion (9.6%) for Sports

Even more eye boggling is the number of Fashion Designers. According to Scholarshipts.org there are 22700 people employed as fashion designers in the U.S. alone. Globally there are 141,875 Fashion Designers or 25 Million people employed in the clothing industry.

As we all know every celebrity is slapping their name on eyewear and why???… because this is how they make money and how eyewear distributors can make money using the strategic planning and resources of the Brand. There are many ways that ‘Brands’ have gotten involved in eyewear, just a straight licensing deal, doing a capsule collection or a collaboration. See Rihanna for Dior and Puma Fenty.  Some have used a Brand for Give Back program and other are using hashtags.

Some Eyewear Brands are being built on runways: Gentle Monster, ic! Berlin, Mercura NYC, Linda Farrow, Moscot, mykita, Silhouette, Victoria Beckham.

Just for fun, we pulled together 540 plus Licensed Eyewear Brands that Optical Companies are using and the year the Brand came into existence.

  1. 1710 Jean Richard– Brand by Kering
  2. 1815 Royal Doulton by Windsor Eyes
  3. 1818 Brooks Brothers By Luxottica. Luxottica has had this license for years.
  4. 1830 Woolrich by New York Optical
  5. 1837 Tiffany by Luxottica
  6. 1937 Ducks Unlimited– By McGee, Ducks Unlimited is an organization that is about saving wetlands.
  7. 1837 Invicta Watch who also has eyewear.
  8. 1837 John Deere by WileyX
  9. 1840 Chesterfield by Safilo
  10. 1846 Loewe by De Rigo.LVHM owns the brand.
  11. 1851 Bally by Lamy and Ego Eyewear and unobrands. Distribution started in 2012.
  12. 1854 Louie Vuitton by LVHM.
  13. 1847 Cartier by Kering, who signed in 2017.
  14. 1854 Timex by Kenmark
  15. 1856 Orvis by McGee Group (Vermont) Sporting Good Chain.
  16. 1857 Burberry by Luxottica
  17. 1858 Boucheron by Luxottica. Kering has the license. This brand has been around since at least 1999.

    Boucheron 1999
  18. 1860 Chopard by De Rigo
  19. 1860 Tag Heurer by LVHM. Tag Heurer Eyewear was distributed by Premium Vision. In 2009 they offered Aston Martin Eyewear.
  20. 1865 Stetson by Zyloware
  21. 1873 Levis by Essilor- FGX and Levis Eyes by Murai and D. Company.
  22. 1874 Lyle and Scott by Ego Eyewear
  23. 1875 Bulova by Eyewear by ROI. They have had the license since 1995.
  24. 1875 Stacey Adams by LBI. This Brockton, MA shoe company is one of the oldest companies in the United States. Signed in 2013
  25. 1881 Seiko: The company was founded in 1881, when Kintarō Hattori opened a watch and jewelry shop. Hoya owns the Seiko lenses and Seiko Eyewear is still available.
  26. 1881 VanHeusen by Walman- Nouveau Eyewear
  27. 1883 Wolverine by Kenmark
  28. 1884 Bvlgari by Luxottica- license – LVMH owns the brand
  29. 1885 Crayloa by Colors in Optics
  30. 1886 Cosmopolitian by Concept and Match Eyewear (signed 2017) One of the oldest magazines in the United States.
  31. 1887 Rawlins by Essilor -FGX
  32. 1888 Kodak by Essilor– Signet Armorlite
  33. 1890 US Polo by Sans Pareil
  34. 1892 Hart Schaffner: Was Signature, then Mosaic and appears the license has run out. They signed in 2011.
  35. 1893 Hershey by Coco and Breezy, now distributed by Eastern States
  36. 1893 Dunhill by De Rigo. At one time Optyl and Allison had the Dunhill license.
  37. 1895 Reebok by Essilor- FGX and Lunettes Grasset
  38. 1895 Schwinn by Essilor- FGX
  39. 1889 Lanvin by Re Rigo/REM
  40. 1889 Strellson by Charmant- Menswear
  41. 1894 Barbour by Norville Group. Barbour is an outdoor apparel and accessories store.
  42. 1895 Swarovski via Marcolin. Swarovski License was held by Silhouette at one time.
  43. 1898 Buxton by EyeQ
  44. 1898 Good Year by Icon Eyewear
  45. 1899 FC Barcelona by Ego Eyewear; They are considered as one the biggest sports team in the world.
  46. 1899 Hickey Freeman was distributed by Signature-Mosaic Eyewear. Hickey Freeman is an American Clothing manufacturer. It may be gone now. 
  47. 1900’s Gaudi: Architect and Spanish designer. Gaudi Concept Eyewear is distributed by Optim
  48. 1900 Mango (Spain) distributed by Opticalia
  49. 1900 Austin Reed (UK) distributed by Inspecs. Launched in 2002.
  50. 1902 Saks 5th Avenue. Saks 5th Ave Eyewear is distributed by Safilo.
  51. 1902 Cadillac distributed by Windsor Eyes and Atomsphera
  52. 1903 Tiger of Sweden distributed by D Company
  53. 1903 Harley Davidson via Marcolin
  54. 1904 Schalke (Germany) distributed by Primetta
  55. 1905 Gola distributed by Concept Eyewear
  56. 1906 New Balance by Eyewear Designs and 101 Studio, Lamy and Ego Eyewear
  57. 1906 Mont Blanc via Marcolin
  58. 1907 Rossignol by Italia Independent (signed in 2017)
  59. 1907 Belstaff (UK Designer) Will be distributed by Imatta and Australian Eyewear company. Signed in 2017.
  60. 1907 Max Factor distributed by The Eyewear Company and Primus Optik, Ego Eyewear

    1966: Max Factor worn by Sharon Tate
  61. 1907 Bugatti Eyewear distributed by Fidelia
  62. 1908 Lee Cooper by Scavin Eyewear . Lee Cooper is one Scavin Eyewear is a one for one online eyewear retailer based in India. Lee Cooper is a UK Based denim company.
  63. 1908 Converse: DiRigo/ REM
  64. 1909 Chanel by Luxottica
  65. 1909 Maybach Distributed by IVKO. Signed in 2010.
  66. 1910 Borbonese by Jet Set Group
  67. 1910 Elizabeth Arden by Eyewear Designs. There is also an Elisabeth Arden Eyewear out of Buenas Aires, Argentina that was launched in 2009.
  68. 1910 Ermenegildo Zegna via Marcolin x LVHM. Signed in 2014.
  69. 1910 Baldini by New Line Group
  70. 1910 Everlast by Icon Eyewear
  71. 1911 Fila by De Rigo/REM
  72. 1911 Trussardi by De Rigo/REM. Charmant had the Trussardi license previously.
  73. 1911 Davidoff by Menrad
  74. 1912 NBC Universal by Pan Oceanic
  75. 1912 Bentley by Estede
  76. 1913 Aston Martin by Mad Vision and Marma London. Tag Heuer had done a licensing deal with Aston Martin.
  77. 1913 Scott by ADCL
  78. 1913 New York Yankees by Opal Eyewear
  79. 1913 Prada by Luxottica
  80. 1914 Speedo by Inspecs, which launched in 2002.  Speedo® originated in 1914 under the brand name ‘Fortitude’, which was taken from the motto on the clan MacRae crest. It didn’t become known by its now famous brand name until 1928. Inspecs does not carry this brand. Speedo Brand is owned by PVH Corp. (NYSE: PVH).
  81. 1914 Balmain by Ego Eyewear and Lamy. Eyewear was launched in 2012. Oliver Peoples had a collaboration with Balmain in 2010 for limited Edition Sunglasses
  82. 1914 Leica: Leica just signed license for Leica lenses though an Essilor subsidiary. License signed in 2017.
  83. 1916 BMW:  by Aspex
  84. 1917 Nikon by Essilor
  85. 1917 Omega by Marcolin
  86. 1919 Pentax: Pentax Magnetic Clip distributed by Aspex: Pentax  a brand name used primarily by Ricoh Imaging Company for cameras, sport optics (including binoculars and rifle scopes), and CCTV optics. The brand is also used by Hoya Corporation for medical products & services,[1] TI Asahi for surveying instruments, and Seiko Optical Products for certain optical lenses.  (Wikipedia)
  87. 1919 Balenciaga by LVMH -Marcolin
  88. 1920 Eddie Bauer by Charmant and previous license was held by New York Eye, (Inked in 2012 and ending in 2016)
  89. 1920 Tous (Jewelry) by ReRigo
  90. 1920 Umbro by Icon Eyewear .Umbro is a sport soccer brand.
  91. 1921 Gucci by Kering
  92. 1922 Dickies by Icon Eyewear.
  93. 1922 Jaguar by Eastern States and Menrad.
  94. 1923 London Fog by B. Robinson. Imagewear (Walman) had signed London Fog in 2012.
  95. 1923 Time Life by Brulimar
  96. 1923 Disney by Luxottica (2014) and Pan Oceanic Eyewear and D. Company and Essilor-FGX. Marchon had Disney previously.
  97. 1923 Disney Princess Eyewear is distributed by Opal. We do not know the exact year.
  98. 1923 Hasbro: Hasbro Eyewear is distributed by Pan Oceanic Eyewear.
  99. 1924 Hugo Boss by Safilo
  100. 1924 Wilson by American Vision
  101. 1925 Cat (Caterpillar) is distributed by Inspecs Eyewear and launched in 2002.
  102. 1925 Fendi by Safilo (LVMH owns the brand)
  103. 1925 Rochas Distributed by LAMY. Rochas had his own branded sunglasses.

  104. 1926 Route 66 Eyewear by Primetta (Germany) Route 66 was established in 1926.
  105. 1926 Ducati by Italia Independent and Mondottica (signed in 2017)
  106. 1926 Mercedes by ppm Germany. Allison had license before.
  107. 1927 PEZ by A & A Optical Company
  108. 1927 Naturalizer by Icon Eyewear
  109. 1927 Ferragamo via VSP-Marchon
  110. 1927 Furla by DeRigo/REM
  111. 1928 Cole Haan via Altair-VSP-Marchon. Clearvision and Marcolin had the Cole Haan license previously.
  112. 1928 Winnie the Pooh via Opal Eyewear
  113. 1928 Timberland via Marcolin
  114. 1931 Womans Day distributed by LBI
  115. 1931 Porsche Design by Rodenstock and Porsche by Tuscany Eyewear
  116. 1932 Champion by LAMY
  117. 1932 Baruffaldi
  118. 1932 Bogner by Rodenstock
  119. 1932 Revlon by Euro Eyewear Group and Essilor-FGX
  120. 1932 Nini Ricci by DeRigo. LAMY America had the brand in 2008.
  121. 1933 Lacoste by Marchon. Formerly distributed by LAMY in the 1990’s.. Lacoste is a sporting goods- lifestyle- tennis apparel company. Charmant has also had this brand.

    La Costa by Lamy 1982
  122. 1933 Esquire by New York Eye
  123. 1934 Canali by LAMY America Menswear apparel. Signed in 2017
  124. 1934 Lego by Prison GmbH
  125. 1934 DC Comics by Pan Oceanic Eyewear
  126. 1935 Hummel by Primetta. Hummels are ceramic decor.
  127. 1935 Sperry by LAMY. Launched in 2013. Sperry Topsider Eyewear was once distributed through Zyloware.
  128. 1936 Henry Lloyd by Ego Eyewear. Henry Lloyd is a sporting good apparel company.
  129. 1936 Blauer USA by Had A Dream. ‘Blauer has been the leading American supplier of technical garments for all polices forces, selected areas of the army, such as US Navy officials and White House special agents, firemen and rangers.
  130. 1936 Fred by LVHM
  131. 1937 Volkswagen by ADC
  132. 1938 Ferrari; Ferrari Eyewear has been licensed by a few companies over the years. The latest is the collaboration between RayBan- Luxottica and Ferrari in 2017. Italia Independent has had Ferrari and Maserati eyewear in 2011.
  133. 1938 IZOD by Clearvision
  134. 1937 Marie Claire by New York Eye (signed in 2017)

    Marie Claire showcased eyewear in the 1950’s
  135. 1938 Oroton by Sunshades
  136. 1938 Superman by Emporium Eyewear
  137. 1939 Batman by Emporium Eyewear
  138. 1939 Marvel by Essilor-FGX and Pan Oceanic. In 2012 Marvel did a special edition with Maui Jim that were inspired by the movie “The Amazing Spider-Man,”
  139. 1939 Glamour by LAMY America (signed in 2017)
  140. 1940 Gant by Marcolin-Viva
  141. 1943 WranglerWrangler Jeans were first made by the Blue Bell Overall Company, who acquired the brand when they took over Casey Jones in the mid-1940s. Blue Bell employed Bernard Lichtenstein (‘Rodeo Ben’), a Polish tailor from Łódź who worked closely with cowboys, to help design jeans suitable for rodeo use (Wikipedia) Distributed by Walman/Nouveau
  142. 1944 Coppertone: Lenses are distributed by Visionease today. Signed license agreement in 2007 for polarized lenses and renewed in 2014.

    Coppertone Sunglasses in 1989
  143. 1944 Seventeen by New York Eye
  144. 1945 Elle by Charmant
  145. 1945 Carven: Carven Eyewear was once distributed by LAMY and launched in 2012 at MIDO. Now distributed by SEAPORT
  146. 1945 Mattel by Pan Oceanic
  147. 1945 Celine– LVHM owns the brand. Safilo has the distributorship.
  148. 1945 Brioni by Kering
  149. 1946 Hardy Amies by Concept Eyewear
  150. 1946 Vespa by LAMY and Lunettes Grasset and Ego Eyewear
  151. 1946 Christian Dior by Safilo-  LVMH owns the brand. Tura was the first licensee of Dior Eyewear in the 1960’s.
  152. 1947 Pucci Eyewear was signed by Marcolin in 2014. LVMH owns the brand. Marchon had the brand previously. There was Pucci Eyewear in the 1970’s as well.

    Emilio Pucci Vintage Sunglasses
  153. 1947 Pierre Cardin via Safilo. Safely had a special edition of Pierre Cardin eyeglasses in 2013. Renewed the license in 2009.

    Pierre Cardin circa 1970
  154. 1947 Road and Track by Pan Oceanic Eyewear
  155. 1947 Salomon: in 2009 Logo of The America signed a 5 year licensing deal.
  156. 1948 Byrogue Designs via Specsavers
  157. 1948 Ceasar Paciotti (Shoes) Inherited his fathers business in 1980. Has eyewear. The brand was licensed in 2002 to Brands O.I., an Italian company  They also have Borsalino Eyewear collection and with the distribution license in Italy for French brand, Zadig &Voltaire.Ended in 2012.
  158. 1948 Longchamp via VSP-Marchon
  159. 1948 NASCAR Eyewear by Inspecs. In 2012 Zyloware was set to distribute NASCAR Eyewear. Inspecs inked deal in 2006.
  160. 1948 Columbia via VSP-Marchon. LAMY had the license before and had renewed it in 2012.
  161. 1948-49 Adidias Sport and Puma. At one time two brothers owned one company. They split in 1948 and one formed Adidas and the other Puma. Adidas has over 300 locations globally.
  162. 1949 Adidas via Silhouette and Italia Independent.
  163. 1949 Ellen Tracy distributed by ClearVision Optical
  164. 1950 Hobie via Eye King
  165. 1950 Head via Libuda Optic and Primetta and Wagner Kuhner.
  166. 1950 Puma by Kering. Charmant held the license before.
  167. 1950 Iris Apfel: Iris Apfel is a fashion designer, interior decorator and more. Iris Apfel Eyewear was distributed by EyeBobs in 2011. They are not on the website.
  168. 1950 Haggar Clothing by Ideal Optics.
  169. 1951 Max Mara by Safilo
  170. 1951 Marimekko: Marimekko Eyewear is distributed by Mondottica. Merimekko has about 100 apparel stores.
  171. 1952 Moncler by Marcolin (signed in 2016) Moncler has collaborated with other eyewear companies in the past .
  172. 1952 Givenchy by Safilo. LVMH owns the brand.
  173. 1952 Chloe by VSP Marchon. Licensed in 2012. LAMY had Chloe previously in 2010 and years before.
  174. 1952 ONeil by Visionease-Hoya. Inspecs launched ONeil Eyewear in 2013. Spy had the license in 2010.
  175. 1953 Body Glove by Essilor- FGX
  176. 1953 Laura Ashley by Laura Ashley Eyewear. Signature had the license before.
  177. 1953 Missoni by Colors in Optics and AVM1959 (Allison); Neostyle had the license in the 1990’s.
  178. 1954 Schiaparelli: History of Schiaparelli Eyewear 
  179. 1954 Roger Vivier: French shoe designer that is credited with the first stiletto heel. There is Roger Vivier Eyewear
  180. 1954 Ann Taylor: Ann Taylor Eyewear is distributed by LAMY
  181. 1955 Betty Barclay is an UK based fashion brand. Distributed by Visibilia
  182. 1955 Car and Driver by Pan Oceanic Eyewear
  183. 1955 Original Penguin by Kenmark. Original Penguin is said to be the first ‘golf shirt’
  184. 1956 Borghese by Icon Eyewear
  185. 1957 Guy LaRoche by Lunettes Grasset
  186. 1957 Yves St. Laurent by Kering. Was Luxottica previously.

    YSL circa 1979
  187. 1957 Halston by B. Robinson.Bausch and Lomb once distributed Halston.

    Halston by Bausch and Lomb- Vintage
  188. 1958 Leonard Fashion distributed by Murai out of Japan
  189. 1958 Barbie by Pan Oceanic Eyewear
  190. 1959 Kiton by Allison (AVM1959) Kiton is a mens clothier and accessory company with over 40 locations.
  191. 1959 Lily Pulitzer by Kenmark
  192. 1959 Blaklader (Sweden) by D. Company. Workmen wear.
  193. 1960 Courreges by Mad Vision who picked up the license in 2017. Courreges was known as the creator of Futuristic Fashion.

    Vintage, circa 1960’s
  194. 1960 Hawaiian Tropic by Icon Eyewear. Hawaiian Tropic is a sunscreen lotion.
  195. 1960 Lamborghini: by HAD Italy. Allison had license
  196. 1960 Sanrio: Sanrio Eyewear is distributed by Pan Oceanic
  197. 1960 Valentino Eyewear by Luxottica: Inked deal in 2016. Valentino Eyewear has been distributed by several companies. Marchon signed licensing in 2011. Safilo’s agreement with Valentino license was terminated in 2011. previous to Marchon
  198. 1961 Karl Lagerfeld distributed by VSP-Marchon.
  199. 1961 Cover Girl via Marcolin. The license was signed in 2001 renewed in 2007
  200. 1962 Genny by Jet Set. Previously Luxottica had the license
  201. 1962 Adolfo by Windsor Eyes. Previously VSP-Altair had the license.
  202. 1962 Tom Tailor by Visibilia. Tom Tailor is a fashion house.
  203. 1962 Sonia Rykiel distributed by Ego Eyewear and by LAMY Group.

    Vintage Sonia Rykiel Eyewear
  204. 1962 Spiderman by Opal Eyewear
  205. 1962 Havaianas by Safilo signed in 2016
  206. 1963 Judith Leiber by Match Eyewear, previously B. Robinson distributed.
  207. 1963 Geoffrey Beene by Tura (2014) , Viva had license and Icon Eyewear
  208. 1964 Nike by VSP- Marchon. Marchon has had the license sine 1999.
  209. 1964 Mustang Eyewear by Osse-Merve an Essilor company
  210. 1965 Aigner Eyewear: Separate company out of Korea, and Wagner Kuhner. I believe Liberty used to carry this brand.
  211. 1965 Zilli’s: Fashion brand with 64 locations throughout the world. They have their own branded eyewear. In 2010  ZILLI  partnered with sunglass designer Eric Jean to create a collection of mens eyewear. Grosfilley inked license in 2017.
  212. 1965 Benetton by Allison. Signed in 2006. Viva used to have the license

    Circa 1997
  213. 1965 Oscar de La Renta by Allure. American Optical had the license in the 1970’s. The Tagline: I want to dress your face.

    1978 Oscar De. la Renta
  214. 1965 Paco Rabanne: Retro Super Future just did a Paco Rabanne Eyewear in 2017.
  215. 1966 Sergio Tacchini by Gem Lunetterie. Signed in 2017, this sporting good company was formerly distributed by either Berdel or Luxottica.
  216. 1966 Bottega Veneta by Kering. License was once held by Safilo.
  217. 1966 Star Trek by Sloan and Company. Sunstashes has the novelty eyewear license. Star Trek announced 32 new licenses in 2016. SNI Optometric (Europe and MENA
  218. 1966 Vans: Vans has over 580 retail stores in the world. There are Van’s Sunglasses.
  219. 1967 Cerruti by Ego Eyewear. Rodenstock and Allison had the license previously.
  220. 1967 Pomellato, by Kering
  221. 1967 Fiorucci by Jet Set Group
  222. 1967 Ralph Lauren and Polo by Luxottica. Safilo had the license previously
  223. 1967 Harve Bernard by Zimco
  224. 1968 Essence Magazine by Essilor-FGX
  225. 1968 Espirt by Charmant, who has had this license since 1994.
  226. 1968 Tommy Hilfiger by Safilo
  227. 1968 Anne Klein by VSP- Altair- Marchon.  Altair launch of Anne Klein Eyewear was in 2013. Anne Klein Eyewear license was once held by Luxottica and ran through 2014.
  228. 1968 Etro by VSP- Marchon. License signed in 2014
  229. 1968 Jil Sander  Rodenstock. Marchon signed license n 2009.
  230. 1968 Calvin Klein by VSP-Marchon. License held by Safilo previously.
  231. 1968 CB Sports by Glance Eyewear. Formerly distributed by Mondottica
  232. 1969 Rip Curl by Swiss Eyewear Group.
  233. 1969 QuikSilver -is well known in the surfing, lifestyle market.
  234. 1969 More+ More by Wagner + Kuhner
  235. 1969 S. Oliver by Wagner+ Kuhner
  236. 1969 Emmanuelle Khanh Paris.

  237. 1969 Bob Mackie by Glance Eyewear. Marchon had the license at one time and someone else before that.
  238. 1969 Sesame Street by Iframe Canada
  239. 1970 Garfield by Sloane and Company Eyewear
  240. 1970’s David Hicks by Meganebank (Japan) David Hicks was an interior designer who at one time had over 15 shops.
  241. 1970 Bill Blass by Eyewear Designs
  242. 1970 Land Rover by EyeSpace
  243. 1970 Tods by Marcolin
  244. 1970 Kenzo by LAMY, Ego Eyewear- LVMH owns the brand
  245. 1970 Paul Smith by Luxottica.This was an Oliver Peoples brand.
  246. 1970 Stepper by Walman
  247. 1970’s Tartine et Chocolat by Opal Eyewear
  248. 1971 Vivienne Westwood by Allison
  249. 1971 Vilebritquin. Distributed by SunShades Eyewear
  250. 1972 OP by Clearvision Optical
  251. 1972 Roberto Cavalli by Marcolin
  252. 1972 Jeanswest, Australian denim jean Company. Distributed by LeCool Eyewear. Signed in 2015.
  253. 1972 Elite Model Eyewear by Key Optical. Logo (Premium) had the license in 2000.
  254. 1972 Diane Von Furstenburg: DVF Eyewear was a relaunch by Marchon.
  255. 1972 Joseph by Ego Eyewear. Joseph is a Fashion Label.
  256. 1973 Byblos by Jet Set. Luxottica had the Byblos brand years ago
  257. 1973 Cobra, license held by Kering. Cobra is well known for golf.
  258. 1973 Elie Tahari by Colors in Optics
  259. 1973 Pepe Jeans by Opticalia and Wagner + Kuhner, Mondottica
  260. 1973 Robert LaRoche by Michael Pachietner Group.
  261. 1974 GFerre distributed by Eye DNA. Allison had license.
  262. 1974 Iceberg: Distributed by Class Glasses. Allison had the license at a one time (2012)
  263. 1974 Hello Kitty by Essilor-FGX, Eyewear Designs and Opal Eyewear
  264. 1975 AgnesB: Agnes B Eyewear is distributed by Murai
  265. 1975 Alexander Julien: Distributed by Eyewear by ROI. Marchon once distributed Alexander Julien Eyewear.
  266. 1975 Sea Folly by SunShades Eyewear
  267. 1975 Jeff Banks by Essilor FGX
  268. 1975 Jones New York by DeRigo/REM and Glance Eyewear
  269. 1975 Armani by Luxottica. This label was once held by Safilo and Luxottica.
  270. 1975 Sag Harbor by Icon Eyewear. Sag Harbor is a fashion label.
  271. 1975 Tumi by Murai. Once distributed by REM, inked deal in 2012.  Tumi is an upscale luggage, accessory company.
  272. 1976 Nanette Lepore by Blue Star Alliance
  273. 1976 MCM by VSP- Marchon MCM is a Luggage, accessory
  274. 1976 Bebe by VSP-Altair-Marchon
  275. 1976 Cremiux by A and A Optical. Signed in 2017
  276. 1976- Gloria Vanderbilt by Zyloware. This license has not changed hands.
  277. 1976 Escada by DeRigo/REM. Tura had the Escada license years ago.
  278. 1976 Sisley by Allison/AVM1959. This license was held by another company previously.
  279. 1977 Nickelodeon by Walman-Nouveau and Pan Oceanic
  280. 1977 Bluemarine by DeRigo/REM
  281. 1978 Diesel Marcolin who renewed in 2017.  Safilo and Diesel license started in 1994 and ended in 2010.
  282. 1978 Banana Republic Clothing Chain. Banana Republic Eyewear by Safilo. 600 clothing store chain.
  283. 1978 Cacharel by Mondottica
  284. 1978 Perry Ellis by Eyewear Designs. Launched in 2012
  285. 1978 Versace and Donatella Versace by Luxottica. Licensed in 2003.

    Versace circa 1996
  286. 1978 Betsey Johnson by Walman. Formerly B. Robinson distributed Betsey Johnson Eyewear.
  287. 1978 Jhane Barnes by Kenmark. Known for her woven and interior design.
  288. 1978 Nine West by Marchon. Launched in 2012.  Nine West Eyewear was once distributed by Viva or Safilo or Marchon. 
  289. 1978 Wolfgang Joop. The label and company JOOP! was created in 1981. In 2003, Wolfgang Joop founded WUNDERKIND. JOOP! Eyewear was distributed by Eastern States and Menrad.
  290. 1979 Adrienne Vittadini distributed by Match Eyewear.  Match signed the license in 2010. Viva had the brand previously.
  291. 1979 Chevignon distributed by LAMY Group
  292. 1979 Karen Kane distributed by Eyewear by ROI. Signed in 2016.
  293. 1979 Maison Martin Margiela: Designer with eyewear brand. In 2011 Cutler and Gross signed a licensing agreement
  294. 1979 Hackett distributed by Mondottica
  295. 1979 Leon Max distributed by Zyloware. Launched in 2014.
  296. 1979 Katherine Hamnett– Designer known for her ethical clothing. Relaunched brand in 2016 after interest from Kanye. There are Katherine Hamnett Eyeglasses.
  297. 1980 Stussy
  298. 1980 Laura Biagiotti istributed by Jet Set.
  299. 1980’s Anna Sui by Mondottica. Launched in 2010.
  300. 1980 Sophia Loren (Actress) Distributed by Zyloware.
  301. 1980’s Joules Distributed by Mondottica
  302. 1980 Fiorelli distributed by Sunshades
  303. 1981 Agatha Ruiz De La Prada Eyewear. Was distributed by Prologue Vision.
  304. 1981 Ann Demeulemeester: Eyewear by Linda Farrow
  305. 1981 Carolina Herrara by DeRigo/ REM. Carolina
  306. 1981 Coach by Luxottica. New collection launched in 2012.  Formerly distributed by Marchon.
  307. 1981 Custo Barcelona (Spain) Designer with own branded eyewear and distributed by  Opticalia
  308. 1981 Guess by Marcolin- Viva

    Guess 1990 by Viva
  309. 1981 Michael Kors by Luxottica
  310. 1981 Replay by Allison (AVM1959) Replay is known for jeans.
  311. 1981 MTV by Unobrands
  312. 1981 My Little Pony by Walman-Nouveau
  313. 1981 Union Bay by Colors in Optics
  314. 1981 Candies Distributed by Marcolin- Viva
  315. 1982 Calloway by Walman
  316. 1982 Kenneth Cole by Marcolin
  317. 1982 ABS by Icon Eyewear.
  318. 1982 Bongo by Marcolin-Viva
  319. 1982 Elie Saab by Safilo (signed in 2016)
  320. 1982 Marika by Glance Eyewear
  321. 1982 Rampage by Marcolin
  322. 1982 Vera Bradley by McGee Group. Vera Bradley is a Give Bac k company with a focus on Breast Cancer.
  323. 1983 Charriol by Colors in Optics
  324. 1983 Hummer by Endless Development
  325. 1983 Moschino by Safilo. Colors in Optics had the license at one time.
  326. 1983 Nautica by VSP- Marchon
  327. 1984 Teenage Mutant Turtles by Walman-Nouveau
  328. 1984 Christian Roth (Eyewear designer) collaborates with Charmant for licensed eyewear from 1998 to 2010. From 2000 to 2004 Roth and Domege collaborated with designer Michael Kors on his eyewear collections. The pair has also worked with Karl Lagerfeld on his line of fashion eyewear from 2007 to 2011. In 2011, Christian Roth granted Korean-based eyewear firm BCD Korea, Co. Ltd the license the produce and distribute Christian Roth eyewear throughout Asia [1]. In 2012, Christian Roth and Eric Domege founded the firm Optical Affairs Company and launched their e-commerce destination christian-roth.com during New York’s F/W 2013 Fashion Week. Wikipedia) . In 2015 Dita acquired Christian Roth. Also entered a licensing agreement with BCD Korea, Co. Ltd. (Beyond Cliché Design) for distribution of Christian Roth sunglasses and and eyewear throughout Asia. From October 2012 through 2016
  329. 1984 Fossil by Safilo
  330. 1984 Sandro: Sandro Eyewear is distributed by Mondottica
  331. 1984 Donna Karan by Luxottica who inked license in 2005 for DKNY Eyewear. Marchon had the license previously

    Donna Karan Circa 1990
  332. 1984 DSquared2 by Marcolin
  333. 1984 Marc Jacobs by Safilo. LVMH owns the brand. Safilo has been a licensee of Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs Eyewear since 2004.
  334. 1984 Reef Eyewear by Reef Eyewear out of Argentina
  335. 1985 Briko by Pricon GmbH (Germany)
  336. 1985 Badgley Mischaka: Badgley Mischaka Eyewear is distributed by McGee Group. Sama distributed Badgley Mischaka Eyewear back in 2007.
  337. 1985 Cubavera by Eyewear Designs
  338. 1985 Dolce and Gabbana by Luxottica. Marcolin held the license at one time.
  339. 1985 Liz Claiborne by Safilo
  340. 1985 Via Spiga by Zyloware
  341. 1986 Nicole Miller is currently distributed by LAMY. Signed in 2012.
  342. 1986 Pull and Bear by Opticalia. Pull and Bear is a apparel chain with approximately 870 stores globally
  343. 1986 Dockers by Essilor-FGX. Dockers is owned by Levi’s.
  344. 1986 Jimmy Choo distributed by Safilo
  345. 1986 Dries Van Noten: Eyewear by Linda Farrow
  346. 1986 Costume National distributed by J Plus Eyewear
  347. 1986 Tara Jarmon: French fashion label. Distributed by Lunettes Grasset
  348. 1986 Bum Equipment by Eyewear by ROI
  349. 1986 Real Tree by Nouveau Eyewear and Spy Optics. Real Tree is know for their cameo accessories for hunters.
  350. 1987 Eden Park Paris: Distributed by Lunettes Grasset. Created by Franck Mesnel chose the Company name in memory of the first ever Rugby World Cup final in which he played.
  351. 1987 Jessica McClintock by Clearvision Optical. Signed in 2014.
  352. 1987 Christian LaCroix by Mondottica and Lunettes Grasset.  Christian LaCroix was once distributed by Charmant.

    1980 Christian LaCroix
  353. 1987 Joseph Abboud by VSP-Altair-Marchon. Fashion Designer.
  354. 1987 Isaac Mizrahi distributed by Charmant. License signed in 2016. Xcel Brands signed a licensing agreement with B. Robinson in 2011.
  355. 1987 IKKS by Lunettes Grasset. French fashion label with retail stores.
  356. 1987 Ted Baker (UK) 450 Store chain based in the UK. Distributed by Tura and Mondottica.
  357. 1987 Faconnable Eyewear launch by ODLM at Mido. Renewed in 2017. It was distributed in the United States in the 1990’s

  358. 1988 Cynthia Rowley by B. Robinson. Cynthia Rowley also has over 60 retail locations.
  359. 1988 Andrea Jovine by Colors in Optics. Andrea Jovine was known for their denim wear.
  360. 1989 Panama Jack by Essilor- FGX
  361. 1989 Lulu Guiness by Tura
  362. 1989 Yohji Yamamoto by Mondottica and Murai
  363. 1989 G Star Raw– Distributed by VSP- Marchon
  364. 1989 BCBG by Clearvision Optical
  365. 1989: Catherine Deneuve Lunettes (Marcolin) (Actress) Originally distributed by Viva, this is probably one the the longest lasting actress eyewear in the market. Launched in 1989. The license was renewed in 2013.
  366. 1989 Vera Wang By Kenmark Optical
  367. 1989 Life is Good by McGee. Give back to kids with retail stores and an online presences. Signed in 2016.
  368. 1989 No Fear by Essilor-FGX and Emporium Eyewear. Lifestyle brand.
  369. 1990 Cutter and Buck by Mosaic Eyewear. License originally signed by Signature in 2006.
  370. 1990 Steve Madden Eyewear by Clearvision Optical. Signed in 2016.
  371. 1990 Vince Camuto by Colors in OpticsVince Camuto ‘co-founded the women’s fashion brand Nine West. After the 1999 sale of Nine West to Jones Apparel Group for $900 million, Camuto became CEO and Chief Creative Officer of a new fashion company, Camuto Group, maker of the Jessica Simpson brand. He died in 2015. (wikipedia) Camuto Eyewear was licensed to Colors In Optics in 2012.
  372. 1990’s Flypaper by Icon Eyewear. Flypaper jeans are based in New York.
  373. 1990 Bobbi Brown by Safilo in 2013. Known for makeup.
  374. 1990 Franco Sarto by Icon Eyewear. Known for shoes.
  375. 1990 Loree Rodkin distributed by Sama. Known for jewelry.
  376. 1990 L.K. Bennett by Octoplast Actman.
  377. 1990 Lucky Jeans by DeRigo-Rem
  378. 1991 Dana Buchman by Kenmark. Dana Buchman is owned by Liz Claiborne
  379. 1991- Southpole by Colors in Optics: Fashion Label
  380. 1991 Jimmy Crystal New York. Eyewear distributed by A&A Optical. Jimmy Crystal is known for their crystal studded fashion accessories.
  381. 1991 Volcom by Kering. Lifestyle brand.
  382. 1992 Miu Miu (Prada) Distributed by Luxottica.
  383. 1992 Le Temps Des Cerises (France) Clothing label. Distributed by LAMY Group
  384. 1992 Sketchers by Marcolin. Known for shoes.
  385. 1992 Star Wars by Essilor-FGX and Pan Oceanic Eyewear and D Company
  386. 1993 Zoo York by Icon Eyewear
  387. 1993 Baldessarini  (Germany) License held by Rodenstock in 2012.
  388. 1993 Cath Kidston (UK) fashion label with more that 200 locations. Distributed by Mondottica
  389. 1993 Jil Stuart by 101 Studio and Eyewear Designs
  390. 1993 Kate Spade, distributed by Safilo.
  391. 1993 Mark Ecko:  Marc Ecko Eyewear is distributed by Clearvision
  392. 1993 Veggie Tales: Distributed by Eyes of Faith. Veggie Tales is a faith based children cartoon.
  393. 1994 Jonathan Adler by DeRigo REM. Tom’s once had a collaboration with Jonathan Adler.
  394. 1994 Marni by VSP- Marchon, Glass Glasses
  395. 1994 Kensie, a fashion label distributed by Blue Star Alliance and Kenmark.
  396. 1994 Dreamworks: Dreamworks Eyewear is distributed by Pan Oceanic.
  397. 1994 Power Rangers: Power Rangers Eyewear is distributed by Pan Oceanic.
  398. 1995 Dollhouse by Icon Eyewear
  399. 1995 Trini Turk:  Trini Turk a 17 store apparel chain. Distributed by McGee Group
  400. 1995 Paul Frank distributed by Baumvision
  401. 1995 Karen Walker Designer with own branded eyewear. Distributed by Sunshades Eyewear
  402. 1995 Juicy Couture distributed by Safilo
  403. 1996 KTZ: Eyewear by Linda Farrow
  404. 1996 Hot Kiss by Glance Eyewear
  405. 1996 Jack Spade by Safilo who inked license in 2014
  406. 1996 Under Armor Distributed by Eye King
  407. 1997 Tapout by Allure. Tapout is a lifestyle sport brand.
  408. 1997 Thomas Maier Distributed by Kering. Safilo once had the brand.
  409. 1997 Jeremy Scott: Eyewear by Linda Farrow
  410. 1997 Matthew Williamson: Eyewear by Linda Farrow
  411. 1997 Zadig & Voltaire by DeRigo/ REM
  412. 1997 2nd Day by Ego Eyewear.
  413. 1997 Bjorn Borg: Bjorn Borg Eyewear is licensed by Sparkling Concept Eyewear
  414. 1998 Ivana Helsinki distributed by Ego Eyewear.
  415. 1998 Catherine Malandrino. Distributed by Allure Eyewear: Zimco distributed in 2014.
  416. 1998 Radley London distributed by Inspecs. Radley London is an upscale purse collection.
  417. 1998 Sean John by Marchon. Sean “Diddy” Combs fashion line. The collection was originally signed in 2006.
  418. 1998 Swatch Watches: Safilo distributes Swatch Eyewear, although Swatch Eyewear was around in the  1990’s. They were made in Switzerland.

    Swatch, circa 1980’s
  419. 1998 Philippe Plein (Switzerland) German fashion designer and founder of the Phillip Plein International Group which includes the Philipp Plein, Plein Sport, and Billionaire Couture brands.
  420. 1998 Nichole Farhi by Octoplast Actman. Inspecs first launched in Nichole Farhi Eyewear in 1998
  421. 1999 RocaWear: Distributed by Colors in Optics.  American clothing retailer based in New York. Created in 1999 by Roc-A-Fella Records co-founders Damon Dash and Jay-Z, and has had annual sales of $700 million. … In March 2007, Jay-Z sold the rights to the Rocawear brand to Iconix Brand Group for $204 million.
  422. 1999 Sass and Bide– Australian women’s apparel store with 45 locations. They have their own eyewear brand. They are a Give Back company. Distributed by SunShades Eyewear out of Australia
  423. 1999 Kay Unger Distributed by Nouveau Eyewear and Glance Eyewear
  424. 1999 John Varvatos started his own company. Licensed was held by REM.
  425. 2000? Karen Miller by Mondottica. 70 store apparel store based in the UK
  426. 2000 Yaz Buky By Linda Farrow.
  427. 2000 7 For Mankind by Modo. Jean company
  428. 2001 Joes Jeans by B. Robinson
  429. 2001 Manish Arora has had eyewear over the years. The last was a collaboration by FakbyFak. Inspecs distributed in 2007.
  430. 2001 Stella McCartney by Kering. Safilo had the license at one time.
  431. 2001 Salming by Ego Eyewear
  432. 2001 Rusty Eyewear: Rusty is known for surfboards and lifestyle wear. Rusty Eyewear is out of Buenas Aries, Argentina.
  433. 2001 Anna Hickman Eyewear (Model)
  434. 2001 Not of This World: Distributed by Eyes of Faith Eyewear.
  435. 2002 Rag and Bone, distributed by Safilo. Signed in 2016.
  436. 2002 Zac Posen: Distributed by Kenmark in 2014.
  437. 2002 Liu Jo distributed by VSP-Marchon
  438. 2002 Crocs.. who doesn’t know this cushy comfort shoe. A&A Optical distributes in the United States. AC Specs distributes in China. Eye King had the collection before and launched in 2012.
  439. 2002 Efva Attling by D Company
  440. 2002 Thalia Eyewear launch by Kenmark
  441. 2002 Joan Collins Eyewear – (TV Movie Actress) Known for playing Alexis Carrington in Dynasty.  Distributed by New York Eye

    Circa 1990 Joan Collins Eyewear
  442. 2003 Derek Lam: Distributed by Modo
  443. 2003 Rich Baby: Japanese brand distributed by Morganbank.
  444. 2004 Alesander McQueen by Kering. Formerly distributed by Safilo. He was head designer of the Louis Vuitton-owned Givenchy fashion line and, in 2004, launched his own menswear line.
  445. 2004 Tory Burch, distributed by Luxottica
  446. 2004 Arsenal Optix by Eye King; Arsenal Optix is the official helmet visor for the U.S. National Teams in Football as well as USA Football
  447. 2004 Victor and Rolf :Designers with their own branded eyewear. Can be found in Japan through Murai.  The sunglasses collection was launched in 2004.
  448. 2004 Juliette Hogan: New Zealand design label with branded sunglasses
  449. 2004 Peppa Pig is distributed by Pan Oceanic and Emporium Eyewear and Menrad.
  450. 2004 SEKSY distributed by Swiss Eyewear Group. Launched in 2017
  451. 2005 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Eyewear; Race Car Driver (New York Eye). First launched by Spy in 2005 under the E Eyewear. Relaunched in 2011 by New York Eye.
  452. 2005 Mink Pink distributed by Sunshades Eyewear
  453. 2005 Philip Lim: Distributed by Linda Farrow. Modo had the 3.1 Phillip Lim license before.
  454. 2006 Michael Bastain by Blue Star Alliance
  455. 2006 Christopher Kane; Kering
  456. 2006 Thomas Wylde by Sama
  457. 2006 Richard Mourant, Designer with brand sunglasses. Was seen at Silmo 2017
  458. 2006 Tom Ford distributed by Marcolin
  459. 2016 Jason Wu designer launched his own eyewear brand. Modo had the brand before.
  460. 2007 Alexander Wang: License was held by Modo.
  461. 2006 Pixar Cars by Opal Eyewear. Pixar released their first Car Movie in 2006.
  462. 2007 Victoria Beckham: Eyewear launched in 2008.
  463. 2007 Hood by Air, who is now on hiatus. Eyewear by Gentle Monster
  464. 2007 Rad Hourani Eyewear launched. VAVA collaborated with him in 2016.
  465. 2007 Jessica Simpson Eyewear (Singer, Actress) Distributed by Colors in Optics. Jessica Simpson’s Fashion lines are said to be worth $750 Million.
  466. 2008 House of Holland. Distributed by Sunshades Eyewear
  467. 2008 Linda Evan Eyewear launch by Sans Pareil. (Not sure of the exact date)
  468. 2008 Shourouk by Peter and Maywalk. Launched in 2016
  469. 2008 Christie Brinkley (Model) Eyewear launch by Nouveau Eyewear
  470. 2008 Randy Jackson (American Idol, TV star) Distributed by Zyloware
  471. 2009 Lisa Loeb Eyewear (Singer) Launched by Classique Eyewear
  472. 2009 Daisy Fuentes (TV Star and model) Distributed by (Zyloware)
  473. 2010 Thom Brown: License by Dita
  474. 2010 Erdem: Erdem was made by Linda Farrow
  475. 2010 English Laundry by Zimco
  476. 2010 Britney Spears Eyewear by Colors in Optics. In 2000 Glance Eyewear had the license.
  477. 2010 Liebeskind by Wagner and Kuhner. Launch in 2015
  478. 2010 RBX by Pan Oceanic Eyewear. RBX is a leisure apparel collection
  479. 2010 The Row: Eyewear by Linda Farrow. Olsen Twins launched the Row Sunglasses in 2010
  480. 2010 Elizabeth ad James (Olsen Twins): With Absolute Black: We do not know if this has continued on as Absolute Black website was under construction (11/17)
  481. 2011 Rebecca Minkoff by Safilo, signed license in 2017
  482. 2010 Greg Norman Eyewear launch by Aspex. Launched in 2010.
  483. 2011 Bobby Jones Eyewear launch by Signature Eyewear.
  484. 2011 Russell Simmons brand Argleculture was licensed out to McGee Group.
  485. 2011 Little Eleven Paris by Opal Eyewear
  486. 2011 Paula Deen (Celebrity Chef) Distributed by Eyewear Designs.
  487. 2011 Ernest Hemingway Eyewear (Writer) Distributed by New York Eye. License renewed in 2017.
  488. 2011 Snooki (TV Reality Star) Launched Eyewear
  489. 2012 Mariano DiVaio by Allison (AVM1959) Mariano is a model, fashion blogger and artist.
  490. 2012: Kardashian Kollection Eyewear (Reality TV show) Distributed by Inspecs. Available first though Sears
  491. 2012 Sophia Vergara Eyewear (Actress on Modern Family) Distributed by FGX International. Sophia Vergara is one of the top paid actresses in Hollywood, due to her licenses.
  492. 2012 Project Runway Eyewear launch by Zyloware.
  493. 2012 John Lennon Eyewear (Singer) Distributed by Adlens and Eagle Eyewear. The John Lennon Adlens collection is a one for one give back. John Lennon Eyewear was  released by Ocean Optical in 2014
  494. 2012 Corvette Eyewear by J.R.S
  495. 2012 Danny Gokey Eyewear launched.  (Singer on American Idol) Match Eyewear
  496. 2013 Kenny Chesney (Singer) Sunwear. Launched in a give back program with Costa Sunglasses.
  497. 2013 Marc Stone: Distributed by Swiss Eyewear Group
  498. 2013 Pharrel Williams launched with MonCler and eyewear collection. He previously worked with Louis Vuitton and Japanese designer Nigo.  ill.i Optics by Will.i.am  is a founding member of Black Eye Peas. Distributed by Colors in Optics and AMV1959.  Launched in 2014.
  499. 2013 Claudia Schiffer (Model) distributed by Rodenstock. Launched in 2014.
  500. 2013 Taylor Morris – Hugh Taylor (Reality TV Star)
  501. 2014 O’Neil by Inspecs Eyewear launch
  502. 2014 Kathy Ireland by Loose Leaf Optics
  503. 2014 David Fin of New York. Tie company that Gives Back to the military. Distributed by Opticalia.
  504. 2014 Marilyn Monroe Eyewear (Actress, deceased) Allure Eyewear
  505. 2014 Milazb by Allison (AVM1959)
  506. 2014 Shopkins: Shopkins Eyewear is distributed by Pan Oceanic
  507. 2014 Mothersbaugh by Baum Vision
  508. 2014 James Dean Eyewear launch by Allure
  509. 2014 Dita Van Teese: Dita Von Teese eyewear was inked by Dita in 2014.
  510. 2014 Russell Westbrook Frames was licencsed out to Selima Optique
  511. 2015 Cindy  Bailey Eyewear (Model) Launched by Menizzi in 2015.
  512. 2015 Drew Barrymore Flower Eyewear launched by Walman-Mart launched in 2015.
  513. 2015 Frozen: Opal Eyewear (Movie)
  514. 2015 Avengers: Opal Eyewear (Toys)
  515. 2015 Tony Hawk (Athlete) Skateboarder. Launched by Eyewear Designs
  516. 2015 Chantal Thomass was licensed by Eastern States in 2015. Grosfilley has the license now.
  517. 2015 Twiggy former fashion model from the 1960’s is launching an eyewear line in collaboration with Spec Savers
  518. 2015 Kelly Slater (Surfer) Sunwear launch by Electric California
  519. 2015 Maiyet (Fashion designer) by Warby Parker
  520. 2015 Kevin Durant (Basketball Player) Nike-Marchon debuted in 2015.
  521. 2016 Limited Too is a Childrens lifestyle brand that was reopened in 2016. Distributed by Chlogan Eyewear and Blue Star Alliance.
  522. 2016 Sherri Hill Eyewear launch. Seen at Silmo
  523. 2016 Carlos Santana by Inspecs (2016) Singer.
  524. 2016 AV Robinson: Eyewear by Linda Farrow
  525. 2016 Kym Ellery via SpecSavers
  526. 2016 Kendal+ Kylie Eyewear by Allure
  527. 2016 Ellen Generes by MODO. Launch in 2016.
  528. 2016 Antonio Banderas: (Actor) the Latin heartthrob know for Spy Kids and Zorro and was the brand ambassador for Police will be starting to design eyewear for the Opticalia Eyewear chain. (700 stores between Spain and Portugal)
  529. 2016 Tyler Oakley by Warby Parker collaboration.
  530. 2016 Adam Selman by LeSpecs
  531. 2016 Tommy Sheridan by Rixx Eyewear
  532. 2017 Amanda de Cadet by Warby Parker collaboration. Photographer.
  533. 2017 Kylie Minogue Eyewear launch by SpecSavers
  534. 2016 Gwen Stefani by Tura: GX by Gwen Stefani and L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani.
  535. 2016 Kate Young by Tura collection released in 2017
  536. 2017 Dion Lee: Designer launches his first eyewear collection. Distributed by SunShades out of Australia. The collection is called Eyes.
  537. 2017 Andy. Warhol by Retro-Super Future for the 2nd time. (Collaboration)
  538. 2017 Michael Jackson Eyewear by Illesteva Launches
  539. 2017 Jinnn (China) clothing designer with eyewear that has a distributor in Australia.
  540. Charlie Chaplin Eyewear: OEM & Design Company has the license. Marchon distributed Charlie Chaplin Eyewear in the 1990’s
  541. OEM & Design Company (Singapore) also has the licenses for: Paris Hilton Eyewear, Pantone Eyewear, Beverly Hill Polo Club, Barcelona FC, Chelsea FC, England FC, Juventus FC, Liverpool FC, Manchester United FC, Real Madrid FC, Byford, Spalding, Nissan, Ford,  GT-R, Dali, fcuk,, , Fido Dido, Bonnie Bear, Astro Boy, Bossini, Jennifer, TOSCOW, Porpoise, Coca Cola,

What is most interesting about the brands, they cover the gambit, from cosmetics to cars, magazines to movie stars. Iconic Celebrities and Iconic locations. Surfers to Skaters, Models to Music. Jewelry, Purses, Shoes, Decor, Jeans and Stores…. the list is endless and changes constantly. This means that this list may be irrelevant in a week.

That said, use this list as a guideline only. The information is only as updated as the information on the internet.


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