55 Celebrities With Eyewear Collections

Sunglasses have been the trademark of celebrities for years. For some it is a way to hide, others it is a trademark and a part of their image. It is obvious that sunglasses give power, prestige and mystique. That mystique inspires the general public. Since the public always want to know and emulate who is wearing what ergo some celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon to start their own clothing and accessory collections which include eyewear and sunglasses.

Who are they? We have put together a list of celebrities who are rocking their own sunglass collections.

Twiggy Eyewear
Twiggy Eyewear
  1. Antonio Banderas: (Actor) the Latin heartthrob know for Spy Kids and Zorro and was the brand ambassador for Police will be starting to design eyewear for the Opticalia Eyewear chain. (700 stores between Spain and Portugal). Launching in 2016.
  2. Anna Hickman Eyewear (Model) Launched in 2002.
  3. Amber Rose: (Model) Has flaunted anywhere from vintage eyewear to current and is know for her unique look. In 2015 she  launched her own value Sunglass collection to much hype.

    Bono x REVO with Clearvision in a give back program
    Bono x REVO with Clearvision in a give back program
  4. Beth Ditto: (Singer) by Mykita  Lead singer of the band Gossip launched a handmade, limited edition sunglass collection in 2012 with Mikita.
  5. Bono: (Singer, Activist) (Clearvision and B.Robinson) Revo Eyewear in a collaboration with lead singer Bono will give back $10 for every pair of Revo sold. Launched in 2015. Bono Claudia Schiffer
  6. Catherine Deneuve Lunettes (Marcolin) (Actress) Originally distributed by Viva, this is probably one the the longest lasting actress eyewear in the market. Launched in 1989. The license was renewed in 2013.
  7. Celine Dion (Singer) Celine Dion has has eyewear on and off via several companies. Launched originally in 2001 it was relaunched again in 2010.John-Lennon
  8. Cindy  Bailey Eyewear (Model) Launched by Menizzi in 2015.
  9. Claudia Schiffer (Model) distributed by Rodenstock. Launched years ago, eyewear is available where Rodenstock eyewear is sold. Launched in 2013
  10. Cody Simpson– (Singer) Known for the”Flower”,  collaborated on a cool new sunglasses collection with Sickys World Eyewear in 2015.
  11. Daisy Fuentes (TV Star and model) Distributed by (Zyloware), Launched in 2009.

    Antonio Banderas, the face of Police
    Antonio Banderas, the face of Police, with Antonio Banderas Eyewear launching in 2016. 
  12. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Eyewear;  Race Car Driver (New York Eye). First launched by Spy in 2005 under the E Eyewear. Relaunched in 2011 by New York Eye.
  13. Danny Gokey (Singer on American Idol) Match Eyewear launched his first collection in 2012.
  14. Donald Trump – (Billionaire) First launched in 2005 by Eyewear Designs

    Drew Barrymore launching Flowers Eyewear
    Drew Barrymore launching Flowers Eyewear
  15. Drew Barrymore Eyewear (Actress) launched Drew Barrymore Eyewear in Wal-Mart 2015.
  16. El Mafrex (Gospel Singer) who was l launching his own sunwear line in 2012. (Source) We have not found it yet.. but it went viral.
  17. Gwen Stefani (Singer) Launching by Tura in 2016. Her fashion empire is said to be worth $90 Million.
  18. Ivanka Trump Eyewear launched through B.  Robinson in 2012.cynthia-bailey-eyewear-logo-300x300-03
  19. Imany- (Singer and Model) teamed with eyewear brand Alain Mikli, to make a capsule collection of eyewear. (2014)
  20. Jose Feliciano Eyewear (Singer) At one time Jose Feliciano had an eyewear line. No longer available.(Deceased)
  21. Ernest Hemingway Eyewear (Writer) Distributed by New York Eye. Launched in 2011.
  22. Jay Z:  Roccawear Eyewear (Singer, Businessman, Fashion Designer) Distributed by Colors in Optics in 1999. One of the first Hip Hop Artists to launch an eyewear line. His fashion empire is said to be worth $700 Million.
  23. Jeff Foxworthy (comedian) Launched eyewear 2015 with The McGee Group. Launched via Ducks Unlimited.
  24. Jennifer Lopez: JLO by Jennifer Lopez – (Actress and singer). Launched in 2009. Distributed by Safilo. She also has her own clothing line.
  25. Jessica Simpson Eyewear (Singer, Actress) Distributed by Colors in Optics. Launched in 2007. Jessica Simpson’s Fashion lines are said to be worth $750 Million.
  26. Joan Collins Eyewear – (TV Movie Actress) Known for playing Alexis Carrington in Dynasty.  Distributed by New York Eye and originally launched in 2002.

    Vintage Joan Collins Eyewear circa 1990
    Vintage Joan Collins Eyewear circa 1990
  27. John Lennon Eyewear (Singer) Distributed by Adlens and Eagle Eyewear. The John Lennon Adlens collection is a one for one give back.
  28. Justin  Timberlake with Rast Eyewear (OLD) Launched in 2011 with “William Rast Eyewear” and “William Rast Racing Eyewear”. Distributed by Viva. Not available. His fashion empire is said to be worth $50 Million.
  29. Kardashian Kollection Eyewear (Reality TV show) Distributed by Inspecs. Available first though Sears, it was launched in 2012.
  30. Kenny Chesney (Singer) Sunwear. Launched in 2013 in a give back program with Costa Sunglasses. Randy Jackson
  31. Kate Young (Celebrity Stylist) Launched by Tura in 2015
  32. Kevin Durant (Oklahoma Thunders) teamed with Nike to put his name on eyewear.
  33. Lady Gaga (Singer) Lady Gaga does not have her own particular Eyewear line. She has been the face of Versace (2014) Was instrumental in design of Polaroid Sunglass Camera launched in 2011. (Source). Rumors have abounded for years that she will be launching her own line. She is not included in the total count, but we would be remiss not to include her.
  34. Lisa Loeb Eyewear (Singer) Launched by Classique Eyewear in 2009
  35. Madonna (Singer, Actress) in 2010 launched a sunglass capsule collection with D&G called MG Eyewear. Currently Madonna is the face of Versace Eyewear Campaign for 2015. Has has some clothing collections in the past.

    Kate Young For Tura
    Kate Young For Tura
  36. Marilyn Monroe Eyewear (Actress, deceased) Allure Eyewear) Launched in 2014.
  37. Mary Jo Blige (Singer) launched her first sunglass collection MJB Melodies in 2010. Not available anymore.
  38. Nicole Ritchie (Actress, Designer) House of Harlow 1960 offers Sunglasses. House of Harlow was launched in 2008. Worth $2 Million.

    Pharrell Williams
    Pharrell Williams
  39. Olsen Twins- The Row  (Actresses, Business) The Row was launched in 2006 and eyewear is distributed by Linda Farrow. The sunglasses on the website are from 2013. The Olsen Twins fashion empire is said to be worth $1 Billion
  40. Paula Deen (Celebrity Chef) Distributed by Eyewear Designs. Launched in 2011.
  41. Pharrell Williams- (Singer) Collaboration with Moncler  (2013) Williams had worked with both Louis Vuitton and Nigo in an eyewear collaboration in 2005.
  42. Randy Jackson (American Idol, TV star) Launched in 2008.  Distributed by Zyloware
  43. Russell Simmons (Hip Hop Artist, businessman) Argyle Culture  Eyewear. Distributed by The McGee Group. Launched in 2011.
  44. Russell Westbrook (Pro NBA Athlete) Westbrook Frames launched by Selima Optique in 2014.
  45. Sean John (P.Diddy) (Singer) Distributed by Marchon. Launched in 2007. His fashion empire is said to be worth $250 Million.
  46. Snooki (TV Reality Star) Launched Eyewear in 2011.

    Lisa Loeb
    Lisa Loeb
  47. Snoop Dogg (Singer) Launched Notorious Eyewear in 2008.
  48. Sophia Loren (Actress) Distributed by Zyloware. Launched in 1980.
  49. Sophia Vergara Eyewear (Actress on Modern Family) Distributed by FGX International

    One of the longest Celebrity Eyewear collections still in existence. Sophia Loren Eyewear circa 1990
    One of the longest Celebrity Eyewear collections still in existence. Sophia Loren Eyewear circa 1990
  50. Thalia Eyewear (Singer) Launched in 2002 and was distributed by Kenmark. Not available.
  51. Tico Torres (Drummer with Bon Jovi) Rock Star Baby Eyewear. I believe they are gone.
  52. Tony Hawks (Athlete) Skateboarder. Launched by Eyewear Designs in 2015

    Will.i.am Optics
    Will.i.am Optics
  53. Twiggy (Model) Launched in November 2015, former fashion model from the 1960’s is launching an eyewear line in collaboration with Spec Savers
  54. Victoria Beckham Eyewear (Singer, Posh Spice) Founding member of Spice Girls, married to David Beckham. Originally launched in 2008. Her fashion lines are said to be worth $95 Million
  55. Will.i.am (Singer) ill.i Optics by Will.i.am  Founding member of Black Eye Peas. Distributed by Colors in Optics. Launched in 2014.

We may have missed many others in the past and are most likely there are other celebrities with eyewear collections that are missing from this list. Let us know in the comments below if we are missing any other celebrities.


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