57 Vision Charities To Get Involved In

Tis the Season for Giving and we have updated our Vision Charity list to consider for donations. This is not a complete listing, I would estimate there are about 10x more charities. Many local cities and states have a charities and your local trade organizations. In addition there are separate charities for Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataracts, blindness, low vision and more.Child Vision Logo

If you are not sure who is good,  Charity Watch  lists charities and rates them on contributions and their cost of doing business. They do not list all of the below organizations.

  1. 20/20/20
  2. American Action Fund for Blind Children & Adults
  3. American Council of the Blind (National Office)
  4. American Foundation for the Blind
  5. Blinded Veterans Assocation
  6. Bright Focus Foundation– Fights the fight against Alzheimer, Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma.
  7. Essilor Vision Foundation
  8. Eye Care America run by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Provides free exams to those in need.
  9. Eyes of Hope by VSP Provides eyecare, eyewear, eye health to those in disaster areas.
  10. Giving Sight (www.givingsight.org) is a Optometric charity that sends optometrists to underdeveloped countries, Provides eye exams and eyewear so they can get jobs and help to become contributing members of society.
  11. Fight For Sight -Since 1946, Fight for Sight supports and inspires eye and vision research by providing funding to scientists.  See on Facebook
  12. Foundation Fighting Blindness– has local Vision Walk to raise funds. Anyone can participate.
  13. Glaucoma Foundation vclogo
  14. Helen Keller International
  15. HelpMeSee
  16. Humbly I Serve- Faith Based Organization who provides vision services overseas and locally.
  17. Laugh For Sight (Facebook)
  18. Lighthouse International
  19. New Eyes For the Needy; Provide eyeglasses to people in the USA and globally. Supported by Optician Association of America, Prevent Blindness, AAO And Fight For Sight.
  20. The Lions Club International (www.lionsclub.org) Eyeglass donations collects, cleans, repairs and sends reused eyeglasses to those in need.  Donations centers exist internationally as well as online.
  21. Lion’s Club International Foundation – Prevents blindness and restores sight through the SightFirst Program, and a number of other sight initiatives.
  22. OneSight by Luxottica and others. Provides sustainable clinics and visioncare around the world.
  23. Optometry Cares: Optometry Cares—The American Optometric Association Foundation administers the American Optometric Association’s public health programs, including VISION USA and InfantSEE®. Goal: Expand eye health and vision care access to everyone in the U.S.
  24. Orbis International (www.orbis.org) runs the Flying Eye Hospital. Doctors donate  time and fly to needy areas to give eye exams and care to needy people globally.
  25. Prevent Blindness America– The oldest volunteer organization, promotes eye health. Provide eye health information.
  26. Restoring Vision– RestoringVision.org provides new reading glasses and sunglasses to groups going to developing countries
  27. Sankara Eye Foundation  (Washington) Gift of Giving. Gives back to India
  28. Sight for Students (VSP) provides free eyeglasses to students in need.
  29. The Seeing Eye–  The Seeing Eye, Inc. is the oldest existing dog guide school in the world
  30. The Center For The Partially Sighted –www.low-vision.org
  31. The Scojo Foundation (www.scojofoundation.com) is designed to help reading glasses be more accessible in developing countries by training locals in basic optometry skills so they can assess their local need and sell eyewear at a low cost in their community.
  32. Think About Your Eyes– Supported by The Vision Council and the American Optometric Association.  Consumer campaign dedicated to educate the consumer on the importance of eye health and an annual eye exam.
  33. Unite for Sight – Has Provided eye care services to over 1 Million people worldwide, including more than 36,000 sight-restoring surgeries.
  34. Vision Aware– Resources for living with Vision Loss seva
  35. Visioncare For Homeless People
  36. Vision Health International– VHI is a U.S.-based, non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the delivery of free vision-care services and sight-restoring surgery to the medically underserved populations in Latin America.
  37. Vision Outreach
  38. Vision Spring – www.visionspring.org which uses a micro-lending model involving poor people selling new readers out of a back-pack to other poor people in the developing world (thus providing both jobs and vision concurrently).
  39. Vision 2020 member organizations – The Vision 2020 website lists 111 international organizations that are committed to eliminating avoidable blindness.  The list includes links to contact the individual organization to learn more about how you can help.
  40. Vosh International-The primary mission of VOSH/International is to facilitate the provision and the sustainability of vision care worldwide for people who can neither afford nor obtain such care


  1. California Council Of The Blind
  2. California Vision Foundation– Run through the California Optometric Association.
  3. Discovery Eye Foundation
  4. Project Homeless Connect- Run from San Francisco and Denver, provides eyecare to the homeless.
  5. Vision To Learn– Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation -The Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation has partnered with Vision To Learn, a non-profit organization which provides free eye exams and free eyeglasses to elementary school students in low-income communities throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.


  1. Florida’s Vision Quest
  2. MORE Health www.morehealthinc.org
  3. Seeing the World by Adam Cherry OD, Provide eye exams and more to the uninsured in South Florida
  4. Vision Health International


  1. Eye Care Charity Mid-America. St. Louis


  1. The Fred Hollows Foundation (www.hollows.org.au) believes that indigenous Australians deserve the same health care and life expectancy as other Australians, and they run a vision program helping the needlessly blind of the outback.


  1. Eye Bank– accepts Eye donations
  2. SEVA Canada – (I mentioned SEVA Canada in a recent post, and will be donating all my earnings from Amazon this month to SEVA Canada.)  They help communities in 7 countries and regions develop their own capacity to deliver affordable eye care services. SEVA has a Gift of Sight catalog that lets you specify where your money goes.
  3. Third World Eyecare Society Canada

United Kingdom

  1. The Vision Charity Vision Charity raises funds for the benefit of Blind & Visually Impaired children.
  2. Childhood Eye Cancer Trust
  3. Eyecare Trust
  4. Eye Health Alliance
  5. Vision for a Nation Foundation
  6. VisionAid Overseas