6 Ways To Engage Patients For National De-Clutter Month

I visited my new attorneys office to update my will.  I almost walked out as his office was a pig sty. Piles of paper strewn on every surface and the floor. My initial impression was total chaos and disorganization. Was updating my will going to be as messy as his office?

Spring Cleaning Display: created by Ton van der veer
Spring Cleaning Display: created by Tom Van Der Veer

Does your office look like this? Are your posters out-dated, faded and worn? What about your reading material? Do you have Highlights going back to 1999? Do you have dust balls in the corners and under furniture? Are your eyewear lenses dusty and dirty? Do your frame displays look messy and boring? Do you have cobwebs? Is your filing updated? Do you have post-it notes strewn over everything?

Eye Bogglers:

  • To Much Clutter Can be a Fire Hazard and Health Hazard.
  • Clutter leads to Stress
  • Too much clutter can detract from focussing on what is important and not getting things done.
  • Not getting things done can lead to sleepless nights and the inability to relax.
  • Too much clutter signals to our brain our work is not done.
  • Clutter takes up time, but searching for things, constantly re-organizing, things getting lost.

Why not take advantage of National Clutter Awareness week the last week in March? Not only is this a good time for that Spring Cleaning Event,  you can also share your cleaning updates with your eyecare patients.

1.) Have patients Declutter old eyeglasses and accessories for donations.

2.) Have a Spring Cleaning Sale to get rid of old products that desperately need to go away.

3.) Have a Trunk Show with a percentage off, if they bring in old eyeglasses for donation. Out with the old and in with the new. Donate old glasses to a Vision Charity .

4.) Share ‘Green Cleaning Tips’ with your patients on Facebook. A Weekly ‘Green and Save’ post for the month, can focus on overall health.

5.) Brag about your clean office, by showcasing before and after shots of particular problem areas. Have your patients share their de-cluttering successes.

6.) Have a Spring Cleaning Contest. Every Person that donates Eyewear, sunwear and accessories gets entered into a raffle for a chance to win a Gift Certificate from a company such as Merry Maids.

Remember, you don’t have to do everything at once. Take a project a week and finish it completely before you start on the next one. De-cluttering is good for customer services and will help enhance your projects, but bringing the attention to them rather than clutter.