8 Cool Eyeglass Racks

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One of the big advantages of Pinterest is the ability to find all sorts of cool things and ideas such as what do you and your patients do with multiple pairs sunglasses and eyeglasses. What would be cool, is set aside a little wall and put up some of these DIY eyewear racks to show your patients how multiple pairs of eyeglasses can be a bit of fashion decor.

1.) This is a nice little DIY project. A piece of reclaimed wood, some string, rubber, cords stretched across the board and how cool is this. Even in the office you can showcase various colors. Paint the boards, color coordinate with fun glasses.


2.) Simple hangers- All you need is wood hangers and a few nails or hooks to put the hangers up.


3.) For crafters, this eyewear rack¬†Eyewear¬†comes with it’s own DIY instructions. Multiple prints and colors displayed in the office (and be sold) could be seasonal fun..


4.) I want this one! Check out the sunglass Rack on the inside of the closet door. Good for small spaces. .


5.) Check out this great idea; Take an old picture frame and hang some eyewear. Again, paint the picture frame and this could be a great way to showcase your Eyewear of the month or Trending Colors.


6.) Like this idea, never leave home without your keys and your sunglasses.

2ndshiftstudio and notcot.org

7.) Along the same concept as the picture frame, This is old window frames, you can take a wall and showcase ‘eyewear stories’ in each section. Old window frames and doors are easy to find on sites such as Craigslist for free. Instead of Family, Put in Trends.

Photo: funkyjunkinteriors.blogspot.com

8.) Old Rakes- Do It Yourselfers are using old racks for Wine Glasses and necklaces. The same idea can be used for Eyewear

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