A Case for Promoting Eyecare Services Online

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Promoting Online

We wonder why the optical professional does not promote their services online. In the process of listing our blog on website and blog directories we noticed under the ‘Health’ category many directories have a separate listing for Dentistry yet there is no separate Listing for Eye Health, Vision, Optometry, Ophthalmology, Opticians.

Google Results:

  • If we plug in Dental Profitability we get 568,000 results
  • Optical Profitability- 4,000 Results
  • Optometrist Profitability- 232,000 Results
  • Eye Health v.s Oral Health- 6,710,000 results came up and the first 3 pages on google were about Oral Health, some general health and finally on page 4 Eye Health and Women’s Health came up
  • eye exam vs dental exam- 303,000 results came up and it’s about a 50/50 split between eye exam and dental exam

Another interesting ‘eyebit’- which is one of the reasons we started this blog- Dentist had millions of free resources available to them on the web- they are much more organized with free resources available to them – The optical professional has virtually none (besides ours, another shameless plug). In fact, when do we our research, we use many dental sites- as FREE practice management programs are readily available on the Internet.

As an example Google Searches:

  • Dental Blogs- 24,700,000 results
  • Optometrist Blogs- 144,000 results
  • Optical Blogs- 9,300,000 includes e-tailers, and anything related to optical
  • Dental Websites- 18,300,000 results
  • Optometrist Websites- 2,390,000 results.
  • Dentist Practice Management- 23,000.000 results
  • Optometrist Practice Management- 2,240,000 results

Even as I do my walks in my area it appears that dentists are far more active in external marketing, signage is larger, welcoming patients banners, ads in the paper and pricing options.

Maybe the reason why – the independent optical retailer doesn’t have the same amount of competition as the dentist. There are 18 Optometry Schools in the US v.s. 58 Accredited Dental Schools, (I’m assuming more dentists) Yet the two have many of the same retail problems and issues such as each other. (see listing)

1.) Both and recommend annual exam

2.) Both have insurance

3.) Both have to do with major ‘Senses’

4.) Both have cosmetic attributes

5.) Both have much to do with overall health

6.) Both the fashion aspects

7.) Both disciplines have the option of ‘add on’ sales

8.) Both can prescribe drugs

9.) Both have ‘assistants’

10.) Both are in highly competitive markets

11.) Both have ‘recall’ programs

12.) Both disciplines have the same problems with managed care, patient loyalty, recall and sales.

What’s the point? The optical professional is far behind in using technology, websites, and social networking to grow their business. For those who have a website or blog, consider taking the time to get listed in web directories. The chances of your name coming up on google searches and by using keywords in your site are very high. For those who don’t have a website or blog, consider getting one or even getting involved in online business and social networking groups.