A Day Without Shoes

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Tuesday April 10th is ‘One Day Without Shoes’, started by Toms Shoes. Toms Shoes, is the company who started the One 4 One social good program. For every pair of shoes sold, one is given. This of course sparked Warby Parker, 141 Eyewear and a host of other social good companies.

The Idea behind One Day Without Shoes, is to go shoeless all day and when people ask you about it, you can explain the impact of shoes on a child’s life and what you are doing about it.

To find more information and get updates on One Day Without Shoes, visit www.onedaywithoutshoes.com .

One of the things eyecare professionals can do (even bookmark this for next year) is to have a shoe drive to donate shoes to a cause.

Eye Bogglers
• Over 300 Million Children in the World do not own a pair of Shoes
• Americans throw away over 300 Million pairs of shoes in our landfills
• Shoes don’t biodegrade and many toxic elements leak into our groundwater
• The average person has 3 pair of shoes they do not wear.
• In many cases children without shoes are not allowed to go to school
• Over 1,000,000 pairs of shoes have been given to children under the One for One movement since TOMS launched in 2006. Toms Shoes gives away a pair of shoes for every shoe sold.

Even if they shoes are unwearable, companies such as Nike take old shoes and build gymnasiums and has built over 1000 to date. Shoes are also being broken down and companies such as Timberland are reusing old shoes and making new.

Having a shoe recycling event is a great way to network with your local recycling center and even your local podiatrists or chiropractor, synergizing your efforts for new patients.


Where to Recyle Shoes

  • Boulder Running: (Colorado)
  • Center For Sustainable Living (UK) recycle to charities
  • Chaco Inc: Rock Creek Outdoor Retailer:
  • Crocs: In development, recycling your Crocs (Soles United)
  • Federacion Departamental de Atletism Cuzco (Cuzco, Peru
  • First Christian Church of Jacksonville, is recycling for Haiti
  • Helping Hands Shoe Bank (Rockwall, TX) 972.771.7658
  • New Balance-
  • Nike Shoe Recycling Program: Reuse a Shoe program, makes into gymasiums and more
  • Oakengates Shoe Banks (UK) Recycle to Charities
  • Odd Shoe Finder- Allows users to buy and sell mismatched pairs of shoes
  • One World Running
  • Perpetual Prosperity Pumps Foundation
  • Recycled Runners: Has drop off location on websites. (International as well)
  • Refuse and Recyclling Services – Jewish Community Center, Palo Alto, CA 496.5910
  • ReRunSportsShoes in Mass, NY, and New England www.rerunsportshoes.com
  • ReTex Northwest (Mill Creek, WA)
  • Running Wild (Coralville, Iowa)  319.351.3602recycles to youths
  • Samaritan’s Feet:
  • Share A Pair
  • Shoe Recycling Program in Des Plaines IL. 847.296.9205 Recycle for athletic surfaces
  • Shoe Recycle Program (Denver, CO) recycle to Mexico
  • Simply Soles (Washington DC)
  • Soleaid.org -Recycles shoes to provide scholarships for people in the USA, helps families and children overseas