A Fine Concept

Sober, elegant, and very aesthetic, the FINE CONCEPT line of JF Rey has been extended with two new Nylor shapes typed in extremely fine metal: JF2848 (unisex, strong) and JF2849(woman, fluttering).

JF2848 by JF Rey

Made in France in the designer’s own factory (ELLAPS, Jura), these two models have been imagined with a concern for minimalist aesthetics with fluid lines. Impeccably crafted from high value metal,they strike with their extreme lightness and graphic appeal, in a totally contemporary spirit. Here we find the DNA codes of the brand in the work of colorful metal, impeccable, with always this singular touch that makes the frames unique and immediately recognizable.

JF 2849 by JF Rey

The originality of the pieces lies in the creative stated choices, playing with geometric volumes, architectural lines, and unprecedented graphic cuts on the face. The vivid color charts highlight the fluid, aerial silhouettes and give the metal style and character. A new purist design by JF Rey.

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