A Good Eyewear Shopping Experience

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I am recently back from a trip with some friends and they just happened to buy prescription eyewear the previous week and I thought it would be an opportunity to interview them so that I could blog about the good and the bad from a lay person’s point of view. Overall it was a good eyewear shopping experience and I think all her answers are helpful reminders about effective selling. Most important for a good eyewear shopping experience is good customer service not the sale price! However, advertising a discount price in this current economic climate is helpful to create customer traffic. Bill Gerber recently wrote about the importance of presenting with excellence and creating an exciting eyewear shopping experience.

First of all why did my friend Susan go to a private optical store?

1. Personal recommendation from another friend who had a good eyewear shopping experience there.

2. She had been to Costco but was not happy with the selection and she wanted a larger selection of frames.

3. She had seen an ad for 50% off selected frames.

4. She loves her new Designer frames and progressive lenses that incidentally were not 50% off but the designer frames she selected were 25% Off.

Secondly, the experience, what was good?

1. The optician spent an hour (not exclusively as other patients came in) asking lifestyle questions, usage questions and how often she wore glasses, what specifically was she looking for from her frames and lenses.

2. The optician asked her a lot of questions all the time showing her and having her try on different frames and finding what suited her. She was also able to try the frames on without the anti-theft tag! Note: Did you know that Tiffany’s new concept store shown below allows this too with expensive jewelry? It looks very inviting don’t you think? You can read more about it at LA.racked.com.

Tiffany's New Concept Store
Tiffany New Concept Very Inviting Store

3. They discussed lens options, materials and anti-reflective coating.

4.  Susan said that it was a good eyewear shopping experience because it was like having a very informed friend helping her make the correct frame and lens selection.

The Bad!

She didn’t get the anti-reflective coating! Why? Because of problems in the past so the optician wasn’t able to convince her to try the newer, easier to clean and more durable coatings. I think she would have purchased the anti-reflective coating if the optician had been able to convince her that there are different qualities and performance and guaranteed the performance.

Conclusion: Good customer service overrides price for a good eyewear shopping experience but advertising is essential to get patients in the door!