A New Eyedentity Is All You Need – Frank and Lucie

Frank and Lucie Eyedentity

Frank and Lucie cherish their new trendy women’s reading frame; the Eyedentity.  This large, eye-catching model features thin reading lenses with blue-light filter, and is made from beautiful thin acetate. A touch of the Seventies with the comfort of today. The design team at Frank and Lucie creates amazing reading glasses for the ladies who like to celebrate life, instead of conjuring crumpled reading glasses out of their bag at a girls-get- together.

Frank and Lucie Black Dust
Black Dust

A great example is their Black Dust model, a powdery matte acetate with a super chic look, especially in combination with their acetate glasses chain in matt black.

Frank and Lucie Pink and Black

Of course also available in other models, such as their extravagant round Eyecontact, or their more unisex Eyewitness. All Frank and Lucie reading glasses and necklaces come in luxurious, unique pouches that also serve as a cleaning cloth.

Their reading glasses are the go-to frame for consumers that are looking for care, candy, trust, and above all celebration! See the Entire Frank and Lucie line on their website frankandlucie.com.

SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024