A New Look, New Marketing, New People and New Year

Well, we have decided to finally practice what we preach for 2018. While we are mobile friendly, we need a new and updated look. We keep the site updated but we need a new look. We have a webmaster, but we need more than just a webmaster, we need someone that is involved in Social Media, one that is more tech-savvy and knows digital trends to provide resources for our readers. 

That said, we would like to introduce Dan Feldman who will be taking over the content, marketing and social media for both of our sites. Some of our readers may know Dan, are on his marketing forum, may be using him for some of their marketing or website development. Dan has been one of our go-to people, writes for us and now he is coming aboard as a partner and we are thrilled.

Normally we close for one week over the holidays, but this year, we are taking the full two weeks as Dan updates the site and finalizes the details of all his changes.

We wish all of you Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing all next year.


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