Abandoned Shopping Carts And Revenue

You may have put on a shopping cart or are thinking of putting on a shopping cart on your optical website. Perhaps after investigating you are realizing the some of the problems.. such as abandoned Shopping Carts. A lot of work with little returns. Studies say that 67% of people abandon their shopping carts before the purchase… Forrester Research,  estimates the total of annual abandoned shopping cart revenue will reach $31 Billion dollars.

Eye Bogglers via CPC Strategey 

  • 67.89% of shoppers abandon shopping carts (avg)
  • The average online conversion rate for retailers is only 3%
  •  90% of leads go cold after an hour
  • Abandoners spend 55% more when re-marketed
  • 71% of the organic site traffic comes from Google
  • 73% of online shoppers noted unconditional free shipping as “critical” to a purchase
  • 93% of online buyers are encouraged to buy more products if free shipping is included
  • 62% of online shoppers think it’s important for an e-commerce website to have sections for specially priced items
  • 2 out of 3 shoppers said they would buy more online if returns were free.
  • Return site visitors account for 12% of traffic
  • 29% of site visitors return in the first 4 weeks following their initial visit

People leave for a variety of reasons:

Reasons for shopping cart abandonment

A new study by Bronto and Demandware states that retailers are not successfully rescuing abandoned carts:

  • 15% Retailers send one product pages abandonment reminders
  • 72% Retailers do no reference the abandoned products in reminder emails
  • 33% of product pages reminders did not include a photos of the abandoned product or a direct links to purchase it.
  • 78% of product page reminders did not include a customer service contact info, store details or ways to complete the sale .

Interesting statistics, it goes to show you that

  • Online retail has it problems with lookie-lous just as you do. In fact, the statistics seem to favor brick and mortar locations.
  • The consumer is asking for more and more ‘freebies’ such as free shipping and returns.
  • Online retailing is dependent upon Google search and like you had to pay $$$ to get on page one.
  • Re-marketing is like Recall.. it must be done.
  • Special priced items are important to 62%.. just like specially priced items or important to brick and mortar retailers.

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