Abeye Revolutionizes Dyslexia With Lexilens Smart Eyewear at CES

Abeye, dedicated to creating smart eyewear for the health and wellness industry, is revolutionizing dyslexia with Lexilens. Already named a CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree, Lexilens is the first solution of its kind that filters out symptoms of this disorder, empowering those with dyslexia to read and write seamlessly.

Dyslexia affects 10% of the worldwide population (WHO), and on average two students per classroom. The disorder often leads to learning difficulties and low social confidence, as well as frustration by students, their teachers, and their families. There is no known cure for dyslexia and until recently the cause was unknown.

A 2017 French study identified the possible cause of dyslexia as being linked to overt symmetry between the two eyes. The French start-up Abeye, incubated by Atol les Opticiens group, the top French optical retailer with nearly 800 shops across the country, leveraged this discovery and new knowledge about the learning disorder to created an innovative approach, with Lexilens.

Lexilens is a smart eyewear solution based on patent technology. While using Lexilens glasses, children suffering from dyslexia are able to read and write seamlessly, instantaneously, and universally, in any language. For children, this means increased self-confidence as they are empowered to reach their potential. For teachers and families, this means less of a focus on the learning disorder, and more time to excel at other things.“At Abeye, our mission is to create smart eyewear for the health and wellness industry. And personally, I am driven by innovations that ignite societal impact,” shares Michael Kodochian, game-changing engineer and Founder / CEO of Abeye. “As our international launch of Lexilens rolls out, and this smart eyewear solution becomes widely available, children suffering from dyslexia will be transformed as these individuals are empowered to reach their potential. Lexilens is instantaneous – you put them on and it works! The impact this will have on these children and their families will be extremely important. And the spin-off this will have on the classroom as a whole will be exponential.

”Lexilens integrates high-performance electrochromic lenses allowing the precise modulation of light needed for a faster and clearer reading. With Lexilens, Abeye has already been selected as a CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree. Lexilens also received an award at SILMO, the eyewear industry trade show, recognizing that Lexilens respects the standards and norms of the eyewear industry.

Atol les OpticiensFounded in 1970, Atol les Opticiens, a referent of visual health and fashion and connected eyewear, has relied for 50 years on the professionalism of its network of Opticians within a 100% cooperative structure. Within 800 points of sale in France and with 3 store concepts, Atol segments its distribution network in order to best meet the needs of each customer and offers them personalized and local expertise. Looking to the future, the company places innovation at the heart of its strategy, accompanied by the startup Abeye, and provides solutions based on cutting-edge technologies to help people see better. In 2019 and for the second consecutive year, Atol was voted best Optical chain store.

AbeyeLaunched in 2018, startup Abeye’s mission is to create intelligent eyewear for the health and wellness industry. An incubator of innovation for the Atol les opticiens brand, the startup benefits from the notoriety and expertise that accompanies it throughout its design process. Abeye has already been awarded three major awards for its innovations, including the Gold Award Vision & health at SILMO 2019.

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