Accessories Council Announces 2021 Finalists

2021 Accessories Council

The Accessories Council announced the finalists for their 3rd annual Design Excellence Awards virtually. Building on its history of honoring individuals and companies, the Accessories Council launched the Design Excellence Awards in 2019 to expand the recognition of outstanding products. All finalist products selected are available for purchase in the U.S. via retail stores, e-commerce, TV retail, or direct marketing between October 1, 2021, and December 31, 2021.

Finalists were selected by the Accessories Council Board of Directors based on the criteria of excellence in design, unique appearance and/or function, consumer needs addressed by product, appropriate aesthetics, innovative materials or technology, market positioning and competitive performance, social images, emotional appeal, and sustainability.

The finalists, by category, are as follows:


Over $1000 Retail

o   Finalist 1: Alessia Large Boa Tote by Etoile, $1,170

o   Finalist 2: Gold Mesh Purse by Georgina, $1,100

o   Finalist 3: Salomea Bucket Bag by Katherine Riardant, $1,200

o   Finalist 4: Signature ‘21 by Kimberly Pucci, $2,800

o   Finalist 5: Joanna Cage Bag by MELE + MARIE, $1,500


Under $1000 Retail

o   Finalist 1: Picasso Bag by Anita Bilardi, $354

o   Finalist 2: Maxi Pleated Clutch by CALLISTA, $575

o   Finalist 3: The Lady Tote by lovard, $595

o   Finalist 4: Classic Tote Bag Bundle by POP BAG USA, $183

o   Finalist 5: Natalie Patchwork Crossbody by Sharon Wilkes, $700




o   Finalist 1: BE2332 by Burberry presented by Luxottica, $275

o   Finalist 2: State Street by Ray-Ban presented by Luxottica, $177

o   Finalist 3: Maylin by Selin Olmsted Studio for Raen, $210

o   Finalist 4: Identity by Silhouette, 380 EU

o   Finalist 5: Bio Classics by TED BAKER presented by Tura, $250



o   Finalist 1: Kalaallit by Big Horn, $580

o   Finalist 2: Bahjat by Clife presented by L’Amy America, $140

o   Finalist 3: LNV112S by Lanvin presented by Marchon, $459

o   Finalist 4: PR16WS by Prada presented by Luxottica, $378

o   Finalist 5: Reunion by State x Maxwell by State Optical Co., $375



Over $250 Retail

o   Finalist 1: White Boot + Oakley Strap by Alterre, $510

o   Finalist 2: CHASE High-Top Sneaker with Crystal Sole® by Lori Silverman® Shoes, $595

o   Finalist 3: Marilyn Mule PVC by Mia Becar, $650

o   Finalist 4: Galina by Veronica Beard Presented by Caleres, $395

o   Finalist 5: Femi by Vince Presented by Caleres, $595


Under $250 Retail

o   Finalist 1: HUNTER by Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Presented by Caleres, $120

o   Finalist 2: ECO Tall Boot by Franco Sarto Presented by Caleres, $239

o   Finalist 3: Sleeker by Modernist, $65

o   Finalist 4: Pashion Footwear, $190

o   Finalist 5: Lug Loafer by SARTO Presented by Caleres, $130




o   Finalist 1: Angelite Bead Bracelet by BRETT LAUREN Jewelry, $92

o   Finalist 2: Gold Luxe Glam Stack™ by Bytten Inc., $125

o   Finalist 3: Popcorn Earrings by Deepa Gurnani, $225

o   Finalist 4: Ostrich Handmade Earrings by Farah Naz New York, $124.99

o   Finalist 5: Strength Bracelet by Freida Rothman, $395



o   Finalist 1: Custom Little Icons™ Heart Triple by Alex Woo, $2,038

o   Finalist 2: Pearl Ring by Brady Legler, $2,500

o   Finalist 3: Green/Navy No. 3 by Daria de Koning, $21,500

o   Finalist 4: Wish Petal Necklace by Philanthropy Is Beautiful® Jewelry by Joan Hornig, $5,620

o   Finalist 5: Luxury Ring with Green Tourmaline and Diamonds in 18K Gold by Stephen Dweck, $49,595


Personal Accessories

o   Finalist 1: Jacqui Lux Pocket Belt by ALEXA STONE, $250

o   Finalist 2: The Menagerie 35” Silk Square by Echo New York, $149

o   Finalist 3: Round Trip Toiletry Case by Kelly Wynne, $145

o   Finalist 4: Hug Shrug by Kerri Rosental, $228

o   Finalist 5: 0041/NS by Missoni Presented by Safilo, $385


Tech & Innovation

Smart and Other Tech Accessories

o   Finalist 1: Necklace Reading Glasses by Coti Vision, from $70 retail

o   Finalist 2: Zero Coral by INPULSE, $49

o   Finalist 3: SmartEarrings™ by Peripherii, $198

o   Finalist 4: Eyewear by The No. 2, $225

o   Finalist 5: UVClean by ZEISS, $995


Social Impact – Charity, Diversity, Inclusion

o   Finalist 1: Unlock-It Bracelet by Akola, $135

o   Finalist 2: Vertical “Crystalized Metal” Healing Pendant by Elliot Young Fine Jewelry, $1,350 – $1,650

o   Finalist 3: Diversity Rocks Bracelet by Katherine Parr Jewelry, $895

o   Finalist 4: Pals Milk & Cookies Series by Crowded Teeth by Pals, $12.99

o   Finalist 5: Sorai Chukka by Veldskoen, $229



o   Finalist 1: Amorosa by Agsam Fashion Fern, $30

o   Finalist 2: Wave Ring by KBH Jewels, $7,250

o   Finalist 3: Vintage Diamond Locket Collection by Monica Rich Kosann, $7,500 – $13,500

o   Finalist 4: Sunglasses by The Ocean Cleanup, $199

o   Finalist 5: Cotton ReImagined by Vera Bradley, $4 – $200


The final winners in each category will be selected by popular vote which is taking place this year on the JOOR website. Anyone can vote one time. These winners, along with the winner of the Hall of Fame Award, which recognizes one single iconic product that has stood the test of time as determined by the Accessories Council Board, the Blackglama Exclusively by Saga Furs Award and the NPD Award will all be announced on Thursday, September 9th at 12 p.m. EST via Zoom. Each winner will receive a trophy designed by Marchon Eyewear.

Sponsors of the 2021 Design Excellence Awards include Blackglama Exclusively by Saga Furs, JOOR (Tech & Innovation Award), Qurate Retail Group and Marchon Eyewear. For more information on categories and finalists, please visit

*Finalist product descriptions & imagery can be found here.


The Accessories Council, a not-for-profit international trade association established in 1994. Its mission is to stimulate consumer awareness and demand for fashion accessory products. The Accessories Council serves the industry globally, which generates over $54 billion dollars annually in the United States alone. Membership is represented internationally by the world’s leading brand names, designers, publications, retailers, and associated providers for the accessories, eyewear, and footwear industries.

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