Adlens® Awarded 2013 NIKKEI Smart Design Award

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Adlens®, the global leader in variable focus eyewear, announced that it has been named a winner of the 2013 NIKKEI Smart Design Award, receiving second place for the Adlens=emergenseedesign of its Emergensee™ collection. The NIKKEI Smart Design Award recognises advancements in Smart Design and honours companies with inventive designs that connect daily living and future innovation. Nikkei Design is the most famous and prestigious publication among the designers’ and marketers’ society in Japan.

Adlens® Emergensee™ glasses have revolutionised the eyewear industry by providing consumers with a solution for instant vision correction. Using a unique combination of innovative design and ground breaking technology, Emergensee™ instantly adjusts focus with the turn of a dial, creating a customised lens in seconds. While correcting 90 percent of spherical refractive errors, the glasses can be continuously adjusted for near, immediate or distance focus requirements.

“Adlens is honoured to be recognised for design innovation in Emergensee™,” said Dr Graeme MacKenzie, Director of Industry Affairs of Adlens “We are proud to be paving the way forward for the eyewear industry through a smartly designed product that delivers instant and attainable solutions for consumers across the world.” 

This award follows the prestigious 2013 Edison Awards in which Adlens® was recognised for its John Lennon™ Collection and received a Bronze Award in the Lifestyle & Social Impact category for product innovation for Emergensee™.

About Adlens®

Founded in 2005 in Oxford, UK, by Hong Kong businessman and philanthropist James Chen, Adlens® is the global leader in variable focus eyewear. Its highly skilled team of engineers, optometrists and design professionals has developed a completely new category of vision correction through three variable focus products: Emergensee™, Hemisphere® and The John Lennon™ Collection.

Based on the Alvarez lens technology, Emergensee™ is a brand of variable focus glasses designed for use as a temporary spare pair, instantly customisable for whoever is in need. They are an ideal solution for managing fluctuating vision after eye surgery as each lens can be adjusted to suit the patient’s needs.

Available in both optical and sunglasses, Hemisphere® is the world’s first complete range of variable focus prescription eyewear. Its Fluid-Injection lens technology provides instant vision correction and immediate dispensing.

Also based on Fluid-Injection technology is The John Lennon™ Collection. Inspired by John Lennon’s™ work, life and style, this collection features the distinctive round shaped glasses he is famous for.

Adlens® is a commercial business with a social soul: through its Buy One Give One programme, for every pair of Fluid-Injection glasses purchased the company donates a pair to someone in the developing world. Distribution of the glasses is administered by Vision for a Nation®, a charitable foundation running an innovative program to provide universal access to eyeglasses, one nation at a time, starting in Rwanda.

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