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Oxford, UK, October, 2013 – Adlens®, the global leader in variable focus technology for the eyewear industry unveiled Adlens Focuss by Adlens®, the most dramatic improvement to progressive lenses since their invention. Adlens® CEO and Executive Chairman Michael C. Ferrara was joined by Graeme MacKenzie, Director of Industry Affairs, to give the optical industry a “first-look” at the product at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas.

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Adlens Focuss delivers a full field of vision to progressive lenses, an 80 percent increase versus today’s technology. Users turn a dial on the side of the frame and their prescription will adjust to a range of customized power ranges, from distance to intermediate to reading prescriptions. Currently, progressive lenses incorporate distance and reading into one shared lens, causing adaptation and wearing issues for many wearers. Advances in Adlens’® current technology through Adlens Focuss have also led to critical design enhancements, making this line the company’s most fashion-forward to date. Adlens Focuss will be available in three styles each with a choice of 6 fashionable finishes and colors.

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 “Today, we can show the world that Adlens® has succeeded in making a fashion-forward, game-changing product that will dramatically improve the lives of many who wear progressives and many who cannot wear progressives, a journey that our scientists, designers and engineers have been on since the inception of our company,” said Michael C. Ferrara, CEO and Executive Chairman of Adlens®. “We are pleased to be partnering with LensCrafters, an iconic retailer that is synonymous with innovation and progress as we seek to push the industry forward with new ideas, better products and technology that can change the world.”

“LensCrafters is the known industry leader for introducing the latest lens technology for customers, to enhance vision care and the customer experience. We are excited to partner with Adlens® to qualify this breakthrough technology,” said Eric Anderson, President and General Manager of LensCrafters. LensCrafters, the largest optical retailer in the United States will have retail exclusivity on Adlens Focuss through the first half of 2014.

According to a recent GfK study, more than half of the 54 million Americans who wear progressives reported dissatisfaction with existing technology. 28 percent of progressive wearers noted looking over the top of the lens to see more clearly, 21 percent cited a general inability to focus on tasks that require looking at both near and immediate objects, 18 percent experience physical issues such as fatigue, headaches and blurry vision and 12 percent said they have a reduced ability to read fast or comprehend materials.

The need for high-quality, distance and reading glasses is also compounded by a growing population of baby boomers and their use of technology. According to the Gfk Roper study, 99 percent of Americans ages 50 and over own a computer, laptop, desktop or netbook, 35 percent own a smartphone and 17 percent own a tablet with 9 percent planning to purchase one within the next year.

Adlens Focuss will be sold in LensCrafters retail centres in Winter 2013 and available more widely later in 2014. For more information, please visit:

About Adlens®

Founded in 2005 in Oxford, England by businessman and philanthropist James Chen, Adlens® is the global leader in variable focus eyewear. Its highly skilled team of engineers, eye care experts and design professionals has developed a completely new category of vision correction. Adlens® main product lines include Hemisphere® and The John Lennon™ Collection, featuring round-framed optical and sunglasses utilizing Fluid-Injection technology, and the Adlens® Adjustables™ and Emergensee™ lines, featuring a sliding lens.

Adlens® is a commercial business with a social soul: for every pair of Fluid-Injection glasses purchased, the company donates a pair of glasses to someone in the developing world as part of its Buy One Give One program. Distribution of the glasses is administered by Vision for a Nation®, a charitable foundation running an innovative program to provide universal access to eyeglasses, one nation at a time, starting in Rwanda. I I

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