Adlens Launches New Look at Vision Expo

Adlens®, the global leader in variable focus eyewear, will be exhibiting at Vision Expo West 2016 to present the latest news about their revolutionary, game-changing Variable Power Optics (VPO™) technology.


According to the new brand identity, logo and tagline recently developed by the Oxford-based company to complement their significant growth over the past three years, a new branding and look will be unveiled for the world’s first prescription adjustable focus eyewear, AdlensRX Focuss™. The updated logo reflects the unique positioning of Adlens as a technology-forward company challenging the traditional lens industry while strengthening the premium positioning of AdlensRX Focuss. A more sophisticated colour palette complements the core Adlens palette and communicates AdlensRX Focuss as a luxury technology-forward brand.


Originally established as a philanthropic initiative in 2005, Adlens has grown into a technology-forward business that aims to transform the way the world sees. “Defining our purpose as a company has been the starting point for the new brand and visual identity project”, said James Methven, Vice President of Marketing at Adlens. “Through our revolutionary technology and design excellence, we develop eyewear that adapts to the needs of the human eye; this is what sets us apart from other eyewear companies. Our customers’ life-changing experiences with AdlensRX Focuss are evidence of this”.

The Adlens’ technology driven approach is ambitious but, at the same time, it always puts the customer’s experience and their real needs first. In this sense, the short film “The Focuss Experience” recently presented by the company and featuring exclusive testimonials from the very first wearers of AdlensRX Focuss is a perfect example of the brand’s purpose in action.

A number of special initiatives will be present at the Adlens booth during VEW – such as a virtual reality lens simulator comparing progressives and AdlensRX Focuss, where the product advantages can be experienced first-hand – and for the duration of the show, the company will be offering AdlensRX Focuss at a very special rate.

Discover more at VEW! Booth #20091

About Adlens

Over the last 10 years, Adlens® has grown from an extraordinary philanthropic initiative into a global enterprise leading the development and sale of adjustable focus eyewear. The global headquarters and state-of-the-art research facility are based in Oxford in the United Kingdom, with offices in Tokyo and Boston. Adlens® aims to provide universal access to vision correction through its products, partnerships and social innovation initiatives.

About AdlensRX Focuss

AdlensRX Focuss is the world’s first prescription adjustable focus eyewear. It features Variable Power Optics (VPO) technology that mimics the eye’s natural behaviour and allows patients to adjust their vision between near, intermediate and distance. VPO technology offer wearers an unprecedented field of vision, providing four times more usable lens area than the best progressive lenses available.

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