Adlens® Unveils Variable Power Optics Centre

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Oxford, UK, November, 2013 – Adlens®, the global leader in variable focus technology for the eyewear industry, opened on November  21st  a new manufacturing facility in Oxford, U.K. to lead the production of Adlens Focuss. Adlens® has developed several lines of variable focus eyewear technology and Adlens Focuss is poised to change the landscape of progressive lenses by taking full advantage of the latest advances in Adlens®’ technology.

Currently, progressive lenses incorporate distance and reading into one shared lens, causing adaptation and wearing issues for many people. Adlens Focuss delivers a full field of vision to progressive lens wearers by allowing them to turn a small dial on the inside of the temple arm to adjust their prescription to a range of customized powers. Advances in Adlens’® current technology have also led to key design enhancements, making

Adlens Focuss the company’s most fashion-forward to date. Adlens Focuss will be available in three styles, each with a choice of six rich finishes and colors.

“Adlens® was founded in 2005 in Oxford and we are pleased to continue tapping into the UK talent pool and supply chain to design and manufacture a game-changing product like Adlens Focuss,” said Michael C. Ferrara, CEO and Executive Chairman of Adlens®. “While we are celebrating this milestone today in a community deeply connected to our roots, the evolution of our eyewear technology will have significant impact on the lives of many who wear progressives worldwide.”

In addition to focusing on the production of Adlens Focuss, the Variable Power Optics (VPO™) Centre will provide an innovation base for Adlens® as they continue to expand and improve upon their offerings. The VPO™ Centre is critical to enhancing Adlens®’ capacity to meet demands for eyewear technology generated by partnerships with optical retailers. LensCrafters, the largest optical retailer in the United States will have retail exclusivity on Adlens Focuss through the first half of 2014.

About Adlens®

Founded in 2005 in Oxford, England by businessman and philanthropist James Chen, Adlens® is the global leader in variable focus eyewear. Its highly skilled team of engineers, eye care experts and design professionals has developed a completely new category of vision correction. Adlens® main product lines include Hemisphere® and The John Lennon™ Collection, featuring round-framed optical and sunglasses utilizing Fluid-Injection technology, and the Adlens® Adjustables™ and Emergensee™ lines, featuring a sliding lens.

Adlens® is a commercial business with a social soul: for every pair of Adlens Focuss glasses purchased, the company donates a pair of glasses to someone in the developing world as part of its Buy One Give One program. Distribution of the glasses is administered by Vision for a Nation®, a charitable foundation running an innovative program to provide universal access to eyeglasses, one nation at a time, starting in Rwanda.

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