Aether To Launch Its Premier Audioenabled Eyewear Collection

Unveiling its premier collection of audio-enabled glasses, newly launched audio eyewear brand Aether invites wearers to create their ambiance.

Refined design meets innovative sound technology in Aether, an all-new brand pioneering a next-generation listening experience through considered eyewear embedded with open-ear audio technology.

Engineered for performance and comfort, each pair in the debut collection weighs less than 40 grams, and powers up to deliver 3 hours’ playtime via a single charge in an accompanying brushed aluminum case.

Identifying a niche at the intersection of sound, vision, and style, Aether’s international founding team channeled their expertise in product design, brand development, and creative direction to create a new mode of personal expression.

“Our goal was to create a wearable design object as a portal to a holistic aural experience, allowing users to tune into the soundscape that reflects their mood while staying connected the present moment,” says Hannes Unt, Aether Creative Director & Co-founder.

Hannes Unt
Hannes Unt, Aether Creative Director & Co-founder

Crafted from premium Italian Mazzucchelli acetate and fitted with Carl Zeiss Vision lenses, Aether’s debut collection features 5 models available in 3 colorways as sunglasses and optical-compatible blue light glasses.

Aether S2 Smoke Brown Aether R2 Gradient Gray Aether  D1 Grey Aether R2 Gradient Gray

Aether  S1 Black
Aether Model S1 Black

Pre-orders are now available on Aether’s official website for shipment in early May 2021.


Launched in 2021, Aether creates next-generation audio eyewear.

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