AI Powered STYLE PTTRNS Expands To Sunglasses

Dutch-based AI firm announces its latest release of STYLE PTTRNS. The cutting-edge AI-driven stylist now offers the possibility of recommending sunglasses to customers. The sunglass recommender is revolutionizing the way customers shop, especially online, helping customers gain confidence and make conscious buying decisions. The sunglass recommender makes extremely accurate and personal frame recommendations based on customers’ facial features, color undertones, and, most importantly, their unique personalities. This new release allows to offer its ‘plug-and-play’ proposition to a new segment of opticians and brands within the eyewear industry.

Since the launch of STYLE PTTRNS in July 2021, the digital stylist has become a trusted collaborator for opticians, brands, and retailers in their e-commerce landscape, increasing conversions by about 3 to 5 times with advanced AI algorithms that recommend lifestyle and fashion products based on individual preferences. For customers, it can be quite difficult to shop for sunglasses without knowing which frames really fit their faces and personality. The introduction of sunglass recommendations takes this personalization experience to new heights, ensuring that customers can find their perfect shades.

The customer journey of selecting frames that complement facial features and personal style is a challenging and complex task for most customers. There are countless options that can lead to dissatisfaction or regret after a purchase. Understanding that sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory but also an expression of individuality, the digital stylist eliminates the guesswork associated with online shopping and ensures that customers find frames that truly resonate with their identity. According to Jelle Stienstra, digital strategy director at, “We recognize the need for personalized shopping experiences in the market, beyond optical frames. Sunglasses are now, more than ever, an important accessory in people’s wardrobes, and finding the right frames for specific circumstances is difficult with all the options out there”.

The personalized recommendations provided by the STYLE PTTRNS recommender go beyond traditional face shapes like heart, oval, and square and other outdated styling guidelines. According to Jaap Evertse, solutions director at “the way the color and shape of frames interact with the overall appearance is totally different with sunglasses than with prescription frames”. The sunglass recommender is offered with a 2D virtual try-on (VTO) but also integrates with 3rd party virtual try-ons like Fittingbox for an even more enhanced and realistic experience for the customer.

The expansion of the solution to include sunglasses was driven by demand in the market. Our clients’ end-customers have recognized the value and accuracy of the AI-driven stylist in selecting eyewear that matches their style, expressing that this level of guidance when shopping for sunglasses is also a struggle. By scaling up and attending to the needs of the market, STYLE PTTRNS ensures that it remains at the forefront of the eyewear industry. “With our latest release, we mark a turning point in the evolution of our solution as we prepare to scale up and serve our current and new clients, offering sunglass recommendations globally.”

ABOUT PTTRNS, founded in 2019, is an AI company based in Eindhoven, Netherlands, focused on accelerating digital personalization in the fashion industry. Their SaaS platforms combine personalization and hyper-realistic 3D visualization techniques to help fashion brands and retailers understand what their customers really want. This helps fashion companies increase their profitability, sustainability, and efficiency while engaging with customers on a personal level.

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