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The Joy Of Nothing - Alcon Total 30

Alcon, the global leader in eye care dedicated to helping people see brilliantly, announced plans to launch TOTAL30®, the first-and-only monthly replacement, Water Gradient lens that feels like nothing, even on day 30.1 Using Alcon’s proprietary Water Gradient material first introduced with DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses, TOTAL30 delivers a premium wearing experience for reusable contact lens wearers. Reusable lenses account for an estimated 45% of the $9 billion global contact lens market.2

“We are incredibly proud to expand our TOTAL® brand with TOTAL30, the newest member of the Water Gradient family, designed for reusable lens wearers,” said Andy Pawson, President and General Manager of the Global Vision Care Franchise at Alcon. “While daily disposable contact lenses remain appealing to many lens wearers, approximately two-thirds of contact lens wearers globally choose reusable lenses.3 Despite this preference, innovation within the reusable lens segment has lagged behind daily disposables over the past 10 years. Today, we change that by delivering a reusable lens with a Water Gradient surface that remains durable for a full 30 days to help people see brilliantly.” 4, 5

Alcon Total30

TOTAL30 lenses are clinically shown to feel like nothing, even on day 30, giving contact lens wearers an ultimate wearing experience in a reusable lens.1 Studies show that comfort plays a critical role in the lens-wearing experience and brand loyalty of contact lens wearers.6 Alcon capitalized on its proprietary Water Gradient contact lens material to provide a reusable lens that approaches 100% water at the surface, so all that touches the eye is a gentle cushion of moisture.7, 8* Considering many new wearers start their contact lens journey in a reusable lens, TOTAL30 provides patients with their first introduction to the exceptional comfort of Water Gradient material.

“In my experience, some reusable contact lens wearers think discomfort is the norm with lenses and attribute this to the 30-day wear cycle,” said Pamela Lowe, O.D., Professional Eye Care Center, Illinois.** “With TOTAL30, I now have a go-to lens for my patients who prefer reusable lenses and a premium wearing experience all month long. There is no longer a comfort compromise!”

The reusable, Water Gradient design of TOTAL30 is made possible by the introduction of new biomimetic CELLIGENT™ Technology. CELLIGENT combines a biomimetic surface and a unique lens chemistry to help resist bacteria and lipid deposits. 9-12 The lens features an inherently lubricious surface that is as soft as the human cornea.The Water Gradient surface of TOTAL30 is durable and remains intact during a full month of wear with daily cleaning, disinfecting and storing.4,5 The lens is compatible with all lens care solutions.

TOTAL30 sphere will be commercially available in the U.S. beginning in September 2021. In Europe, TOTAL30 will be rolled out to a limited number of countries in 2021, with full commercial availability in early 2022.


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*Based on in vitro measurements of unworn lenses.

**Dr. Lowe is a paid Alcon consultant.


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