Alexander Arutyunov Sunglasses Trend Blast

Born in Georgia and now based in Moscow, designer Alexander Arutyunov is one to watch – and watch him closely! He draws inspiration everywhere, but loves to design for his regular clients, and that specific agenda reads on his intricate eyewear creations! When asked what’s hot for the season, the clothing, accessory and eyewear fashioner responds, “Floral print, applications and embroidery – all handmade of course.”


Alexander Arutyunov Eyewear is a great start in exploring this year’s top trends.  In a saturated designer market latent with tons of beautiful frames, we appreciate the shades that manage to set themselves apart.  The application of 3-D flowers on on sunglasses can be touchy, but these beautiful round frames are executed with elegance and style rather than looking like an “arts and crafts” project gone awry.

Alexander arutynunov

These Alexander Arutyunov have SUPERSTAR written all over them! The clever lenses definitely play with shape will the frames that are inset from the pointed lenses bombast us with dimension.  You certainly can’t go wrong with black, the most matchable and edgy non-color or the colors, but this pair takes the cake! The dangling chains at the ear hooks bring the drama and now we see why Superstar Songstress Lady Gaga wears Alexander Arutyunov sunglasses with unparalleled bravado!



Via Alexander Arutyunov 

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