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All About Vision, the world’s leading online portal for vision and eye care information, has launched a myopia information hub. Myopia has rapidly increased in prevalence worldwide, with an estimated 50% of the global population diagnosed by 2050. The hub contains the most updated information on myopia with more than 100 pieces of content.

Myopia, also called nearsightedness, is an eye condition that makes distant objects look blurry. It usually develops in early childhood and can progress into early adulthood.

“Myopia currently is the number one condition in the visual system . . ., especially in younger-age adolescents,” said Doctor Maria Liu, Associate Professor of Clinical Optometry at UC Berkeley. “It is a complex condition that involves critical influence from both genetic and environmental factors. If left uncontrolled, myopia will cause excessive elongation of the eyeball, leading to retinal complications which can cause irreversible vision loss later in life.”

All About Vision worked with researchers from the International Myopia Institute, the WHO, the Brien Holden Vision Institute, and others to incorporate the latest data to create accessible content for the myopia hub. Exclusive features include an interactive myopia simulator, which demonstrates what increasing levels of nearsightedness look like through a child’s eyes, and a myopia assessment to determine a child’s risk for having myopia.

“The mission for All About Vision is to ensure that visitors have the best information so they can make well-informed decisions for their children,” said Kim Schuy, Head of All About Vision. “With the growing prevalence of myopia, we are prepared to remain ahead of the curve to meet readers where they are in their search for information.”

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