Amazing Eyewear – The Holy Grail on Eyewear Design

Amazing Eyewear Book

Former eyewear designer Maarten Weidema has created the holy grail. The Holy Grail on Eyewear Design that is! Amazing Eyewear – The Holy Grail on Eyewear Design is a unique oversized coffee table book on independent eyewear, with stories from amazing designers, artisans, and journalists on true eyewear Design and is now available for purchase.

This beautiful book contains stories by various eyewear designers on their design philosophy, insights by optical retailers on how true “independent” eyewear can make a difference in your store, a wide knowledge base of technical eyewear specifications, and gives an overview on some of the best independent eyewear brands in the world, both established as little-known, but all designed with passion without the need to be backed up by an international fashion house. Ideal for optical stores to showcase brands to their clients or educate their staff on true eyewear design. This book helps to enthuse and inform eyewear enthusiasts on what frame shape would fit their face, shows the latest trends and highlights almost 60 amazing brands, and helps to educate dispensing opticians on the brands they are selling.

Amazing Eyewear Book

The technical pages of the book, help to inform opticians, optometrists, and lab staff on topics such as frame and lens materials, famous frame shapes, and commercial styling tips, backed up by stories of other optical retailers on what independent eyewear did for their store. Check out this wonderful new book for yourself by visiting The Eyewear Forum Magazine website. 

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